Friday, October 31, 2014

There For Tomorrow - Nightscape

There For Tomorrow - Nightscape (2014) Independent
Produced by There For Tomorrow
Tracks : 1.Nightscape 2.Lady in black 3.Dark purple sky 4.Racing blood 5.Breathe easy 6.Tomb 7.Lady in black (acoustic)
2 out of 5

If it didn´t say There For Tomorrow on the album cover, you would never have guessed it´s the same band because their new EP "Nightscape" has a completely new sound compared to their previous work.
The music is more ambient and poppy, there´s no arguing with the band being influenced by Thirty Seconds To Mars and Falling Up which is a good thing but why in the hell did they have to add the Bruno Mars syrup-like R&B to mess it all up?
I get it why they want move on and develop as a band, this is unfortunately in the wrong direction.

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