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Track by track comment of Phantom Cathedral by Blue Cow Kent

Track by track comment of Phantom Cathedral by Blue Cow Kent.

1.Phantom Cathedral (intro)
Ove and Pelle opens the album with jazzy chords and a striking melody that actually comes back not only one time, but in fact, two times later on the album but included in other songs.

2.Clown Eraser A.D
The start of the story about Bynes Hunteera as a child with lyrics that has it´s origin in a song from 2007 by Kaj. The music here however, is newly written for this album. A groovy riff from Ove and some harmonies inspired by Kings X, this song is always fun to play.

3.Thunder is coming
The rocker of the album that lets out all the aggression we have inside, soundwise a bit like Dio meets Rush. Pelle does a lot of hard work on those 4 strings on this one. Bynes Hunteera´s dark alter ego Lucas Black comes to life here.

4.Alias Lincoln Bravo
The first song we wrote for Phantom Cathedral, we kinda set the bar with this song, every other composition should be better or equally good. This one is tough to sing so the main word here is focus, 100% focus! Without Magnum and Saga, there would be no Alias Lincoln Bravo.

5.Torah of Efva
Blue Cow Kent goes all the way back to their roots of 70´s rock on this song, Ove pulled off some riffs like a marathon and we even surprised ourselves with an industrial piece. This is the moment in the story when good vs evil goes to battle.

6.In case of emergency
A more upbeat track where the music is influenced by Aldo Nova and Thin Lizzy, a real catchy chorus that makes this song an easy listening affair. Robban is the motor of this song, he keeps a steady and powerful beat.

7.Orange air
The cousin to In case of emergency, another cool 80´s rock song that can be described as Foreigner hanging out with Winger. We actually had a different chorus before we recorded Orange air but Kaj changed it just in time for the studio.

8.Ancient continents
Our good friend Johan composed the majestic intro, we said we wanted something like Rocky IV and he delivered an intro that would make Eddie Jobson of U.K proud. This is the time in the story when Bynes Hunteera gets back on his feet to strike back. The spirit of Ritchie Blackmore came by the studio when Ove tracked the guitars. Hehe.

9.No condolences for Uncle Ben
This song is a bit different than the rest, we still continue the pompous path from Ancient continents but with a more U2-ish sound. You can´t reach Pelle on this song, he´s got his mind on all the different keyboard sounds. Hahahaha.

10.Last Hurrah
An acoustic song that Ove wrote a long time ago but it wasn´t finished until now with Pelle on upright bass, an epic ending to the story and also the beginning to a new concept.
This isn´t the´s just the beginning.

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