Sunday, November 30, 2014

Atlanta rockers Brother Grey follows up 2012 debut with new EP

Originating from Atlanta, GA; The Hard Rockers in Brother Grey, now begin to pick up speed as they travel the streets and highways, to make their way to a music venue near you.
Their new "In irons" EP is out now, check out the opening track "Who we are" here:

Stream or download The Alchemy Index´s new Salvation EP

Melodic metalcore band The Alchemy Index have made their new EP "Salvation" available as free download at

Our Lady Peace opens the vault

Our Lady Peace opens the vault on free rare b-sides and unreleased songs, sign up with your e-mail address at and get the first track from "Transparent humans".

Say yes to Lauren Strange

Nashville-based Lauren Strange unveils the track “Runner” off her upcoming  Say Yes  EP out Dec. 2nd. This pre-release stream showcases Lauren’s ability to construct a flawless grunge-pop song that highlights gritty guitar motifs while incorporating her signature 90′s influenced structure and swag. Lauren Strange and her band The Pretty Killers are turning heads nationwide!
Listen to "Runner" here:

New alternative metal compilation available for free

Doweet Records new "MMXIV" sampler is available for free at the link, the compilation features new songs from rock/metal bands like Beyond The Dust, 9 Fake Reasons, Evenline, Human Fate, The Milton Incident and MUR.

Technical ecstasy with Like Thieves

Aussie progmetallers Like Thieves has released a new video "Wake from eternal sleep" from their latest EP "Autumn´s twilight", watch here:

Enter The Lexicon with grungy goodness

U.K based Enter The Lexicon has released a new video "Full moon" from their self titled EP, available now.
Let´s rock!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sullivan present Heavy is the head

North Carolina based Sullivan has signed with Spartan Records for the release of their new album "Heavy is the head" on Dec 9th, listen to the new single "You don´t mean it" here:

Hearts Like Lions release new These Hands EP

Alternative rock band Hearts Like Lions has signed with Tooth and Nail Records for the release of their new EP "These hands" on Dec 2. Listen to the title track here:

All That Remains with the order of things

American metallers All That Remains will release their new album "The order of things" on Feb 24, 2015. Listen to the first single "No knock" here.

Mother´s Finest announces new studio album Goody 2 Shoes

The rock legend is back: American funk rock sensation, Mother’s Finest, have signed a European recording deal with Steamhammer/SPV and are set to unleash their latest studio album, Goody 2 Shoes & The Filthy Beast, in spring 2015. This will be the band’s first studio recording since their 2003 release Meta-Funk’n-Physical.
Mother’s Finest are ready to introduce the first single from their new album as early as December 2014. The current lineup includes vocalists Joyce Kennedy and Glenn Murdock, bassist Wyzard and guitarist Moses Mo, all four original members of the first line-up dating back to 1970. Guitarist John Hayes and drummer Dion Derek have proved to complement Mother’s Finest perfectly since their comeback in 1989.

Download new Beta State song Left with the pain for free

Beta State are giving away their new song "Left with the pain" if you join their mailing list, go here:
Or listen to the song here:

The Word Alive release new video The Runaway

After hitting the road, the Word Alive released their full-length debut, Deceiver, in 2010, a year that would also see them parting ways with Aguilera and Urlacher, who were replaced by bassist Daniel Shapiro and drummer Justin Salinas (though his time with the band would be short-lived, with drummer Luke Holland stepping in to replace him just two years later when Salinas grew tired of life on the road). A second album, the darker and heavier Life Cycles, followed in 2012. The Word Alive continued to mature their sound, returning in 2014 with Real, an album that found the band developing a more nuanced and atmospheric take on the genre.
Watch their new video "The runaway" from the latest album "Real" here:

The Script release new video No good in goodbye

The Script has released the new video "No good in goodbye" from their latest album "No sound without silence", watch it below:

A Joker´s Rage give away new song Temptress

One of the fastest growing bands in the north of England with fans now travelling from far and wide, A Joker's Rage, fronted by clown-in-chief Zakk Taylor, have a winning mix of powerhouse rock, hugely memorable tunes and a delivery not unlike being trampled by a herd of dinosaurs with their hemorrhoids on fire.
Download their track "Temptress" from the new EP "Blacksheep" here:

Friday, November 28, 2014

Stargroves and their cover of The National´s Fireproof

Fans of rising indie pop band Stargroves have come to appreciate the group's melodic, adventurous sound, but singer Teddy Watson's group reveals a stark, aching side on a captivating cover of the National's "Fireproof" that listeners can sample now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Engel with new album Raven kings out today

Swedish metal band Engel released their new album "Raven kings" today, listen to it on Spotify.
Watch the official video for "Salvation" at:

Engel - Salvation on MUZU.TV.

Chaos pop band We Are The Finale release new EP

Nashville based We Are The Finale will release their new EP "The magic show Act II : the turn" on Dec 2, listen to the first single "Well enough alone" here:

Electro pop band Monogem release self titled EP in January 2015

Fronted by singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh, MONOGEM is a collaboration with producer/songwriter, Scott Smith-together, the duo takes us on an intoxicatingly refined journey through delicate vocals, dizzying harmonies and dance ready synths.
The highly anticipated self-titled MONOGEM EP is due in January 2015, their cover of Miguel´s "Simple things" is available as free download here:

Safety first from Jasia

Jasia is a 23 year old producer who was born in Jamaica, raised in the US and then moved to Australia at the age of 18. Having studied violin, guitar and voice classically while playing in variations of rock bands the style/genre henceforth is one of contrastingly minimal/maximal beat driven, melodic soundscape production utilising a range of electronic/synthesised, acoustic and traditional band instrumentation present in the forms of popular song and instrumental/experimental works accompanied with a visual interpretation by the artist.
First single Inverbatim is followed by “Safety”, a single utilising a contrastingly bass-heavy/ambient variation of traditional rock instrumentation and synthesisers over a cyclical vocal motif leading into a pseudo-electronic arena rock finale.
Listen here:

Faith and Fury find inspiration in ancient Greek mythology on new single Lotus eater

A cold winter ago Fiona Renshaw made a collaborative musical discovery that crystallized all her previous, instinctive motivation to make music. It was that moment of musical alchemy every singer hopes for, the pure bloodletting when everything you have been working towards begins to make coherent and concise sense; when you are ready to give over everything to the power of sound in exactly the way you hear it. When magic happens, and you perhaps cannot explain it because the power of that feeling is expressed by a keyboard hook, string passage, vocal lick or killer chorus. This was her moment of Faith and Fury.
Watch her new video "Lotus eater" here:

9Electric says goodbye

9ELECTRIC color their hard rock with cutting edge electronic influences, blending arena power with digital mayhem for a sonic assault that pulses neon and exudes energy. 
Their new "Control" EP is available on iTunes, watch the new video "Goodbye" here:

Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds release b-side of new single

"Chasing yesterday", the new album from Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds, will be released on March 2. Listen to the new song "Do the damage" here:

Sixx A.M release official video Stars

Sixx A.M´s new album "Modern vintage" is out now, the band has released a new video of "Stars".
Great stuff!

Jourdan Myers and her Wanderlust video

Minneapolis based indie pop artist Jourdan Myers has released a video "Wanderlust" from her latest album "Ruin me with love", check it out here:

Deleter release new EP Zweite Komposition in December

Deleter is a Minneapolis post-punk attack team comprised of vocalist/guitarist Knol Tate (Askeleton, Killsadie), bassist/vocalist Travis Collins (Spirit Of 76, We Are The Willows), drummer/percussionist Josh McKay (Farewell Continental, Small Towns Burn A Little Slower) and guitarist Jordan Morantez (Blue Green, The King & The Thief).

    Formed in 2012, Deleter quickly managed to refine their sound to a bold, loud, yet dynamic and never over produced sonic force. Tate's lyrics comprised of poetry with classic lyricism create a voice with a unique perspective. Having long lists of clear influences like garage rock, post punk, hardcore punk, psychedelic rock, as well as less obvious influences like 60's biker, surf and spy movie soundtracks; Deleter blends genres sometimes calling to mind music as diverse as Wire, The Fall, Davie Allen, The Ventures, The Ex, Born Against and Psychedelic Furs. No matter the inspiration or the influence, Deleter has been able to create their own sound in the short time they've been together. Fierce, catchy, noisy, and reflective; Deleter never sounds disorderly, it's sincere and purposely crafted.

    With a slew of self-released singles in early 2013 that came to be known collectively as the "A/B Series" and later  in the the year the "56789" EP, Deleter's newest endeavors, two new EPs; Komposition and Zweite Komposition are scheduled to be released this fall. In addition to supporting the new releases, Deleter is embracing their newest member Morantez, who is taking over guitar duties for Zach Roth.
Their new EP "Zeite Komposition" will be out Dec 19th, listen to the new song "Secret seas" here:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Michael Cullen is a true believer

Michael Cullen is an Australian song writer and performer. Michael plays old semi-acoustic guitars and makes music with tape machines, tube microphones, and other analogue equipment. Michael can be intense and has a baritone voice which ranges in tone from a mellifluous near croon to old testament tirade.

Michael's music has variously been described as adult alternative, indie rock, goth and punk. His early influences are ABBA, AC/DC, The Beatles, David Bowie, Elvis Costello and The Cure but comparisons are more likely to be drawn between Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Joy Dvision, The Triffids or even The Go Betweens.

The long awaited new album, True Believer, was released on October 1st. Stream the album here:

Buried As Thieves working on new album Saint

Buried As Thieves are a modern hard rock Band from Phoenix featuring Sam Hughes and Jeremy Tabor, formerly of The Sammus Theory.
Listen to their latest single "Strawman", taken from their upcoming album "Saint".

Hinder post lyric video Hit the ground

Hinder posted a lyric video of their new single "Hit the ground" on youtube, the song is taken from their forthcoming album in 2015.

Don Broco announce new album in 2015

If you pre-order Don Broco´s forthcoming album (release May 2015), you will get an instant download of their new single "Money Power Fame".
Listen to the new song here:

Falling With Glory release new video Don´t whisper

Unique, Talented, Uplifting, Positive! Falling With Glory bring together a plethora of unique styles to create our pop/rock/metalcore with keyboards/synthesizers style genre.
Watch their new video "Don´t whisper" from the new album "Aftermath" here:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Indie pop artist Jourdan Myers with second album out now

In September 2014, Minneapolis singer/songwriter Jourdan Myers released her second album Ruin Me With Love, a complex work that showcases her signature sound, drifting from alternative to avant-garde with her lilting voice, layered lyrics, and haunting melodies. Produced by Matt Patrick (Greycoats, John Mark Nelson) at The Library Recording Studio, Ruin Me With Love is the collaboration of exquisite talent between Patrick, Myers, and her gifted musicians. The eclectic collection centers around the universal theme of human longing. “There will never be a time when all our desires and needs have been met; we won’t escape the struggle on this side of life. Whether you long for a person, a different situation, or a new beginning, the condition of yearning is captured in these songs.”
Stream "Ruin me with love" at:

Top 20 Epic Rock Songs - No.1

Top 20 Epic Rock Songs - No.1
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (1975) Album : Physical Graffiti
One of the world´s best selling artists and the leading hard rock band Led Zeppelin recorded their historical "Kashmir" for their 6th studio album but here performed on their reunion concert in 2007.
This song is so groundbreaking that every song written after this one with the similar harmonies like Whitesnake´s "Still of the night", will always be compared to Zeppelin´s "Kashmir".
Hats off, roll out the red carpet. No.1 is yours.

American Fangs with new video Man in the sun

Texas rockers American Fangs self titled debut album was released last year, watch their new video "Man in the sun" here:

Far From Over release debut album The Ascent in December

American post hardcore band Far From Over will release their debut album "The Ascent" on Dec 9th, check out their new single "Emerald eyes" here:

Stream the debut album from Requiem

Most bands fail when attempting to combine the dark melodic undertones of metal and hardcore with sing along chorus's that get stuck in your head for days. Requiem have succeeded beyond anyone's expectations by putting out some of the catchiest rock songs in the scene today. With breathtaking vocals by Jacklyn Paulette and Steven Juliano (former front man of Epitaph Records powerhouse group I Am Ghost) and the combination of souring orchestra's mixed with vicious metal guitars and bass, the group have stepped forward as visionaries in a time when most bands sound the same. 
Stream their first album "The unexplainable truth" here:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wounds - Die Young

Alright people, I have decided that this is my final review. I have written 6040 reviews including this one of Wounds since the start in 2001 at
I will continue posting news and other cool things at Palace of Rock but my motivation hasn´t been the same with reviews the last year. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the majority of the albums I get to write about are sent to me in either a link to stream the music or download it as mp3´s. 
Almost no physical CD´s are sent out these times and I understand it, the music business is going through some really hard times.
But since I haven´t earned any money in running my blog and I only did it for the free CD´s up to now, I think it´s time to stop.
Palace of Rock will however be updated with news, videos, upcoming releases and toplists.
/ Kaj

Wounds - Die young (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Wounds
Tracks : 1.War in the sun 2.Killing spree 3.Trouble for the sake of it 4.Dead dead fucking dead 5.No future 6.Choke 7.Bombs 8.Desperate times 9.The Pile 10.Binge 11.Dead road 12.Is this what we get 13.All hell´s a coming
2 out of 5

If you want your punk rock music to be not so polished and instead, raw and full of attitude. The debut album "Die young" from Dublin based Wounds should work. They´re definitely not caught in the mainstream but is the straight opposite to trendy pop punk and harmless American Idol rock.
We´re talking hardcore flavored punk here in the same vein as Refused, Gallows and Captain We´re Sinking, rocknroll should sound dangerous and Wounds really nailed it with songs like "The pile", "No future" and "Dead dead fucking dead".
What I miss is a bit more variety in their songs, they tend to be a bit monotonous.

Top 20 Epic Rock Songs - No.2

Top 20 Epic Rock Songs - No.2
Rainbow - Stargazer (1976) Album : Rising
It´s time to finalize this list with the two absolutely greatest and epic rock songs ever made, Ritchie Blackmore´s anthem "Stargazer" from Rainbow´s 2nd album is as close to musical nirvana anyone can get. It´s better to get high on rocknroll than on drugs, this song is proof of why.
Fly away and feel good with no hangover or a bad trip.
The list so far:
3.Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond
4.City Boy - The day the Earth caught fire
5.Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
6.Gerard McMahon - Cry little sister
7.The Stranglers - Meninblack
8.The Who - Baba O´Riley
9.Rush - Witch hunt
10.Rainbow - Gates of Babylon
11.Pink Floyd - High hopes
12.Thin Lizzy - Black rose
13.Winger - Rainbow in the rose
14.David Bowie - Life on Mars
15.Rammstein - Mein herz brennt
16.Ultravox - Vienna
17.Wings - Live and let die
18.Dream Theater - The best of times
19.Atticus Fault - My first trip to Mars
20.Skillet - Rebirthing

Gamma Pulse are dead but dreaming

Gamma Pulse is a 4 piece hardcore/electro powerhouse hailing from Indianapolis, IN and have refined their dynamic and versatile sound with an analytical approach. 
Their debut album "Dead but dreaming" will be out on Feb 23rd, listen to the new song "Give and take" at:

In Waves announce full length album in early 2015

In Waves are a progressive alternative rock band from North Carolina, check out a teaser off their upcoming full length album at:
Or listen to "I never walk a very easy street" from their previous EP "Indecision" here: