Saturday, November 15, 2014

Simple Minds - Big Music

Simple Minds - Big Music (2014) Sony Music
Produced by Gavin Goldberg / Andy Wright / Simple Minds
Tracks : 1.Blindfolded 2.Midnight walking 3.Honest town 4.Big music 5.Human 6.Blood diamonds 7.Let the day begin 8.Concrete and cherry blossom 9.Imagination 10.Kill or cure 11.Broken glass park 12.Spirited away
5 out of 5

Big music, I can´t think of a more appropriate title for the 16th studio album from Scottish band Simple Minds. A standing ovation for Jim Kerr - Vocals, Charlie Burchill - Guitars, Mel Gaynor - Drums, Andy Gillespie - Keyboards and their new amazing bassplayer Ged Grimes.
Mel Gaynor has always been a superb drummer and perfect for the job but with Ged Grimes, they make the best rhythm section this band has had so far.
This is without doubt their best album in 2 decades, it´s just as good as the excellent "Real life" from 1991 and the suggestive sound bring thoughts to albums like "Good news from the next world" (1995) and "Sparkle in the rain" (1984).
I´m glad I don´t have to buy the hits compilation "Celebrate" from last year now because the 2 new songs "Blood diamonds" and "Broken glass park" are included here but in new versions.
The band is glowing on this album, just listen to the musical wonder of the opening with "Blindfolded", "Midnight walking", "Honest town" and the title track "Big music".
Their cover of the 1989 song "Let the day begin" by The Call was unexpected but a great choice, with all these songs I have to announce Simple Minds new album as the album of the year.

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