Thursday, November 13, 2014

Twice Young - Prefer you

Twice Young - Prefer you (2014) Independent
Produced by Kyle Rictor
Tracks : 1.Uncover 2.Seperate you 3.Night drive 4.Stay the same 5.Datev 6.Not so young
3 out of 5

The song title Night drive pretty much sums it up when I listen to Nashville based Twice Young´s new EP "Prefer you", imagine yourself sitting in a car while going down the street and watching the nightlife and all the city lights. That´s how it feels while listening to these 6 tracks.
I like it and I especially dig the Pink Floyd-like synthesizers in the track "Night drive", but my favorite song is "Uncover". It´s oh so beautiful.
The music goes in the same vein as Owl City, College and Electric Youth.
If you want more from this band, also check out their 2012 EP "Little mind alike".

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