Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wounds - Die Young

Alright people, I have decided that this is my final review. I have written 6040 reviews including this one of Wounds since the start in 2001 at
I will continue posting news and other cool things at Palace of Rock but my motivation hasn´t been the same with reviews the last year. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the majority of the albums I get to write about are sent to me in either a link to stream the music or download it as mp3´s. 
Almost no physical CD´s are sent out these times and I understand it, the music business is going through some really hard times.
But since I haven´t earned any money in running my blog and I only did it for the free CD´s up to now, I think it´s time to stop.
Palace of Rock will however be updated with news, videos, upcoming releases and toplists.
/ Kaj

Wounds - Die young (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Wounds
Tracks : 1.War in the sun 2.Killing spree 3.Trouble for the sake of it 4.Dead dead fucking dead 5.No future 6.Choke 7.Bombs 8.Desperate times 9.The Pile 10.Binge 11.Dead road 12.Is this what we get 13.All hell´s a coming
2 out of 5

If you want your punk rock music to be not so polished and instead, raw and full of attitude. The debut album "Die young" from Dublin based Wounds should work. They´re definitely not caught in the mainstream but is the straight opposite to trendy pop punk and harmless American Idol rock.
We´re talking hardcore flavored punk here in the same vein as Refused, Gallows and Captain We´re Sinking, rocknroll should sound dangerous and Wounds really nailed it with songs like "The pile", "No future" and "Dead dead fucking dead".
What I miss is a bit more variety in their songs, they tend to be a bit monotonous.

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