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Kip Winger look back on the albums between 1988 - 2001

Here it is again, my interview with Kip Winger from 2005 at Melodic.Net.

To many fans surprise you were out on the 2003 tour with Alan Parsons Project, how come you ended up singing with APP? 
KipI met Alan at a cherity jam with Jim Peterik in Chicago. He called to ask if I would sing with his band..of course I was honored and did as many gigs as I could ..but our conflicting scheduals didnt allow me to continue with the band...It was an amazing experience!

On Jordan Rudess album "Rhythm of time", you sang on the tracks Beyond tomorrow and Tear before the rain. This is not your first visit in progrock land - there are songs with some progrock influences on Winger tracks like "Headed for a heartbreak" and "Rainbow in the rose". Are you a fan of progressive rock music? 
KipI am the produce of 70s band... Deep Purple, Rush, Yes..etc...Its my total foundation of pop music

Winger (1988) Atlantic
Kajs Comment:This is one of the most important albums in the melodic rock genre during the 80´s because when the AOR thing exploded every single band sounded the same after 1985 but with this album,a big change came with loud guitars,huge choruses and pro-musicianship. 
KipThe first cd was Reb and I comblineing our ideas for the first time.. I knew I wanted heavy riff, big vocals and fast solos , played really well.... Headed for a heartbreak was my favorite song.

In the heart of the young (1990) Atlantic
Kajs Comment:This is my favorite Winger album mostly because it contains the anthem Rainbow in the rose which is one of the best songs ever written and your biggest hit Miles away puts tears to my eyes. A million selling album worth every penny it sold! 

KipThis cd I was trying to find myself....its a bit of a mixed bag....some old some new....more progressive then the first...but with a few crossover tracks.... difficult record for me...the pressure was on....Rainbow was my favorite too...

Pull (1993) Atlantic
Kajs Comment:An evolution of the classic Winger sound, Paul Taylor left the band to play with Steve Perry and you became heavier as a trio. This is more guitar oriented and not so commercial as the previous albums, I like the cover artwork which feels influenced by Bram Stoker´s Dracula. 

KipThis was absolutey the best and overall sound.. it was what I was trying to do for day one....I "learned " how to make a record on "Pull"..because of Mike Shipley.... Was had a great time doing this one....still holds up to this day...

This conversation seems like a dream (1996) Domo
Kajs Comment:Your first solo album has a more darker approach with an autumn feel to it, I love the vibes the music gives me and this was my favorite album of 1996. 

KipFinding myself as a solo artist took alot of experimenting.... Its also a bit of a mish-mosh..but in the end seems to hold up.....I like alot of the songs ...and the overall vibe was okay....

Made by hand (1998) Domo
Kajs Comment:With this acoustic album,it feels like you have found home musicwise because the acoustic versions of old Winger songs are forever classics and the new written song Another way is up there with the best ones. 

KipThis cd was a bit of an after thought to all my acoustic performances.... I had writtin Another way a few years before..and it fit nicely into the one... I liked my approach to the recording..I just let go into it and didnt get too bogged down in production..

Songs from the ocean floor (2000) Frontiers
Kajs Comment:This one continues where the first solo album left,it almost sounds like you have been more influenced by Peter Gabriel on this album. Only one word is one of your most beautiful songs. 

KipOf course this one was very difficult...and took a long time to get through. I think the writing is some of my best...Only one word is my favorite...... a healing record for me....

Best of (2001) Atlantic
Kajs Comment:Featured the new brilliant song On the inside plus the outtake from Pull called Hell to pay,I missed the soundtrack songs "Battle stations" (Bill and Ted?s bogus journey) and "Out for the count"(Karate Kid 3). 

Kip-On the inside was a Pull like the way it came out..... thanks for the interest in my music and hopefully some new stuff is on the way soon...

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