Saturday, January 31, 2015

A new beginning for Syndrome of Fire

Syndrome of Fire is a high-energy, dynamic rock band whose music helps free the emotions locked within your human subconscious. Through their songs, they hope to help you realize your value along with all that you are called to in this life.
New album "A NEW BEGINNING" coming in 2015!
Listen to "Run" from their previous "Save me from myself" EP here:

Hit The Lights releases new album Summer Bones in March

Pop punk band Hit the Lights will release their new album "Summer bones" on March 24th.
Get a first taste with their new single "Fxxked up kids".

SafetySuit releases clip of new song Ordinary girl

American pop/rock band SafetySuit´s 3rd album will be out in early 2015, check out a clip of the new song "Ordinary girl" here:

AwolNation announces new single and new album Run

Electro pop band AwolNation´s new album "Run" will be out on March 17th, watch the official video "Hollow moon" here:

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Switch releases new video Don´t go to revolver

The Switch, a sextet, from Oslo, Norway (or rather a quintet with an affixed lyricist), had been writing, recording and performing music in the impossible-to-market genre "harmony- and solo-heavy 70's inspired pop, for almost five years when one of the few Norwegian music reviewers named their debut album "Big If" (Arch Records, 2014) "the hidden gem of the year" in his year-end roundup.
Watch their new video "Don´t go to revolver" here

Fourplay : Savage Machine , White Limo , Mutts , Tim Myers

Savage Machine - Through the iron forest (2014) Eat metal and shit steel
Trends come and go but one thing is for sure, old school metal will never go away. The Danish band Savage Machine is living proof of this with their new EP "Through the iron forest".
With a sound somewhere between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, they eat metal and shit steel.
All the classic ingredients in this genre can be found within these 6 tracks, I am rather fond of "Fifth computerworld" that is stuck like a leech on my skin.
I wouldn´t be surprised if these guys don´t use picks but instead razorblades when they hit the strings.

White Limo - Magic formula (2015) Sorry lads, MTV´s Alternative Nation went down 1997
The Swedish rock band White Limo might have found their magic formula to success, some of the most popular bands around today are Foo Fighters, Muse and Biffy Clyro and it´s no secret that White Limo are heavily influenced by these modern rock giants.
But I hear something more in their music with traces of classic rock, grunge and Britpop. I described the new single "Daylight" as Stone Temple Pilots hanging out with Joe Walsh and it´s not far from the truth when it comes to the other 4 tracks as well.
Perhaps their singer is more suitable singing indie rock with Franz Ferdinand than these stadium rock songs.

Mutts - Fuel yer delusion Vol.4 (2014) A psychedelic roller coaster ride
We have known from previous bands like Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jan Hammer´s Black sheep album and Crash Kings that you don´t need guitars to play rock.
The Chicago based trio Mutts are in fine company with the line up of Mike Maimone - Vocals/Keyboards, Bob Buckstaff - Bass and Chris Pagnani - Drums.
It ain´t easy to put down in words the sound of their 4th album "Fuel yer delusion Vol.4", we´re dealing with psychedelic pop/rock here.
Imagine Bloodhound Gang meets The Tubes with a touch of Lee Hazlewood and you´ll get Mutts.
Not the most radio friendly band out there but they´re quite unique.

Tim Myers - The Year (2015) Whenever you´re in the mood for some orchestral pop
A concept album about a year from January to December with all 12 songs about each month, and just like the seasons of a year, Tim Myers 2nd solo album is just as varied and unpredictable.
You might not know him by name but you have most certainly sang one or two of his songs, Tim was a member of One Republic between 2004-2007 and co-wrote several songs on their debut album.
His debut solo "Technicolor" was released in 2011 and now deliver his new full length that is full of feel-good pop, Tim is definitely influenced by 70´s pop but performs it with a modern twist.
So let´s singalong because good days start here.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

An all star tribute to Pink Floyd out in February

The Everlasting Songs : An all star tribute to Pink Floyd will be released Feb 20.

1. Hey You Tommy Shaw (Styx) & Steve Lukather (Toto)
2. Speak To Me/Breathe- Adrian Belew (King Crimson) & Alan White (Yes)
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Steve Lukather (Toto)
4. Another Brick In The Wall (Version 2)- Steve Morse (Deep Purple)
5. Time - Gary Green (Gentle Giant) & Robbie Krieger (The Doors)
6. Any Colour You Like - Robben Ford, Steve Porcaro (Toto) & Aynsley Dunbar (Journey)
7. In The Flesh - Adrian Belew (King Crimson) & Keith Emerson (ELP)
8. Money - Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson), Tony Levin (King Crimson),Edgar Winter
9. Welcome To The Machine - Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater)
10. Have A Cigar - Bobby Kimball (Toto)
11. The Great Gig In The Sky - Rick Wakeman (Yes), Steve Howe (Yes)

L.A based singer / songwriter Eddie Cohn with new album Guarantee Me Love available now

Singer/songwriter Eddie Cohn is just one example of an artist who is not immune to the allure of a well-crafted love song, having studied the work of other artists and exploring similar themes in his own work. All of which was simply building up to the raw, heartfelt emotion that he brings to his latest album Guarantee Me Love.
Listen to his latest single "Help me feel something" from the new album here:

Caverns, a modern rock band founded in the heart of NYC

NYC based indie alternative pop/rock band Caverns just released their latest single "Ghosts" from their forthcoming EP, set to be released spring 2015. Listen to it here:

Cinematic rock band The Great Depression with new concept album out

The Great Depression recorded their first LP in 1995 after being invited to quit their day jobs and spend a summer at the luxuriously isolated (some say haunted) Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. They continue to convene in Cannon Falls for long stretches of sonic exploration and revelry. 

Over the years, they released three widely acclaimed recordings, ‘Unconscious Pilot’, ‘Preaching to the Fire’ and ‘Prefix EP’ via the infamous Fire Records of London.

Todd Casper spent ten years in Copenhagen writing music for Scandinavian film and television. He also wrote music for Tivoli Gardens (the music continues to play every day in the world famous park) as well as the background music for several Lars Von Trier interviews. In the fall of 2013, Casper and Sigmeth spent 3 months in Hollywood scoring the hip Amazon comedy series, 
After eight years apart, The Great Depression decided to pursue the muse again. The result was ‘In a Starry State,’ a Science Fiction romance that evokes a telepathic girl from a parallel universe named Psirene and finds the band on a search for lost Gnostic wisdom deep in the woods where the sky is alive and magic is afoot…

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 songs you gotta hear

Eclipse - Stand on your feet, from the upcoming album "Armageddonize".

The Funeral Portrait - Casanova, from the album "For the dearly departed" out now.

Carthasy - Roche, from the debut album "The Gyre" out now.

Empire - Patchwork and bone, brand new single.

Paul Udarov and Jay Ray - Lost chance, brand new single.

One Ok Rock releases video Cry out

Japanese rock band One Ok Rock will release their new album "35xxxv" on Feb 11th, watch their new video "Cry out" here:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kelly Clarkson piece by piece

Pop star Kelly Clarkson will release her new album "Piece by piece" on March 3, I guess you have already seen her latest video "Heartbeat song"...but in case you haven´ it is.

Lifehouse comes out of the wasteland with 7th studio album

Modern rock heroes Lifehouse´s new single "Hurricane" is out today, the song is taken from their upcoming album "Out of the wasteland" (to be released May 19).
Watch the video on Billboard.

Smash Into Pieces with 2nd single of upcoming album The Apocalypse DJ

Modern rock/metal band Smash Into Pieces will release their 2nd album "The Apocalypse DJ" on Feb 25th, their new single "Checkmate" will be out Jan 28th but you can listen to it here:

And the doctor said, it´s time for your Young Medicine

Taking the aggression of hardcore, the drive of metal, the melody and harmony of pop, the dance of EDM, Young Medicine combines them into a unique enjoyable listening experience. You’ve never heard anything like it, and it’s going to make you pay attention.
The Kansas city based Young Medicine recently released their brand new single "Little Miss Anthropy".
Check out their lyric video here:

New live album with Pat Travers out now

PAT TRAVERS BAND Returns in January with a Killer Live Recording of the Iridium, NYC show of 2012 on Frontiers Music Srl

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of PAT TRAVERS BAND’s newest live album entitled “Live at the Iridium NYC” on January 23rd in Europe and January 27th 2015 in North America.

The Charlatans searched for soul and found Modern Nature

How to come back from the death of a best friend, a band member, and a core part of your sound?
Yet Modern Nature, The Charlatans' twelfth album and their first for new label BMG, nearly didn't happen at all. Following the death of drummer Jon Brookes after a long battle with brain cancer in August 2013, Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, Martin Blunt and Tony Rogers struggled not to feel deflated, and the songs wouldn't come.When they reconvened at their Big Mushroom studio in early 2014, it was the memory and spirit of Jon Brookes that spurred the rest of the band on to finally make a breakthrough and make a bright, uplifting, summery record that stands up as one of the finest of their career.
Their new album "Modern nature" was released Jan 26th, listen to the album track "Emilie" below:

Minora takes you to alternative rock heaven

The alternative rock-band Minora, hailing from Sweden’s metal capital Gothenburg, have just released their new single titled “The Plunge”. The single was mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell.
Listen to this awesome song here:

When The Bad Chapter in your life turns out to be a good one

InVogue Records is proud to welcome Michigan based The Bad Chapter featuring Phil Druyor (Ex-Attack! Attack! / I Am Abomination). The band is entering the studio September 6th with producer Nick Ingram (Before Their Eyes, City Lights, Front Porch Step) to record their debut full length album "Cheers to the down and outs" that is due out March 17.

For fans of Missing Persons, we introduce you to Panthar

PANTHAR is a new wave band that melds a range of 80's art punk and underground influences and brings a dirty LA edge to its blitzed out dark pop confection. The band's frontwoman, Shelina Louise, who was raised by hippie ex-pat parents in Kyoto, Japan.
After playing a slew of underground shows in the summer of 2014, PANTHAR went into the studio with Mark Rains (BRMC, Summer Twins, Gothic Tropic), who helped them craft a unique 80s sound, recording on analog tape to capture the retro magic of classic LA bands like Missing Persons. "Ghost Rocket" opens with a dreamy feedback-induced coma, sending the listener on a trans-dimensional space journey into an "unknown space traffic crash hour.

A new direction for Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie´s new album "Kintsugi" will be out on March 31st, here´s their new single "Black sun".

10 Years release first single from upcoming album From birth to burial

Alternative metallers 10 Years has released the new single "Miscellanea", from their upcoming album "From birth to burial". Listen below:

Get a shot of Imagine Dragons latest single

Imagine Dragons new album "Smoke + mirrors" will be out in February, check out their new single "Shots" here:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Jamie Scott and his hurricane

Over the last half-decade—in between writing and producing for hitmakers like One Direction and making waves with his Northern soul/indie-pop project Graffiti6—singer/songwriter Jamie Scott began working on a batch of intensely personal songs sparked by his recently becoming a father and husband. Now with his new solo record Hurricane, Scott has pieced those songs together to create an album that’s unabashedly emotional but gracefully sophisticated in both its lush and lovely, ‘70s-folk-rock-influenced sound and intimate storytelling of an autographically inspired couple.
The album "My hurricane" was released on Jan 20th.

Our Last Night take on Taylor Swift´s Blank Page

Our Last Night has released a cover of Taylor Swift´s "Blank page", check out this lovely pop punk goodie here:

Big Story featuring members of Moving Atlas and Badwolf

Big Story is a new project, featuring members of Ursa, LA Wedding, Siren City, Badwolf and Moving Atlas. Listen to their debut single "I can´t be alone" here:

Country rocker Brittany Marie cover Paint it black

Not satisfied to remain still in her career pursuits, Brittany Marie is looking forward to the release of her debut self-titled album ‘Brittany Marie’ by Spring, 2015. The Album will have a country rock sound and will feature a cover of the song Paint It Black, by The Rolling Stones. Watch out for Brittany Marie, she is definitly on the Music Chart horizon.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shapes and Colors rise from the ashes

After 3 years, the band known as Aria Aesthetic saw the end of an era come to pass, and we have re-emerged as something new entirely: Shapes & Colors.
The Metro-Detroit bred progressive alt-rock band will release their new EP "On display" on March 10th.
Listen to their first single "Rise".

Love will come to you from Poets Of The Fall

Finnish pop / rock band Poets Of The Fall has released a new video "Love will come to you" from their latest album "Jealous gods", watch it below:

Fourplay : Siamese , Red Seas Fire , Skeyes , Cafeine

Siamese - Siamese (2015) Is it finally time for this band´s breakthrough album?
Time for another Fourplay column with 4 albums that I´ve been listening to this week and first out is the Danish alternative / progressive rock band Siamese. Formerly known as Siamese Fighting Fish and now releases their 3rd album simply titled "Siamese".
Rock from Denmark most often means top quality and this album ain´t no exception, I think of these guys as a crossover between Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and Kadawatha.
Fans of Circa Survive might have something to look forward to here, no matter where you are in the world. New Zealand, Brasil, Japan, France or USA. Here´s your new favorite band.

Red Seas Fire - Resolution (2015) Where do they go from here?
It feels like the British band Red Seas Fire just gets heavier and heavier for each EP, their 3rd EP "Resolution" is their heaviest so far but not a direct hit. I wasn´t sure what to think of it first but this band is just too good to slip through your hands.
They´re less industrial and more towards melodic metalcore but with a huge injection of alternative / progressive metal.
Perhaps not this band´s brightest moment, however I can´t turn this new music down either. "Resolution" is a bit like Gollum, both charming and unattractive at the same time.
Red Seas Fire has reached the crossroads, let´s see in what direction they´re headed.

Skeyes - Empty mirrors (2015) Another star is born in the skies
The state of Pennsylvania is known for many great artists like Donnie Iris, Poison, Pink, Breaking Benjamin, CKY and Taylor Swift. Now we can add another promising new act to that list with the clever name Skeyes.
Their debut EP "Empty mirrors" is a nice blend of post hardcore and metalcore, nothing new under the sun but still done with class. The title track stands out and so do the opener "Ethereal" featuring special guest Garrett Rapp (The Color Morale) on vocals.
Give these guys a moment of your time because I expect greater things to come.

Cafeine - New love (2015) The 80´s called and wanted it´s sound back
Caffeine, you don´t need it but once you get it, you can´t be without it. The addictive music of this album can easily be your new love.
Charming Indie rock flirtin´with synth pop and dance punk. Oh la la. This is what happens when Pulp has listened to too much Gary Numan while they´re collaborating with Plastic Bertrand.
New wave never went away, it keeps on coming just like the way waves do.
Now this was a fun record to listen to.

Friday, January 23, 2015

September Mourning working with Howard Benson on new album

The dark alternative hard rock band September Mourning has signed with Virgin for the release of their upcoming debut album out this spring. The album is produced by Howard Benson and here´s the first single "Children of fate".

Go electric with Cafeine, new album New Love drops Feb 17

In anticipation of the American release of New Love (out Feb 17 on Indica Records) by Montrealer Xavier Cafeine, comes the exclusiveCulture Collide premiere of Cafeine’s single Electric.” New Love is described as an anthemic celebration of the will to survive, a loud and reverberating affirmation that we can find something magical within our misery. 

Roots rock band The Highway drop new song from upcoming album Enter To Exit

Psych-tinged soul rock band The Highway releases their new single “All You Do” from their forthcoming sophomore album Enter to Exit, due out April 14, 2015. The Highway “much as the name suggests, isn't content to idle in one place,” (The Deli Magazine) and has been performing continuously throughout 2014, including a successful winter residency at Brooklyn’s Spike Hill.

Punk rock band The Howl drops new music video Sputter

The Howl is an Indie Rock and Roll / Punk band from Humboldt Park of Chicago. The four dudes have been playing an energetic blend of rock and roll spiced with punk roots and angular, math-y melodies all around Chicago since 2012 and have toured nationally in the last year, expanding their fan base to both US Coasts.
Watch their new video "Sputter" here:

Alternative rockers Jarflower announces new EP Contrast

Alternative rock band Jarflower announces the release of their new single, “Haunted,” from their forthcoming EP, Contrast. Having shared the stage with such musical luminaries as Hellogoodbye and Dishwalla and with sold-out shows at legendary venues including The Studio at Webster Hall and Glasslands, Jarflower has set themselves apart as “one of the best American rock groups working in New York.” 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hayley Kiyoko has given it all

Music can often be more than just an escape. It can be paradise. That's precisely what it is for singer and songwriter Hayley Kiyoko. Her 2015 EP, This Side of Paradise, unlocks a brand new realm for pop music, expanding boundaries with alternative daring and electronic warmth.
"This side of paradise" will be out Feb 3rd. Stream the new single "Given it all" here:

Ki: Theory deliver sinister synth rock track The way it was

Ki:Theory (pronounced “Key Theory”) is the alias for American recording artist and producer, Joel Burleson, who specializes in alternative rock and electronic.  
Ki:Theory’s original music is consistently compared to crossroad between Radiohead, Ratatat and Nine Inch Nails. Ki:Theory’s most recent double album, KITTY HAWK Deluxe (Kringer Records), featured a version of Ben E. King’s hit “Stand By Me” that exploded on the scene in a 2014 Super Bowl ad and episode of FOX’s hit TV show, the Following starring Kevin Bacon.  “Stand By Me” was also featured in the movie trailer for Brick Mansions starring Paul Walker and RZA along with TV spots for Marco Polo (Netflix), Dallas (TNT), and Bates Motel (A&E).

Stream his new single "The way it was" here:

The Frail and their way to run life

Made up of Daniel Lannon (vocals/synths), Alex Cohen (bass/synth), Rahi Kumar (guitar/synth), and Chris Chan (drums), The Frail pushes the boundaries of pop and electronic music to new heights. The band defies traditional genre classification by creating a harmonious hybrid of indie, synth pop and electro. The Frail's velvet-throated vocalist Daniel Lannon and hyper-prolific producer Kevin Durr started the band in 2007 over Craigslist, and recorded their first songs without ever meeting. Now with four core members, they have propelled the group from a Craigslist collaboration to an electro pop act worthy of international acclaim.
Their latest album "Love Death Legend" is out now, listen to the new single "Run life" here:

Meaxic releases new song On instinct from upcoming EP

Brooklyn based progmetal band Meaxic will release their debut EP "Synergy" this spring, the band recently released the new song "On instinct". Listen here:

Ex. Company of Thieves frontwoman Genevieve announces debut EP

Indie pop artist Genevieve invites you to explore her newly independent, confident debut solo EP Show Your Colors--a triumphant collection of five songs that focus on the power of believing in yourself, and in the power of each of us to change for the better. 

On the EP, fans will uncover a staggering collection of stories that paint a vibrant portrait of the singer/songwriter, building from the simplistic beauty hidden amidst the everyday, like cross-country car rides, quiet libraries, airports, the ends of phone calls and the beginnings of movies​:

"Show your colors" will be out on March 10.

In Your Memory with reflections on breaking habits

After experimenting with many sounds, In Your Memory found precisely the sound that they were looking for.
This sound was a new hard rock, one that consisted of powerful thrusting vocals, intensely deep jazz chords, throbbing bass lines, and exploding percussion.
The Washington based punk/hardcore band are giving away their new single "Breaking habits" for free at the link, the song is taken from their new "Reflections" EP.

A Dark Line featuring Brett Hestla set to release debut EP

A Dark Line are an alternative rock band from The Netherlands, who combine the best of powerful guitar riffs with mindblowing melodies, pounding drums en roaring bass.

Their EP “Running From The Light” is the 5-track debut release featuring vocal powerhouse Brett Hestla on all tracks, including their first single “Head Through The Wall”. 

Regret The Hour release debut EP

Alt./Indie rockers Regret the Hour are pleased to announce their debut EP, The Far and the Near on January, 13th 2015 for the Laveta Music Group label.
Regret The Hour's sound swirls with chiming guitar melodies reminiscent of early U2, and a heavy, yet subtle rhythm section gaining frequent comparisons to The National and The War on Drugs. 
Stream their debut EP "The far and the near" at: