Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For fans of Missing Persons, we introduce you to Panthar

PANTHAR is a new wave band that melds a range of 80's art punk and underground influences and brings a dirty LA edge to its blitzed out dark pop confection. The band's frontwoman, Shelina Louise, who was raised by hippie ex-pat parents in Kyoto, Japan.
After playing a slew of underground shows in the summer of 2014, PANTHAR went into the studio with Mark Rains (BRMC, Summer Twins, Gothic Tropic), who helped them craft a unique 80s sound, recording on analog tape to capture the retro magic of classic LA bands like Missing Persons. "Ghost Rocket" opens with a dreamy feedback-induced coma, sending the listener on a trans-dimensional space journey into an "unknown space traffic crash hour.

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