Thursday, January 15, 2015

IAMEVE and her new creation Mother

The very talented artist IAMEVE has released a new song called "Mother", here is what she said about her new creation.

Three years ago on this very day I wrote a song for someone very special in my life.  At times she was my closest friend, others my sister, and when needed: my mother.  Her name was Michal The Girl and three years ago she took to the sky, leaving her body behind to bring two beautiful little beings into the world.   It’s uncommon these days to lose a loved one in childbirth and when it took her, it shook us to the core.  It made many of us question our faith, united us in sorrow and love, and brought us Jackson and Reverie, her magical babies.

I wrote this song shortly after Michal passed.  

I intended to re-record it to “perfection” and perhaps I still will, but this is raw like the spot in my heart that still aches for her.  Acoustic and unpolished, it was written and recorded three years ago, then hidden away.  I was afraid to let go, but it’s time to share her song with the world.  

Listen to "Mother" here:

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