Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jonny Craig´s Le Cube Sessions available now

Jonny Craig began his singing career between the ages of 16-17 as the lead vocalist for Seattle based post-hardcore band Ghost Runner and continued to front bands like Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance.
His new solo album "Le Cube Sessions" is out now and quite a different affair of laid back pop.

Dead Sara delivers something good

Los Angeles rockers Dead Sara has spent the last several months in the studio working on new material with producer Noah Shain. Their new album, PLEASURE TO MEET YOU, is slated for release in March 2015 on the band's own label, Pocket Kid Records.
Check out their new single "Something good" here:

Feel alive with Anavae

U.K based electro rock duo Anavae has released a new single "Feel alive", the song is available as free download at:

Free sampler with Needtobreathe and more artists plus new single Brother

NEEDTOBREATHE is heading out this spring and summer on the TOUR DE COMPADRES with some of their best friends, Ben Rector (Leg 1), Switchfoot (Leg 2), Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors and Colony House! Check out this exclusive compilation featuring two songs from their recently released Live From The Woods album as well as tracks from the other artists joining them on this tour.
Download the sampler here:

With music inspired by blockbuster movies, here´s Arshad

Arshad is an artist from Los Angeles who writes music inspired by films like Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner.
You can download free tracks at his website
Or check out a few of his videos here:

U.K rocker Scarlette release new video 6ft Woman

UK rock goddess, Scarlette is at it again with her new video for "6ft Woman". The British singer-songwriter is lush with talent and has a knack for creating ultra-memorable rock-pop songs with a punk-rock attitude. Check out her vintage movie/pop-art themed video for "6ft Woman" here

Monday, March 30, 2015

Punkrockers Miss Vincent release new EP in May

The follow up to their well received 2013 E.P Creepy, Reasons Not To Sleep sees Southampton’s Miss Vincent – completed by guitarist / vocalist Lawrie Pattison, drummer Jack Donnelly and bassist / vocalist Owain Mainwaring – switching it from creepy to gloomy. Playing their self-styled ‘moody punk rock’, paying homage to the likes of Alkaline Trio and AFI, RNTS see them take their craft to the next level.  “With Creepy we just recorded the best 5 songs that we had at the time. We’re still proud of it, but this time I think we really found “our sound”,” opines Marshall; “It’s a lot darker, more layered and the songs are faster and more pissed off, as well as being much more direct lyrically. The overall tone of the EP set itself pretty early on and we went for it full tilt.” 
Miss Vincent´s new EP "Reasons not to sleep" will be out May 11th, watch the new video "How much further".

Playing catch with 22 and I The Mighty

San Fransisco based progressive / alternative rock band I The Mighty will release their 2nd album "Connector" on June 2nd, listen to the first single "Playing catch with 22" here:

Italian rock / metal band Your Own Decline release debut EP

Your Own Decline enter into the music scene in 2015, with a genuine rock/metal project and a message anything but pessimistic.
The band members came from a past experience of several years in the Italian rock scene, but now they have chosen to renew themselves starting from ground up, picking the band’s name and their inspiration from the lyrics of the song “Stay True To Yourself”, which also gives the title to their debut EP.

When drones take over the world in the upcoming concept album from Muse

"Drones" is the upcoming 7th studio album from Muse, set to be released on June 8th. The album was produced by the band and Mutt Lange.
Tracklisting 1.Dead inside 2.Drill Sergeant 3.Psycho 4.Mercy 5.Reapers 6.The handler 7.JFK 8.Defector 9.Revolt 10.Aftermath 11.The globalist 12.Drones
Their new single "Dead inside" is soooo good.

No boundaries for Japanese rockers Fake?

The Japanese rock band Fake? has released 8 albums as well as a brand new single "Addicted", stream the entire song here:

Another heart for Tremonti

Mark (Thomas) Tremonti (born April 18, 1974) is a Grammy Award winning guitarist for American rock bands Creed, Alter Bridge & Tremonti. Tremonti´s new solo album "Cauterize" will be out June 9th.
Listen to the new single "Another heart" here:

Ashland with eyes to the sky

Ashland are a female fronted rock band hailing from Central Illinois, Ashland is a rock band comprised of Asia Woodward (vocals), Aaron Wood (guitar), Zebulan Griffith (bass), and Tanner Leggett (drums).
Watch their new official video "Eyes to the sky" here:

Progressive rock band Inior release concept album

Inio are a progressive rock band from Italy, their concept album "Hypnerotomachia" is out now. Check out the album songs "From blue to red" and "Dust" below:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fourplay : All Day Sucker , The Eiffels , Sada Vidoo , Points North

All Day Sucker - Denim days (2015) Smooth, smoother, smoothest
Back from a few lovely days in Dublin, the hometown of Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Bram Stoker (Author of Dracula) and the Guinness beer. If you haven´t been there already, I can recommend you to go there if you want to be in the home of music. There´s music everywhere and real friendly people as well.
Now to the albums I´ve been listening to this weekend.
Ah, those well produced albums of the 70´s. The westcoast/power pop act All Day Sucker certainly knows how to recreate that sunny sound that is so rich of harmonies, it´s weird that this band ain´t famous at all but their fans are.
On their 3rd album, singer Morty Coyle and keyboardist Jordan Summers are backed up by an amazing rhythm section of Dan Rothchild - Bass (Heart), Jay Gore (Michael McDonald) and David Goodstein - Drums (Jackson Browne).
"Denim days" sounds like a mix between Dan Reed Network, Jellyfish and Steely Dan. We´re talking feel-good music all day long here that will make you feel just as relaxed as the Irish people.
7 years was a long wait between their previous album "The big pretend" and the new album but it´s worth every single day of waiting.

The Eiffels - The Eiffels (2015) Put on your dancing shoes and swing away
The music of L.A based trio The Eiffels puts a big smile on my face, their debut EP contains a lovely blend of 80´s new wave and modern synthrock. Imagine A Flock of Seagulls meets Phoenix and even traces of The Killers.
These songs bring back the memories of how it was when the dancefloor was filled to songs by Echo and The Bunnymen, Duran Duran and Classix Nouveaux.
The world needs more bands like The Eiffels, their self titled EP is available in April. The singles "I did it now" and "More" are out now.
Now let´s dance.

Sada Vidoo - A story with no end (2015) The leader of the fashion pack
Sada Vidoo, the living doll from Denmark. Her debut album "A story with no end" will also be the final album from producer/songwriter Russ Ballad who wrote or co-wrote 10 of the album´s 11 tracks. The only song Ballard isn´t involved in is the cover of "Love is a battlefield", written by Holly Knight/Mike Chapman and originally recorded by Pat Benatar.
So how does this album sound like then? Well, there´s a bit of both artpop, melodic rock, electronica and dubstep but it´s all being held together smart by Ballard.
It´s like we get a mishmash of artists like Kate Bush, Device, Robyn and Nero at the same time.
I think I´m in love.

Points North - Points North (2015) Instrumental nerd-dom strikes again
I enjoyed the instrumental trio Points North´s debut album "Road less travelled" from 2012 which was an entertaining prog/jazz/hard rock affair.
They continue to flirt with these genres on the 2nd self titled album that contains their first song with vocals, but "Colourblind" is quite mediocre though.
The musicianship is brilliant once again but the songs aren´t as entertaining as they were on the first album, there are some great moments on this record but I expected more.
Stay away if you don´t like Dixie Dregs, Rush or Joe Satriani.

The lost songs with Juke Kartel available now

For those of you that don't know Juke Kartel just released a cd of studio recordings spanning several years. It's been a while since they put music out, so what better way than to share some raw, almost demo style tracks.
The album starts with their latest production - 'Pacifist'. This song was written in Hollywood with JK's newest member Sebastian Gregory and includes work from Neal Tiemann, an amazing artist in the U.S.
The band included songs that were recorded but never fully mastered from the Pulse studios in LA just before they headed to Seattle to record 'Nowhere Left to Hide'. Old school belters 'Runnin' and 'Gimme A Reason' allow 'Save A Life' to intimately shine through.
Get it here:

Get dizzy with Hokins from France

Hokins are an electro rock punk band from Lyon, France. Formed in 2012 and for fans of Shaka Ponk, check out their new single "Dizzy" here:

Megosh with their cover of Clarity

Baltimore's Megosh has been toiling behind the scenes for some time brewing up a catalog of high-energy intelligent rock. Their music is melodic with post-progressive elements and frequent forays into the territory of alternative metal, but they manage to maintain an overriding pop sensibility.
Check out their cover of "Clarity" by Zedd.

Do the midnight walking with Simple Minds

Simple Minds has released a new video "Midnight walking" from their latest album "Big music", watch it below:

Electro rockers Paradise Over release new music

Paradise Over (ex.Blacklite District) has released two more songs on iTunes, you can now purchase "We are the danger" and "Lives of the broken" here:

PVRIS bring their white noise on the new video

The modern rock trio PVRIS featuring Lynn Gunn - Vocals/Guitar/Keys, Alex Labinski - Guitar/Keys and Brian MacDonald - Bass/Keys has released a new official video "White noise" taken from the band´s debut album with the same title.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Swedish indie rockers Bella deBosco unleash new songs

Bella deBosco is a band from Sweden, founded in 2009, they are a band out of the ordinary, always looking for ways to renew themselves, as musicians as well as composers. 
The debut album was released in early 2013. Bella deBosco recently released a few new songs from their forthcoming album, listen here:

California native Elben Capule is the driving force behind Amnesia Beach

California’s AMNESIA BEACH released their new indie-rock anthem single "The Light" on March 23.. As their second recent release, the song showcases the versatile and growing sound of Amnesia Beach. Confronting the battle of overcoming dark times, "The Light" represents the ability of always have a choice and being able to move forward in life. With plans for a new album underway, Amnesia Beach has a new-found fire of inspiration guiding them forward.
Listen to "The Light" here:

Rock singer songwriter Boroko releases new track Famous little tragedy

Australian artist Tim Fontaine, aka BOROKO, releases new single "Famous Little Tragedy,” which gives us yet another glimpse into Fontaine’s dark themes and thought-provoking lyrics. The third single from his highly anticipated album, Western Child, “Famous Little Tragedy” tells the tragic story of a beautiful socialite who finds herself coming towards the latter half of her life empty and alone.
Pancakes & Whiskey describes Fontaine as “a new-age singer songwriter with hints of pop ability and rock and roll charisma” with a “musical mind” that is “both complicated and gloriously entertaining at the same time.” Audio Fuzz praises Boroko for music that “makes you move and makes you think.” Boroko has also been featured on AM-NY's Hotlist in New York City and has performed live on the international radio show “Border Crossings” on Voice of America, which is broadcast to over 60 countries.

U.K based folk rock artist Novo Amor announces new single

Novo Amor's songs have been featured in television shows including FOX’s Bones, UK E4’s Made In Chelsea
Canada's Raising Hope  
and indie feature film The Better Man
His "Woodgate, NY" EP was released in 2014, now Novo Amor follow up with the brand new single "Welcome to the jungle".
Listen here:

Mika wants to talk about you

International pop star MIKA unveils his brand new single“Talk About You” today on VEVO, you can listen to it below. This single from his forthcoming fourth full-length album will be available at all digital retailers on March 31st.

Penned by and co-produced by MIKA and Grammy Award-nominated Greg Wells [Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Adele], “Talk About You” is an immediate, infectious, and irresistible anthem.

Waster get SKRWD

"When we started the band we were all in a situation of waking up every morning, going to work, coming home and going to sleep,” recalls Sammy Clifford, vocalist with Liverpudlian newcomers Waster, recalling the origins of his band’s blunt moniker; “It felt like we were just wasted space and not really doing much with our lives other than working. To be honest, that situation hasn’t really changed other than now we’re really broke due to band commitments, which is where the EP name, ‘SKRWD’, came from. But, this band has given us all something to do, and to be proud of; like, we aren’t prepared to just settle for a boring, generic lifestyle anymore and we’ve decided to do something about it.” 
Watch their official video "Graveyard shift" from the upcoming album "SKRWD", out May 25th.

Garage rock band Parlement returns with legend

2015 saw Parlement release the well-received debut single Blood, which drew comparisons to The Breeders and Galaxie 500. With its heavy guitar and steady beat Bloodwas the perfecting starting ground for this band.

The quartet now returns with their latest offering called Legend.  It’s a chunky, fuzzed guitar heavy track that features a rolling drumbeat, with both Parra and Bueno carrying its rhythms with unruffled alacrity. The song, while typically melodic, is a high volume track that is saturated with a fluent guitar solo that lies between a mix of Archie Bronson OutfitThe Black Keys and Jack White.

Legend will be available for sale and download everywhere on the 13th April 2015.

Alternative metallers Entropy O.A.C release new EP in April

Entropy O.A.C. comes from the land of decrepit barns and more miles of tree lines than anyone cares to see, but this universal sometimes melodic, sometimes metal band calls Northern Wisconsin it's home. This Intriguing, middle of nowhere group consists of singer Ben Poulin, guitarist Austin Wagner, drummer Brandon Hall, and Bassist Josh Aalto.

Seasoned veterans of the scene, Entropy O.A.C. has one full length record, Smiles For Stab Wounds, which the band self-financed and recorded at Pachyderm Studios where the likes of Nirvana, Mudvayne, Live and many more have done studio recording. The album was primarily engineered and mixed by Adrian Olsgard. The record saw Entropy O.A.C. praised by fans and critics alike, who referred to them as unique, yet powerfully influential. In 2011, the band returned with theWhat Nightmares Are Made Of EP, which eventually led to a developmental record deal with Pavement Entertainment. 

The combination of years of experience and a forward-thinking vision has resulted in Etropy O.A.C's newest and most engaging material, Dark Clouds and Clarity. The three-track EP is set for an April 21 release via Pavement Entertainment. 

Buford Pope knows we got time tomorrow

"When you record an album there are always a couple of songs left over. To use a cliché, kill your darlings. In this case, it was really true. This track didn’t make the album 'Sticks In The Throat', but instead of 'killing' it, I asked Anna to record a harmony on it (something she’s done on almost all the prior albums) and voilá, the outtake 'We Got Time Tomorrow' was finished." ~ Buford Pope
Stream "We got time tomorrow" on Spotify here:

Indie rockers Autopilot share their desert dreams

Autopilot is an indie alternative rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their latest release, Desert Dreams, encompasses a wide range of musical influence while incorporating layers of guitar effects and dynamic drum beats.  The record highlights the band’s progressive style which includes captivating pop hooks, memorable vocal lines, and out of the ordinary touches like a bow used on the guitar.
Listen to "Battles" from the upcoming EP here:

The Cribs release new Ric Ocasek produced album For all my sisters

The Cribs are excited to unleash their new album For All My Sisters, out today in North America on Arts & Crafts. Having reconvened over the last year in Wakefield, UK and Portland, OR, the band later decamped to New York and settled in at The Magic Shop studio to record with legendary producer and The Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek (Weezer, Bad Brains). The band's sixth studio album follows 2013's career spanning Payola collection and 2012's UK Top 10 In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull and is The Cribs' first release for Arts & Crafts. A new label, a new perspective, a new challenge - For All My Sisters marks the start of the next chapter in a decade-long existence that has seen The Cribs continuing to evolve and thrill, ever advancing whilst stockpiling an enviable arsenal of songs.
Watch their new video "Burning for no one" here:

Friday, March 27, 2015

L.A synthrock group The Eiffels give us more

The Eiffels are ready. Their debut EP is set to release this spring, with asupporting United States tour beginning in April. For a new band, they arealready getting people’s attention. San Diego’s alternative rock station,91X, took notice of their infectious sound and quickly spotlighted two oftheir upcoming singles, “I Did It Now,” and “More.” Shortly after, theywere asked by legendary rock venue, The Casbah, to open for theburgeoning Coachella performers, White Arrows. 

The Eifflel’s brand of synthy rock is somewhere between Phoenix andThe Killers, but their influences are much broader, ranging from 80’s pop,to classic rock and punk. Influences aside, their spirited lyrics andcaptivating hooks are what really set them apart from the conventionalindie act.