Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fourplay : Cherie Currie , Special Providence , Whitesnake , Mew

Cherie Currie - Reverie (2015) The return of the cherry bomb
Is 35 years a long wait for a Cherie Currie fan? Well, it definitely feels like eon´s since her latest solo album "Messin´ with the boys" came out. Her new solo album "Reverie" has been completed and ready for launch for some time now but wasn´t released until recently.
It´s not like Cherie Currie has been away from the music scene, she´s been performing rock steady through the years because the fans can´t get enough of the old Runaways hits.
Sadly, there won´t be a Runaways reunion as she and many fans hoped. My only guess is that Joan Jett was the one who turned it down.
So we just have to settle with Cherie´s new album "Reverie" and this record won´t rain on your parade, first I thought it was a bit uneven but the album grows.
She recorded it with her son Jake Hays and the iconic producer/songwriter Kim Fowley who passed away earlier this year. We get new versions of the Runaways songs "Is it day or night" and "American nights" but also new fresh songs like the beautiful "Believe" and "Queen of the asphalt jungle" that sounds like an unreleased song from "Queens of noise".
I loved her voice back in 1975 and I still do.

Special Providence - Essence of change (2015) Progjazzmetal extravaganza
Back in the 70´s, instrumental bands had their peak so who could´ve thought there is a still a market for instrumental rock music in 2015?
But there are several bands hanging on in this genre today like Karma To Burn, Arcade Messiah, Mahogany Head Grenade, Russian Circles and Special Providence from Hungary.
Their 4th album "Essence of change" contains a wonderful blend of jazzrock and progressive metal where the music lean more to the fusion side, we´re talking pro-musicianship here in the same fine league as Mahavishnu Orchestra and Dream Theater.
In this day and age of DJ remixes and computerized music, bands like Special Providence are heaven sent. I take off my hat and bow.

Whitesnake - The Purple Album (2015) The aftermath of a lost DP reunion
When Jon Lord was still alive, there was talk about a Deep Purple Mk.3 reunion with David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore involved.
Then Jon Lord sadly passed away in 2012 but Coverdale and Blackmore continued to talk about plans of a tribute tour to Lord, however negotiations fell apart because they couldn´t agree since their ideas of a possible reunion didn´t quite match.
With Coverdale listening through the Mk.3 and MK.4 albums, he couldn´t leave it alone and decided to go forward with new renditions of Purple classics on the new Whitesnake album.
Backing him up are Reb Beach - Guitars, Joel Hoekstra - Guitars, Tommy Aldridge - Drums and Michael Devin - Bass.
Soundwise, this is Whitesnake´s 1987 version of the Purple covers. If that feels like an appetizer, you should dig in deep into songs like "Burn", "Stormbringer", "Mistreated", "Might just take your life", "You keep on moving", "Lay down stay down", "Soldier of fortune" etc.
If you ask me, I will go for the originals over this any day of the week.

Mew - + - (2015) Denmark´s finest opens the door again to the hall of genuineness
Welcome to the universe of Mew, this eminent artrock band from our neighbor country where the landsmen are proud of the Carlsberg beer, Lego and Kim Larsen.
Fans of this band have learned to be patient between album releases, it took 4 years between "And the glass handed kites" (2005) and "No more stories" (2009) and now as long as 6 years for their 6th studio album to come out.
But it´s worth the wait because the music is stellar as always, I support this band and buy my Mew CD´s so they can continue to deliver brilliant albums.
Don´t call yourself a fan if you don´t purchase either the digital album or the physical thing like Vinyl or a CD, I get so tired of hearing about people only listening to Spotify all the time.
Artists can´t earn a living from only Spotify, be a real fan instead!

Emery announce release date for new album You were never alone

Christian post hardcore band Emery will release their new album "You were never alone" on May 19, their new single "Hard times" is available for streaming at:

Hit the first wave with Riot On Mars

Riot On Mars is a new hard rock band featuring Barry Sparks - Guitars/Bass and Michael Vescera - Vocals (Yngwie Malmsteen), their new album "First wave" is out now and you can listen to samples here:

Tomorrow is here for A Silent Film

Recorded in a rustic studio on a pecan farm just outside El Paso Texas, the new EP from A Silent Film, New Year, expands on the cinematic alternative rock of 2012's Sand & Snow and 2010's The City that Sleeps.

Lead single, 'Tomorrow,' marries the anthemic power of Joshua Tree-era U2 with driving synths, setting up a soaring chorus that is destined to become an unforgettable moment in their live set. 

A Silent Film´s new EP is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Our Last Night goes home

Post hardcore band Our Last Night has released a new single "Home", a new studio album is expected to be out this summer.

Poynte unleash new video Hold on

Atlanta based hard rock band Poynte released their new album "Discreet enemy" in February this year, watch the new video "Hold on" from the new album here:

Edisun headed for a new Collision

On May 26, 2015 Edisun will release their exciting new single "Kill Me With Your Kiss," the first from their new record "Collision" slated for release July 10, 2015. The album is their first new release since 2010, and is their first outing through Factory Underground Records and Sono Recording Group, with world-wide distribution via ILS Group.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Am Strikes release debut single Love is just a way to die

I Am Strikes: a 21-year-old, half Korean, half Italian songwriter and self-taught guitar virtuoso/pianist from Sacramento named Kelly Rosenthal.
Her debut EP ‘Low Standards’ is out June 23rd (self-released) and she’ll be opening for Oh Land throughout the spring.  
Listen to her debut single "Love is just a way to die" here:

Palace of Rock presents December In Red

December In Red is a rock/metal band from Seattle, WA. Since forming in the fall of 2009, they have been expanding their horizons and gaining many fans and friends along the way. The ear catching song structure and broad range of abilities in December In Red's music shows a level of musicianship that sets this band apart from the local scene. 
They are gearing up to head out on the road with (hed) P.E beginning May 22, (hed) P.E´s vocalist Jahred also guests on the track "Hadouken" off of the band´s new album "The way out" out now.
Watch the video "Send me a postcard" here:

Follow The Lion release new EP

Follow the Lion are a Leeds based alternative rock band who formed in 2013, quickly gaining a strong following thanks to their energetic and infectious live sets. The band have played a range of venues across the north west of England and will be hitting the festival scene this summer with appearances already confirmed at Live at Leeds, Tramlines and Long Division.

With influences ranging from Pixies, Massive Attack and Nirvana to The Beatles, Tricky, UNKLE and King Crimson, their debut EP 'The Candy and Gravity Motel' will be out in June.

Start the day with We Are The Big Bang and Smoke

Soul infused indie-pop band, weareTheBigBang, have released a sensational new single, “Smoke” sending you straight to the dance floor to get down. weareTheBigBang’s modern approach to classic rock/soul has quickly made them one of the hottest new bands in the Los Angeles scene. “Smoke” is the band’s first single and title track off their upcoming EP, to be released in June.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tear down the wall with Art of Dying

Modern rockers Art of Dying´s new EP "Rise up" is available now, the band is streaming their new track "Tear down the wall" on Youtube.

A Life Divided unleash new video My apology

German electro rock band A Life Divided has released a new video "My Apology", taken from their latest album "Human". Great band folks.

There is no stopping Young Guns

Over the course of the past few years, the London-based YOUNG GUNS have emerged as one of the UK's most electrifying new bands, garnering heavy radio play and UK chart success, while playing to packed-house crowds all across Europe, including a main stage performance at the Reading Festival, where they tore up the stage as part of a lineup that included Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Guns N' Roses and Modest Mouse.
Their new album "Ones and zeros" will be out on June 8, their new single "Daylight" kicks ass.

Rocknrollers Red Sky Mary release new album River Child in May

British hard rock band Red Sky Mary will release their 4th album "River child" on May 12, for fans of The Answer and Rival Sons.
Listen to the new single "Gone" here:

Phoenix Calling launch debut album today

Phoenix Calling are a 5 piece rock band from Cambridgeshire in the UK. Chris Straw, Producer at Bauer Media Group said of the song taken from their debut album
-This sounds like it could comfortably sit on top of the US Mainstream Rock chart, it’s right on it from the first drum beat. Great hooks and cool breakdowns, reminds me a bit of our old friends Third Eye Blind. Deserves to do well. 

Their debut album "Forget your ghosts" is out today, check out the new video "Wasted life".

The night goes on for days for Koritni

Rising from the ashes of the acclaimed Green Dollar Colour, Koritni was formed in 2006 by Australian singer/songwriter Lex Koritni, since then Koritni has been ascending through the ranks of the international rock scene with an ever-increasing influence. Starting off with a tour in France and Belgium in spring 2006, where they opened for Scorpions, the band established itself in early 2007 with the release of their album Lady Luck. 
Koritni´s new album "Night goes on for days" will be out in May, listen to the new single "Seal the deal" here:

Palace of Rock presents Crashing Broadway

Crashing Broadway is a Rock / Pop band from Tupelo, MS. From a distinct, yet familiar sequence of rhythm and words, comes the muse known as Crashing Broadway: A group of five musicians from completely different musical worlds who have collided to give the world a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s a fist-pumping anthem, heart-wrenching ballad, or all the likes in between, Crashing Broadway are dedicated to giving their fans an exhilarating musical experience, cleverly going “outside the box” and bringing in foreign elements to make them fit into their own genre.
Their debut album "The words crossed out" came out in 2011, followed by a self titled EP in 2013. Watch the official video "Important" here:

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Something brand new from Brand New

Long Island based alternative rock band Brand New have released a new song called "Mene", their latest studio album "Daisy" came out in 2009 so perhaps this is a sign for a new album coming soon?

Breaking Benjamin delivers new single Angels fall

"Dark before dawn" is Breaking Benjamin´s 5th studio album and the first to feature an entirely different line up alongside founder and frontman Benjamin Burnley. The new album is set to be released on June 23, check out the new single "Angels fall" here:

Everybody needs Weezer and salvation

Power pop heroes Weezer released their 9th album "Everything will be alright in the end" in October 2014, but that didn´t stop them from putting out a brand new song called "Everybody needs salvation".

If I Ran The Zoo are sinking deeper

North Dakota based metalcore band If I Ran The Zoo released their debut EP "Edge of the world" in 2013, this month they unleashed their new single "Sinking deeper". Crank it up folks.

Florida rockers Lawless Hearts release new Creatures of habit EP

With Lawless Hearts, innovation is needed more than imitation. Our dream is to not stay in the past with our music but bring forth together our classic and new age appreciation to make something completely our own. Something wholly satisfying with diversity in styles reminiscent of Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, and Tonic. You get an eclectic and awesome sound. 
Lawless Hearts new EP "Creatures of habit" is out now, listen to the title track here:

Come in to the world of Children 18:3 and new single Bethlehem

Tooth and Nail artists Children 18:3 have released their new album "Come In" worldwide! Stream the new single "Bethlehem" here:

Birds of Tokyo delivers new Anchor EP

During 2014 Birds of Tokyo based themselves in America; taking their music overseas for the first time. In between all the U.S. gigs and interviews they wrote and recorded four songs. Four songs about being a long way from home. Four songs about perspective being gained from distance. Four songs about trying to find connection in a strange new world.

Now those four songs are being released on a standalone EP called Anchor. Out April 24th.

Exclusive free download of new Mew EP

To celebrate the release of their long-awaited new album “+-" (plus, minus), revered Danish art-rockers Mew are offering NoiseTrade fans an exclusive glimpse into the epic, soaring qualities and exquisite songwriting of the new recording. There are two very different versions of key album tracks - “Satellites” and “Water Slides” - radio edits of the full-on album versions and stripped-back acoustic versions that illustrate the songcraft inherent in these beautiful compositions.

Royal Psalms streams debut EP I could have been anything

Royal Psalms is made up of former Daytrader guitarist Gary Cioni, Crime In Stereo bassist Eric Fairchild, Aficianado vocalist Nick Warchol and drummer Joseph Ruotolo.
Their Rise Records debut "I could have been anything" is out now, stream the EP here:

Richy Nix release first single Senseless from upcoming album Fearless

"Senseless," the debut FIXT single from Richy Nix, is an all-out cross-genre explosion from the Detriot-area based artist. With mixing from Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada) and programming from Celldweller, the song spits fast verses and contains addictive choruses. "Senseless" is the first track to be released off of Nix' upcoming FiXT debut LP, "Fearless".

Solence are here to pump more life

Solence are a new rock/metal band from Sweden, their metal cover of "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons reached 500,000 views on Youtube. Now the band has released their first original single "Pump more life". Play it loud.

Architects of Chaoz featuring Paul Di´Anno delivers new album The League of Shadows

Architects of Chaoz are a new Heavy Metal Band with Paul Di’Anno and his longtime german touring-band The Phantomz. Their new album "The League of shadows" will be out May 29th on Metalville Records, listen to their new single "How many times" here:

Embrace The Darkness and their open fire

The Darkness are about to launch their new album Last of Our Kind on June 1st 2015. Check out the new single "Open fire" here:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Killwave carrying the flag of industrial rock

Killwave call to mind such musical luminaries as Joy Division, The Horrors, Gary Numan and TV on the Radio but they are not imitators of any of these. The band brings something all their own to these influences. Despite these comparisons you may hear other analogs in the music--a hint of darkwave, a dash of Brit pop and being from Chicago certainly a smidgen of industrial rock.
Killwave´s new album "Death by distortion" drops on May 5th, listen to the new single "Shake" here:


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Top 10 artists - Japan

I can´t say that I´m the biggest expert when it comes to rock music from Japan, although I did listen to some 80´s heavy metal bands from the east and enjoy some of the new alternative hard rock bands.
But I´m like a total vacuum to the J-pop scene, however that didn´t stop me from listing the top 10 artists from the land of Budokan and TDK cassette tapes.

Top 10 artists of Japan
1.Bow Wow (Vow Wow)
6.One Ok Rock
10.Ryo Okumoto

Other cool artists to check out from this country:
SiM, Crossfaith, Lazy, Oceanlane, Nano, Akira Takasaki.

Alexa Melo announce new single and debut album

Alexa Melo shares “Still Right Here” from upcoming new album Alexa Melo, available June 2nd.
Alexa certainly lives up to that sentiment on the new album. Working with producer Christian James Hand (The Mowgli’s), she’s crafted an exquisite collection of compositions spanning the emotional spectrum.


Queen singer Adam Lambert delivers new album The original high

"The Original High" is the upcoming 3rd album from American artist Adam Lambert, set to be released on June 12 by Warner Bros Records.
Listen to the first single "Ghost town" here:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Panic! at the Disco release new single Hallelujah

Las Vegas based Panic! at the disco are working on their 5th studio album and surprisingly released the brand new single "Hallelujah" this week.

Former One Republic Member Tim Myers Announces New Project‏

Get to know The Unknown, an impressive alternative band fronted by multi-instrumentalist and former One Republic member, Tim Myers.
The Unknown is gearing up for the release of it’s debut album, Album One which effortlessly combines modern-alt swagger (Cage The Elephant, Black Keys) and 60s mod rock (Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors). The album will be available to the public on April 28.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Future stars JUNIORS release new EP Barcelona

JUNIORS are an Indie Pop quartet formed in Leicester. Technically adept, they're capable of producing both furiously urgent and hypnotically dreamy Indie Rock featuring distorted guitars, complex melodies, uplifting vocals and pounding drums.Dubbed by the BBC as 'Future Stars', new single 'Elusion', taken from their new EP 'Barcelona' is set to raise the band's profile even higher throughout 2015.  

Indie rockers Frazer set to release debut single Two hands in May

Frazer, a five piece Alt-Rock band from Sheffield, are Ashley Clarke on vocals, Harvey Fletcher on guitar, Andrew Battey on bass, Alex Owen on drums and Matt Marsh on guitar. The band, who formed in 2011, have spent the last four years writing, recording and building an army of fans through their electric live performances

Frazer's storming debut single 'Two Hands' references the sounds of Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and The Black Keys and will be launched at a highly anticipated gig at The Plug in Sheffield on 22nd May.
Listen to the demo "Better left unsaid" here:

Blood Youth announce debut EP

In October of 2014, Lincoln based melodic hardcore band Climates faced a dramatic fork in the road. On the one hand, their debut album Body Clocks had finally been released following almost a year of delays, and on the other hand, the band was at a creative checkmate with frontman Wes Thompson, their visions for the band’s musical future totally divided.
The quintet are now ready to reveal their debut offering, the ‘Inside My Head’ E.P, which will see release June 22nd in partnership with label Rude Records (home of Zebrahead, Emery, Knuckle Puck, American Hi-Fi, Set It Off, amongst others).
Check out the current single "Cold sweat" here:

The new self titled album from Northern Faces available today

New York based indie rock band Northern Faces´s debut album comes out today on Equal Vision Records, stream the first single "Cops come" here:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fourplay : Abandon Kansas , Cento , 10 Years , Longreef

Abandon Kansas - Alligator (2015) Band on the run to fame
The 3rd full length from Abandon Kansas is their most experimental work so far, they still deliver piano driven alternative rock of the two first albums but "Alligator" has more depth.
I think the psychedelic vibes suits the band and it´s not that much really but enough to keep the music away from the mainstream lane.
It feels like singer Jeremy Spring and Co has taken more time to work on the songstructures and arrangements for their new album, there is something interesting in each and every song on "Alligator" so it´s really easy to pick this one as the album of the week.
Highly recommended if you like MuteMath, The Wrecking, Hidden Hospitals.

Cento - The wrong side of the ocean (2015) Expect the unexpected
The Italian band Cento formed in 2009 as Blue Popsicle but unleash their new album "The wrong side of the ocean" under their new name, they´ve got quite a unique sound like a mix of Britpop, new wave and popular rock.
The singer Filippo Santini´s voice bring thoughts to Adam Ant which is really cool, the music however can be described as Suede meets The Sounds with a touch of Dutch band Kane.
It´s a solid album where the songs "Saturated images on the paper" and "River" stand out as something extra, of course you need a little Cento in your life.

10 Years - From birth to burial (2015) In the champions league of alternative metal
Knoxville´s pride, 10 years, decided to leave their testament to the after world and gosh! the way they did it. Their new album "From birth to burial" sounds like a planet, the production is enormous and every song feels like the Russian legendary wrestler Karelin coming at ya.
This is 10 Years own "Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band" or if you prefer "Black album", this is the real deal my dear friends.
They´ve been out on a musical adventure on their previous albums but I want you to please welcome home, 10 fxxking years! Talk about a home run.

Longreef - Battle plan (2015) Something for everyone
Longreef are a bunch of Aussie rockers that has relocated in America, they have released 2 EP´s and one full length album where the entire "Dirty motel" EP (2012) is included here along with the track "Lonely" taken from their first EP (2011) and 6 brand new songs.
The band collaborated with Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon) and Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down) on this album so by now you should know what to expect. Well, we´re talking Aussie rock and radio oriented modern rock in the same vein as Juke Kartel, The Calling and 3 Doors Down.
If you prefer rock that topped the charts back in 2002, "Battle plan" is for you.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunset Sons share their medicine

Australian indie rock band Sunset Sons recently released their new "The Fall" EP on iTunes, the band is currently on tour in the U.K. Watch the new video "Medicine" here:

New York City trio theSHIFT release debut EP 7th Direction

theSHIFT is a phenomenon. John Shannon, MJ Lambert and Ben Geis — three of the most vital, highly sought-after musicians in New York City and the world-over — have put aside their roles as hired guns for some of the biggest names in the music business to gamble it all on one band… and they’re doing it because theSHIFT is about something much bigger.
theSHIFT`s debut EP "7th direction" is out now, stream the first single "Kobra" here: