Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fourplay : Cherie Currie , Special Providence , Whitesnake , Mew

Cherie Currie - Reverie (2015) The return of the cherry bomb
Is 35 years a long wait for a Cherie Currie fan? Well, it definitely feels like eon´s since her latest solo album "Messin´ with the boys" came out. Her new solo album "Reverie" has been completed and ready for launch for some time now but wasn´t released until recently.
It´s not like Cherie Currie has been away from the music scene, she´s been performing rock steady through the years because the fans can´t get enough of the old Runaways hits.
Sadly, there won´t be a Runaways reunion as she and many fans hoped. My only guess is that Joan Jett was the one who turned it down.
So we just have to settle with Cherie´s new album "Reverie" and this record won´t rain on your parade, first I thought it was a bit uneven but the album grows.
She recorded it with her son Jake Hays and the iconic producer/songwriter Kim Fowley who passed away earlier this year. We get new versions of the Runaways songs "Is it day or night" and "American nights" but also new fresh songs like the beautiful "Believe" and "Queen of the asphalt jungle" that sounds like an unreleased song from "Queens of noise".
I loved her voice back in 1975 and I still do.

Special Providence - Essence of change (2015) Progjazzmetal extravaganza
Back in the 70´s, instrumental bands had their peak so who could´ve thought there is a still a market for instrumental rock music in 2015?
But there are several bands hanging on in this genre today like Karma To Burn, Arcade Messiah, Mahogany Head Grenade, Russian Circles and Special Providence from Hungary.
Their 4th album "Essence of change" contains a wonderful blend of jazzrock and progressive metal where the music lean more to the fusion side, we´re talking pro-musicianship here in the same fine league as Mahavishnu Orchestra and Dream Theater.
In this day and age of DJ remixes and computerized music, bands like Special Providence are heaven sent. I take off my hat and bow.

Whitesnake - The Purple Album (2015) The aftermath of a lost DP reunion
When Jon Lord was still alive, there was talk about a Deep Purple Mk.3 reunion with David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore involved.
Then Jon Lord sadly passed away in 2012 but Coverdale and Blackmore continued to talk about plans of a tribute tour to Lord, however negotiations fell apart because they couldn´t agree since their ideas of a possible reunion didn´t quite match.
With Coverdale listening through the Mk.3 and MK.4 albums, he couldn´t leave it alone and decided to go forward with new renditions of Purple classics on the new Whitesnake album.
Backing him up are Reb Beach - Guitars, Joel Hoekstra - Guitars, Tommy Aldridge - Drums and Michael Devin - Bass.
Soundwise, this is Whitesnake´s 1987 version of the Purple covers. If that feels like an appetizer, you should dig in deep into songs like "Burn", "Stormbringer", "Mistreated", "Might just take your life", "You keep on moving", "Lay down stay down", "Soldier of fortune" etc.
If you ask me, I will go for the originals over this any day of the week.

Mew - + - (2015) Denmark´s finest opens the door again to the hall of genuineness
Welcome to the universe of Mew, this eminent artrock band from our neighbor country where the landsmen are proud of the Carlsberg beer, Lego and Kim Larsen.
Fans of this band have learned to be patient between album releases, it took 4 years between "And the glass handed kites" (2005) and "No more stories" (2009) and now as long as 6 years for their 6th studio album to come out.
But it´s worth the wait because the music is stellar as always, I support this band and buy my Mew CD´s so they can continue to deliver brilliant albums.
Don´t call yourself a fan if you don´t purchase either the digital album or the physical thing like Vinyl or a CD, I get so tired of hearing about people only listening to Spotify all the time.
Artists can´t earn a living from only Spotify, be a real fan instead!

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