Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lawson heading out on the roads

Lawson are Andy Brown, Adam Pitts, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher. Their gold-selling debut album, Chapman Square was released in 2012. The band are currently working on their second album.
Listen to the first single "Roads" and the b-side "Up in flames" here:

Fourplay : Mindslip , Max Pie , Midrone , Daniel Johns

Mindslip - Mindslip (2015) Happy hours at the corporate rock machine
Jacksonville, Florida is the hometown for modern rock group Mindslip, they debuted with "Perpetual burning" in 2008 that was followed by "Rising up" in 2010, now their 3rd self titled album is out and I come to think of how a jukebox would´ve looked like during the millenium.
Back in the 50´s and 60´s, people sat in cafe´s and listened to Bill Haley, Elvis and The Beatles. The rocknroll of yesterday.
If you could pick a song on a Jukebox a decade ago, the artists to choose from would probably be Nickelback, Linkin Park, Hoobastank and Creed.
Mindslip easily fit in very well with their mainstream active rock even though 15 years has passed since this genre conquered the charts.
Favorite songs are "Carry on" and "Cover your eyes".
For fans of Burn Season, Marion Crane, Bulletproof Messenger

Max Pie - Odd memories (2015) So you want to blow your own trumpet
Founded in 2005, originally playing classic hard rock in the same vein as Deep Purple and Whitesnake. Max Pie gradually evolved into the progressive heavy metal band they are today.
This band from Belgium has released two albums, "Initial process" (2011) and "Eight pieces one world" (2013) with the 3rd album "Odd memories" coming out this summer.
Max Pie combine the symphonic metal of Kamelot with the melodic power metal of Avantasia, and even traces of progressive metal a la Circus Maximus.
They´re great musicians but the singer feels rather misplaced here, his voice ain´t my cup of tea at all.
Thumbs up for the top notch production from Simone Mularoni (DMG), I love when you can seperate the instruments from eachother. But just like a Hollywood movie, it´s not all about special effects, you need a good story too and I feel the story´s missing here.
They are hardly the Elvis of prog, more like it they are Pixar of metal.

Midrone - Storm over (2015) A touch of tranquility
The Spanish artist Paul J.No is a creative songwriter/producer who puts out a new record each year, the music is still slightly progressive on the new album "Storm over" but there´s less synthpop flavored tunes and more softer than "My kingdom" from 2014.
His fragile voice would be all wrong in a hardrock band but it suits his mellow songs, the music is far better than the album cover that looks homemade.
If you put Erasure, Supertramp and Camel in a blender, out comes "Storm over". It´s a solid piece of work but I prefer his previous album "My kingdom".

Daniel Johns - Talk (2015) Bittersweet, amazing and utterly gooey
 I´m not sure why I decided to listen to Daniel Johns solo album "Talk" when I really didn´t like his "Aerial love" EP earlier this spring, must be because I love his work with Silverchair and The Dissociatives so much that I believed something´s gotta be good on his debut solo.
2 songs are included from the "Aerial love" EP, the title track and "Preach", plus the album also feature the new single "Cool on fire" which goes in the same direction as the EP tracks.
"Talk" is an uneven affair but there are some great songs on it, not everything is R&B syrup.
Especially "By your side" that bring thoughts to The Dissociatives" is wonderful and also the synthpop heaven of "Dissolve", amazing vocals from Johns here.
Another song worth pointing out is the Freddie Mercury-like "New York", if the album would´ve sounded like these 3 songs it would´ve been stellar.
But then there´s the Kanye West unnecessary.

Staring Out The Sun´s Break the silence for free

The British rock band Staring Out The Sun´s latest EP "Break the silence" is available as free download.

Exilia announce new single Bliss

From the classic fashion city of Milan (I) comes the most exciting female fronted export “EXILIA”.
Exilia Hit the metal charts a few years ago with their debut album 'Unleashed', and it changed people's perception of what it means to be a female metal singer.
A combination of aggressive riffs, hard pounding drums, crisp bass guitars and powerful lyrics and singing style, sent shivers through even the most 'hard to please' audiences.

Exilia´s new single "Bliss" is available on June 5th, check out a teaser here:

Dance the Canadian way with Smashing Satellites new single Us

Toronto based electro pop band Smashing Satellites will release their debut full length "SonicAluzion" on June 16, check out the new single "Us" here:

I Divide launch new video 27 down

This band prove that hard work and persistence goes along way, producing track after track of sheer quality and sing along choruses that instantly hook any listener from the get go. With the release of the new music video and live tracks, you will need to be sharp and on the ball to keep up with these guys and their melodic anthems. With the industry snapping up exclusives left right and centre, everyone wants a piece of I Divide. 
Watch I Divide´s new video "27 down" from their debut album "Last one standing" here:

Time for some literate rock from The Old Ceremony

After six highly acclaimed albums and ten years of touring the US, Canada, and Europe, the Durham/Chapel Hill, NC band has built a large and loyal following. The Old Ceremony has performed with lots of well-known bands. Rock critics have written about them in their publications. TOC's newest album, "Sprinter", will be out July 10.
The new single "Fall guy" features former R.E.M member Mike Mills on bass.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anthem For Today will raise it up again

With a pop/rock sound, Anthem For Today desires to be a group of “rock worshippers” armed and ready to show that Christians are the ones who really have something to party about.
Their new single "Raise it up" is out now, listen here:

Verlaine delivers new exciting single Washington

Verlaine is an alternative christian rock band featuring members of Forever Changed, The Myriad, Drypoint and Twothirtyeight. Check out their new single "Washington" here:

Idlehands debut full length Dena Mora out now

San Diego, CA’s Idlehands has signed to Headphone Music, an Equal Vision Records imprint. The experimental indie-rock quintet is comprised of Johnny O’Hagan (vocals), Michael Brekka (guitar), Seancarlo Ohlin (guitar), Phil Di Raffaele (drums), and Isaac White (bass).
Their debut album "Dena Mora" is available now, listen to the album track "Floor of tradition" here:

George Lynch release 2 cd set Shadow Train in July

Legendary guitarist George Lynch s long awaited Shadow Train project finally comes to light in this all new 18 track deluxe edition two CD set! George s stellar guitar work, along with vocalist Gregg Analla, bassist Gabe Rosales, keyboardist Donnie Dickman and drummer Jimmy D'Anda, create honest, soulful and meaningful rock, blues and hard rock based music, that makes this release a must have for all GL fans! Songs on this disc are also featured in George s forthcoming movie  Shadow Nation , a thought provoking documentary that explores the trials and tribulations that face Native American Indians in our world today.
"Shadow train" will be released on July 17 on Rat Pak Records.

Truancy The Very Best of Pete Townshend out in June

Truancy, The Very Best of Pete Townshend was remastered at Abbey Road Studios, features new liner notes, an introduction to the two new songs "Guantamo" and "How can I help" by Townshend and highlights from nine key Townshend albums including the singles - 'Rough Boys,' 'Let My Love Open The Door,' 'Face Dances (Pt. 2),' 'English Boy' and 'Face The Face.'
Release date : June 30.
The only song missing in my world is "Life to life" from the Playing For Keeps Soundtrack so here it is for your listening pleasure.

John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John set to release live album

Sony Music Entertainment Australia is proud to announce the new live album from John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John,  TWO STRONG HEARTS LIVE, set for release on Friday June 26th. The album is available to pre order now.

Together, Farnham and Newton-John’s voices are bound up in the collective DNA of Australian music lovers. Recorded in Melbourne with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, the twenty-one track album features fifteen duets with two of Australia’s most iconic singers.

With a 60-piece orchestra behind them, Farnham and Newton-John recently sold out houses around the country. With Chong Lim leading the orchestra, alongside Farnham’s core band and singers, audiences were treated to a thrilling series of gigs that saw each artist dig into their own personal songbook with stunning results.

Today, in 2015, Farnham and Newton-John remain our ‘King and Queen of Pop. Both are national treasures and, together on stage, theyve got a helluva set list between them. 
2.Two strong hearts
3.Let me be there
5.I honestly love you
6.Tenterfield saddler
7.No one comes close
8.Love to shine
10.Dare to dream
11.Somewhere over the rainbow
12.Burn for you
13.Hit the road Jack
14.Summer nights
15.Hearts on fire
16.If not for you
17.Everytime you cry
19.You´re the voice
20.It´s a long way to the top 

Madam Adam to release new single Please don´t on June 2

American rock band Madam Adam released their self titled debut album in 2011 featuring the single "Sex ain´t love", on June 2nd they will release their new single "Please don´t" which is taken from the upcoming 2nd album "Rite of passage".
Stay tuned!

New progmetal project Augmented Reality Project to be unleashed in 2015

Augmented Reality Project is a new progmetal band featuring the talented Yoav Efron of Distorted Harmony on Keyboards, Dori Chee - Vocals, Alon Tamir - Guitars and Yogev Gabay - Drums.
They are currently working on an album for a release later in 2015, you can listen to the demo "Gone" here:

Violet Days preparing new EP and release new single So Dope

VIOLET DAYS - a Swedish band based in Stockholm, consisting of Lina Hansson, Fredrik Häggstam, Kristoffer Eriksson and Fredric Johansson. The band met just after moving to Stockholm from different small towns in Sweden, forming the band in late 2010. Lina´s been back and forth to London, LA and Stockholm to write with different people, to finally come back with a bunch of new promising material and to form the sound with the band that will start off as a self-produced EP coming out soon.
The sound could be described as modern Pop /Rock mixed with an arena/indie twist.

Listen to the new single "So dope" here:

Friday, May 29, 2015

Muse release new song Reapers from Drones

The magnificent Muse has released yet another fab song "Reapers" from their new album "Drones".
This band just keeps getting better and better.

Kurt Travis of A Lot Like Birds announces tour

Kurt Travis  (A Lot Like Birds / Dance Gavin Dance) is heading out on tour in support of his latest solo effort  Everything is Beautiful which was released on Blue Swan Records last Fall. Along with him will be label-mate Adventurer as well as In Angles. Travis adds, “Im stoked to be touring with bands that I love and manage, and I will be starting a record label. More on that soon.” The tour will kick off on July 2nd. Be sure to check them out in a city near you!

Tour Dates:
7/2 Kent, OH @ The Outpost*
7/3 Toledo, OH @ Iggy’s
7/4 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
7/5 Rochester, NY @ Harmony House
7/6 Albany, NY @ The Lowbeat
7/7 Providence, RI @ Simons 677
7/8 Nanuek, NY @ Nyack Arcade
7/9 Clifton, NY @ Dingbatz
7/10 Lemoyne, PA @ The Champ
7/11 Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA *
7/12 Utica, MI @ Hatchy’s *
* = No In Angles

The Grape and The Grain release acoustic At Home EP

THE GRAPE AND THE GRAIN began in 2012 as a solo project for Daniel Grimsland (bassist for Woodstock, NY’s progressive rock band ’3′). Seeking to challenge himself, Grimsland wrote, produced and performed the entirety of his debut album “Better Keep Digging”. Shortly after its release, he recognized a need for musicians and collaborators in order to advance. He called on longtime friends, Jacob Kolbinski (Guitar) and Josiah Smith (Bass) both members of Ghost Among The Dead, The Ricochet, and The Ciggs and David Kolbinski (Drums) of The Daydreamers, to join him in his project. Steven Markota (multi-instrumentalist) of Nightmares For A Week later joined in support. The Grape And the Grain has quickly grown from a “side-project” band to it’s own rock-solid establishment with a core following.
In 2015 Jacob and David parted ways with the band to pursue other interests, and the band reformed with Steven Markota (Drums), Daniel Marc (Guitar), and Mo Kelly (Bass).

Frantic Sunday are the future

New wave rockers Frantic Sunday has released their first single "We´re the future", from their upcoming 2nd album due out this fall.

Well Hung Heart post new single Throw it all away

California based rock band Well Hung Heart posted their new single "Throw it all away" on Soundcloud, it´s taken from their upcoming EP.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hurts delivers new single Some kind of heaven

Synthpop act Hurts has released their new single "Some kind of heaven" on iTunes, listen here:

Melodic rockers Station release new video With me tonight

STATION is one of the hottest new bands to come out of New York City. A high voltage stage show with electrifying melodies make STATION an unforgettable experience.
Their self titled new album is out now, watch the official video "With me tonight" here:

The Relapse Symphony announce new album Born to burn

Washington based rock/metal band The Relapse Symphony will release their new album "Born to burn" on June 23rd, check out the new single "A perfect lie" here:

Asking Alexandria won´t give in

British metalcore band Asking Alexandria has released a new single "I won´t give in" featuring their new lead singer Denis Stoff.

Fourplay : Trixter , House of Lords , Asia , Degreed

Trixter - Human era (2015) Better dust off those spandex pants because it´s party time
Back in the early 90´s, the American hard rock band Trixter released two albums in the aftermath of 80´s hairmetal that was fading away when grunge exploded in 1991.
The band returned with the comeback album "New audio machine" in 2012 and a sound that combined 80´s hard rock with a more modern flavored powerpop.
It´s the same with their 4th album "Human era" where some songs lean more towards bands like Firehouse and Danger Danger while other tracks goes hand in hand soundwise with 40 Ft Ringo and Waltham.
I can´t say I was that impressed by their previous album "New audio machine" because I´m more of a fan of guitarist Steve Brown and bassist P.J Farley´s band 40 Ft Ringo, but the songs on the new album are much better like "Every second counts", "Not like all the rest" and "Midnight in your eyes".
This band is headed in the right direction.

House of Lords - Indestructible (2015) James Christian on top of his game
Already a new album from James Christian and his House of Lords! It´s almost like the 70´s when we got 1-2 albums per year from our favorite bands.
Their previous album "Precious metal" from last year truly knocked me out with the big choruses and massive riffs, it´s up there with the classic HOL albums.
And it seems like the band has no intentions of getting down from that plateau either, because their 10th album "Indestructible" is super!
If James decides to step down from the music scene now, he does it like a winner.
Songs like "100 mph", "Pillar of salt", "Go to hell" and "Indestructible" all belong on a Best of compilation with this band. If you´re a fan of melodic hard rock and don´t like this, you´re either have become deaf or have a gun to your head threatening you.

Asia - Axis XX X Live in San Fransisco (2015) When Asia goes to America on a continental drift
The new live album from Asia is recorded Nov 7th, 2012 in support of the "XXX" album and it´s also one of the last shows of the original line up Geoff Downes, Carl Palmer, John Wetton and Steve Howe. Guitarist Howe retired from the band to focus on Yes and he was replaced by Sam Coulson.
The setlist features songs from their first two albums and selected songs from the reunion albums, it will be released on DVD and as a 2 CD set.
This one is much better than "High Voltage Live" (2014) from their 2010 tour, some tracks that stand out are "Ride easy" which was only released as a b-side to the "Heat of the moment" single and Steve Howe´s acoustic pieces "Pyramidology" and "Golden mean".
A stripped down version of "Don´t cry" is another highlight along with the newer tracks "Face on the bridge" and "Tomorrow the world".
I can´t say I´m too impressed with Carl Palmer´s drumming these times, he´s a shadow of the magnificent drummer he used to be.

Degreed - Dead but not forgotten (2015) You can´t keep a good band down
Robin Ericsson - Vocals/Bass, Daniel Johansson - Guitar, Mikael Jansson - Keyboards and Mats Ericsson - Drums are no famous names to the world but as Degreed, plenty of melodic rock fans know their two first albums "Life, love, loss"(2010) and "We don´t belong" (2013).
They wrote 17 songs for the new album and put 14 tracks on it, "Dead but not forgotten" is a mighty fine album in the hard rock/AOR genre.
I´ve been listening to it all week and I don´t see how I`m going to get tired of hearing songs like "The scam", "Kill your darlings" or the other 12 for that matter.
This is great music that shouts out longevity.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Matt Nathanson give you gold in the summertime

"Gold in the summertime" is the first single from Matt Nathanson´s upcoming album, a new direction for Matt where the song takes you back to 70´s soul.

Post Paradise´s new single is refreshingly out of the ordinary

Fusing their unique sound from several different genres and sources of inspiration, Post Paradise delivers an alternative, indie-rock sound that is distinct and memorable. With the classical flair of Amy Morgan’s work on the cello and Nick Duarte’s signature vocals and edgy riffs, the two become the cornerstone of the quartet, further enhanced by Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Chris Santolla on bass guitar. Together, the foursome creates a fresh and unique sound that is unparalleled.
With two full-length albums and one EP release under their belt, Post Paradise is currently wrapping up a new EP set to release in the fall of 2015. 
Post Paradise´s new single "Ordinary" is now available on iTunes at:

Pop Evil announce new album Up

Alternative hard rock band Pop Evil will release their new album "Up" on Aug 21st, the first single "Footsteps" will be out June 1st.
The deluxe edition of their latest album "Onyx" is available now.

Billy Idol release new video Save me

Billy Idol has released a new video "Save me", from his latest studio album "Kings and queens of the underground".

Aranda unleash new album artwork

Modern rockers Aranda will release their new album "Not the same" on June 30, listen to a snippet of the new track "Dead man runnin´" here:

Our Last Night announce new album Younger dreams

Our Last Night´s new album "Younger dreams" will be out on iTunes June 16th, watch the official video "A world divided" here:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Century delivers 3rd album Soul sucker in June

This Century has most notably seen a large rise in popularity in Southeast Asia, where their songs “Sound of Fire”, “Everywhere, Everything”, "Bleach Blonde" and "Skeletons" have all reached #1 on top 40 radio formats and continue to receive consistent radio attention. Now preparing for the June 2nd release of their third album, This Century's success continues with the album's lead single and title track "Soul Sucker" currently sitting at #6. Plans for 2015 will include a run of international dates in support of the new album and their recent success.
Listen to the title track and debut single from This Century´s new album "Soul sucker" here:

Arcadia set to release their madness on new album Adhorrible and deathlicious

Italian bastardcore band Arcadia´s new album "Adhorrible and deathlicious" is out today, check out the first single "Today we fight" here:

Story Magnetic ready to unleash modern rock euphoria

Bursting on to the music scene with life and conviction, Story Magnetic is primed and ready to carve out their place among the best of the best. When it comes to the music industry, the boys of Story Magnetic are no stranger to working with some of the best in the biz from their prior groups on Universal and Victory Records. 
Story Magnetic features members of Star City Meltdown and Throwing Gravity, the band has recorded an EP for a release in 2015. Listen to the first single "Head in the clouds" here:

Foreverlin returns with Still After

Wyoming based Christian Alternative Rock band Foreverlin formed in 2012. Since that time, they have released two recording projects including an EP and a full length entitled “Long Lost”. The title track from the album gave the band their first national radio single, which charted on the Billboard charts for five weeks.

Pando Records will release the bands forthcoming album titled “Still After” on May 19th both physically and digitally. Still After features eleven handcrafted, heartfelt songs that pushed the band not only musically, but also spiritually. 

Watch the video "Broken lines" from the new album here:

Rob Thomas release new single Trust you

Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas is back with a new single "Trust you", co-written by Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic). The song is taken from Rob´s upcoming solo album "The great unknown".
Listen here:

Mallory Knox launch new video Heart and desire

The deluxe edition of Mallory Knox´s 2014 album "Asymmetry" will be out June 16th, the band has also released a new video "Heart and desire".

Monday, May 25, 2015

The world of rocknroll memoirs

So you´re wondering what book to read then.
In the world of rocknroll memoirs, there are quite a few autobiographies to check out.....if you´re into the lives of rockstars that is.

Ace Frehley - No regrets
Anthony Kiedis - Scar tissue
Cherie Currie -Neon angel
David Lee Roth - Crazy from the heat
Steven Tyler - Does the noise in my head bother you
Eric Clapton - The autobiography
Jim Peterik - Through the eye of the tiger
Ann and Nancy Wilson - Kicking and dreaming, a story of heart, soul and rocknroll
Rick Springfield - Late late at night
High Cornwell - A multitude of sins

John Lydon - Anger is an energy
Keith Richards - Life
Marilyn Manson - The long hard road out of hell
Nikki Sixx - The heroin diaries
Nina Hagen - Confessions
Ozzy - I am Ozzy
Pat Benatar - Between a heart and a rock place
Bob Daisley - For facts sake
Motley Crue - The dirt
Michael Bolton - The soul of it all

Tony Iommi - Iron man
Slash - Slash
Peter Criss - Makeup to breakup
Pete Townshend - Who I am
Sammy Hagar - Red
Don Powell - Look wot I dun, my life in Slade
Paul Stanley - Face the music
Duff McKagan - How to be a man
Grace Slick - Somebody to love
Nick Mason - Inside out, a personal history of Pink Floyd

Sting - Broken music
Warren Zevon - I´ll sleep when I´m dead
Ted Nugent - God, guns and rocknroll
Lemmy - White line fever
Joe Perry - Rocks, my life in and out of Aerosmith
Kee Marcello - Rockstjärnan som gud glömde
Gene Simmons - Kiss and make up
Glenn Hughes - The autobiography
Ian Gillan - The autobiography
Butch Walker - Drinking with strangers

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New edition of Carpark North´s Phoenix out now

Sony Music has released a new edition of Carpark North´s 2014 album "Phoenix" with 5 different tracks, featuring the tracks "Burn it" and "Everything starts again" from the 2010 Best days album and the 3 new songs "Home of heartache", "We hold the stars" and "This is goodbye".
Listen on Spotify.

I The Mighty with friends featuring Max Bemis

San Fransisco based I The Mighty´s sophomore album "Connector" will be out June 2nd, check out their new single "Friends" featuring Max Bemis of Say Anything.

The Knowing are fighting for the earth

HAUNTED BY ME was written from the perspective of Mother Earth. It boldly addressing the negative impact mankind has recklessly reeked on her. It is a chilling reminder of the catastrophic price the human race will pay if we don’t stand together against negligent governments and avaricious, ruthless global corporations, which have neither respect nor concern for our planet or its future generations.
The Knowing are an alternative hard rock band from Sydney, Australia.

Maiara streams new EP Rise

MAIARA, born Maria Janice Galvez, has been singing most of her life. Born and raised in The Philippines, where “musicians are everywhere” she had her first professional band experience at age 17 and hasn’t looked back since. Her love of music took her from Taytay, just outside Manila, to China, pursuing her dream which also introduced her to different musical cultures.
Taking a sharp turn from Francophone ballads, English and Tagalog covers, MAIARA is drawing from her passion of expressing music in her new album RISE, to be released in April of 2015.
Stream the EP here:

Go all the way with Madus

MADUS, formerly known as Tangent Transmission, is ready to hit the music scene with a new sound and more ambition than ever! For listeners of Muse, Jeff Buckley, and Incubus, while still keeping it dark, fun, and funky fresh. Their debut EP "All the way" is available on iTunes now, watch the official video "All the way" here:

Finders launch new video Weightless

Emerging towards the end of 2012, Finders quickly established a strong fan base with a blend of melodic riffs, catchy vocals and heavy-hitting breakdowns.

Accomplishing unbelievable amounts within a year of inception, Finders have been going strength to strength within Perth. Having supported the likes of Dream On, Dreamer, The Plot In You, Being As An Ocean, Attila, Cartel & Adept, it goes to show that their brand of energetic and melodic Post-Hardcore can suit a multitude of audiences.
October 2013 unveiled the release of “BRIGHT//SIDE”, the first official release from the band - a 6-track EP. On May 21st, 2015 Finders delivers their brand new single "Weightless".