Wednesday, May 13, 2015

City of Souls featuring members of Blindspott, Blacklistt and Solstate

It is a word that Auckland six piece City of Souls were bound to deal with from their inception. Boasting members from bands that have etched their mark on the local and international hard rock and metal scene such as Blindspott, Blacklistt, 8 Foot Sativa, New Way Home, Cold By Winter, In Dread Response and Solstate, City of Souls was set to stir some interest, and stir they have.
With the band’s debut album titled ‘Synaesthesia’ due for completion by October, the music video for Sleep to release in May, and a series of live shows planned for 2015, City Of Souls now embark on a new musical journey. An exciting chapter for the musicians involved, all of them eager to see their collective influences and experience bring something special to fruition.  

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