Friday, May 22, 2015

Drawcard are the future

After a wildly successful 2014, the party-boys from the Sunshine Coast are back with the filmclip to their heaps-catchy, rock anthem 'We Are the Future' and have a bumper tour to announce - the 'Goons Gone Wild' Tour, which takes them from the most northern environs of Queensland to the southern-most Melbournian shows.
2014 saw them release their EP 'Goons LTD', tour the single and filmclip 'Kids' and the EP, as well as support bands such as Dead Kennedys, The Bennies, Young Lions and more and this year has kicked off in similar fashion - supports for The Matches and Bam Margera's FuckFace Unstoppable, a spot at Big Pineapple Music Festival alongside Violent Soho, Jebediah and more and now this epic tour.


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