Friday, May 29, 2015

The Grape and The Grain release acoustic At Home EP

THE GRAPE AND THE GRAIN began in 2012 as a solo project for Daniel Grimsland (bassist for Woodstock, NY’s progressive rock band ’3′). Seeking to challenge himself, Grimsland wrote, produced and performed the entirety of his debut album “Better Keep Digging”. Shortly after its release, he recognized a need for musicians and collaborators in order to advance. He called on longtime friends, Jacob Kolbinski (Guitar) and Josiah Smith (Bass) both members of Ghost Among The Dead, The Ricochet, and The Ciggs and David Kolbinski (Drums) of The Daydreamers, to join him in his project. Steven Markota (multi-instrumentalist) of Nightmares For A Week later joined in support. The Grape And the Grain has quickly grown from a “side-project” band to it’s own rock-solid establishment with a core following.
In 2015 Jacob and David parted ways with the band to pursue other interests, and the band reformed with Steven Markota (Drums), Daniel Marc (Guitar), and Mo Kelly (Bass).

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