Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Conquer Divide to release new album in July

Post hardcore act Conquer Divide´s new self titled album will be out July 24, the all female band has dropped their new single "Sink your teeth into this".

Fred Abbott and his adrenaline shot

Fred Abbott is a London-based musician best known as lead guitarist and keyboard player in Noah And The Whale. Over the last year Fred has recorded his solo album SERIOUS POKE, backed by members of Noah And The Whale and other friends, that will be out later this year. The album was co-produced by Fred and Martin Hollis and recorded at the legendary British Grove Studios in London. Fred can currently be seen playing lead guitar in Americana supergroup Orphan Colours, whose debut EP will be out soon. Fred also regularly collaborates with Matt Owens (formerly known as "Urby Whale") in his rock'n'roll band Little Mammoths and as part of the Delusional Vanity Project, with whom he recently recorded Owens debut solo album. He has also played on numerous recordings for other artists and pops up playing gigs in London with various acts on a weekly basis.
Check out his new single "Adrenaline shot" here:

Dawn of Justice announce upcoming EP Adventears

Dawn Of Justice is a french metalcore band founded in 2008. The band, which consists of five members,delivers a raging accents hardcore and bewitching melodies sound.
Stream their new single "Styx" below, from their upcoming EP "Adventears".

The Fratellis spare no expenses with new infectious single Baby don´t you lie to me

Dance rock time with The Fratellis and their new single "Baby don´t you lie to me", the song is taken from their new album "Eyes wide, tongue tied" out August 21st.

Those Damn Crows delivers killer single Fear of the broken

Following their appearance at Camden Rocks last month, the Bridgend rockers THOSE DAMN CROWS – who feature the brother of Bullet For My Valentine drummer Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas – have unveiled their killer new video. Check it out below.

Rachel Farris release new single She is loved

Risky and gritty, sweet and sexy, Rachel Farris is the top 50 hit songwriter of "I'm Not the Girl" and the pop charting “Stick Your Tongue in My Mouth.” Her pop rock and adult contemporary music is playful and fiery, but also ardent and touching. She can be found hiking or in a Zumba class when she isn’t writing and singing.
Rachel´s new single "She is loved" is now available on CDBaby, Amazon and her website

U.K pop punks Best Years announce new EP Drop out

The E.P title isn’t loaded with any negative connotations,” states Joel Plews, vocalist with Manchester Pop Punks, Best Years, discussing the band’s latest E.P ‘Drop Out’; “The members of this band have all ‘dropped out’ of reality in order to fully commit to this band; we’ve made sacrifices in doing so, but we’re having more fun doing this than we would be doing anything else. The title is meant as an encouragement for people to drop out of boring routines and start afresh doing something they love, to chase their dreams.
"Drop out" is released on August 28, listen to the new track "Overrated" here:

The Charge drop new single Acid in my veins

Melbourne-based hard rock/grunge/sludge/alternative metal outfit The Charge
are returning (after a 12 month hiatus of playing live!) in July with a hard-out rock single, 'Acid in My Veins" - for release on July 17th. The single comes as they are about to take the stage in Melbourne at Whole Lotta Love that same day. 


Gravity Rain new album campaign enters it´s last week

"Gravity Rain - a melodic/progressive metal project from Russia are 39% funded to finish their newest record “Artifacts of Balance”. Join the movement here
and gain perks ranging from signed cd’s to personal concert!"


Monday, June 29, 2015

With love from Auckland, here´s Ekko Park and their new video Validation

New Zealand rockers Ekko Park recently released a new video "Validation", take a moment and check out this great band.

Set Circles release debut single Wolves

Set Circles is a collaborative project formed in late 2014 by Forever the Optimist vocalist Jamie Page, guitarist Dan Page and Balloons Kill Babies guitarist Christian Carter.

The aim of the band is to create cathartic music in an open and collaborative setting, with a strong emphasis on improvisation in a studio environment.

Check out their debut single "Wolves".

Fulcrum Lake delivers new single The poor and the saint

Inspired by various styles of Rock and Alternative, the San Antonio based four piece known as Fulcrum Lake was formed in 2007 with a heavy, melodic sound. Fulcrum Lake continues to write new music with the hopes of being signed to a record label one day. With a huge amount of determination and the potential to go far, Fulcrum Lake's journey has just begun.
Their new single "The poor and the saint" is out now, crank it up!

New supergroup Saint Asonia drop debut album in July

Saint Asonia, the new supergroup includes members of Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Dark New Day and Staind.
Their self titled debut album is produced by Johnny K and will be out July 31st on RCA Records.
The band features Adam Gontier - Vocals, Mike Mushok - Guitars, Corey Lowery - Bass and Rich Beddoe - Drums.
Listen to their new single "Blow me wide open" here:

Kiss Of A Shovel are running out

KISS OF A SHOVEL is a Canadian heavy rock band formed in Drummondville, Quebec in 2013 by Lead Vocalist Yann Latour and Guitarist Carl Bouchard. For fans of Alice In Chains.
2015 marks the release of KOAS first album, an impressive 4 song EP (simply titled) Extended Play recorded at The Wild studio in Quebec by renowned engineer Pierre Remillard. 
Watch their new "Running out" video here:

I Am Giant release new single Kiss from a ghost

Forming in New Zealand in 2008, melodic alternative rockers I Am Giant rose out of the ashes of more metal-leaning act Blindspott, who broke up for a short time in 2007. Former Blindspott drummer Shelton Woolright linked up with bassist Paul Matthews, guitarist Max O'Donnell, and British vocalist Ed Martin to explore a sound less metal and more geared toward alternative rock.
I Am Giant´s new single "Kiss from a ghost" is available on iTunes.
Watch the band perform the single on X Factor.

Punch Cabbie and their dark art

Hailing from the heart of Chicago, Punch Cabbie is an entity that stands for three things: Energy, Attitude, and Entertainment! With an open-mind approach to music and songwriting, Punch Cabbie has forged a sound all their own. Emphasis is placed on live performance, songwriting, and high volume. Heavy ripping guitars set a path for the aggressive onslaught of vocals, pounding drums and driving bass. 
Punch Cabbie´s new single "Dark art" is available on iTunes.

Forever The Fallen teach you love and sin

Forever The Fallen is a five piece Modern/Alt Rock band from Fort Wayne Indiana. Comprised of members of other successful projects, Forever The Fallen is a unique meld of hard rock guitar riffs, soaring and thoughtful vocal melodies, pounding rhythms and captivating hooks.
Their new EP "Love and sin" is out now.

French band Debunk release new single from upcoming EP Paradox

Debunk are an alternative metal band from Paris, France. Listen to their new single "La Bagarre" from their upcoming EP "Paradox".

Rock from Colombia, here´s Don Tetto

Don Tetto is a Latin alternative rock band from Columbia who made their commercial recording debut nationally in 2007 to great success before expanding their reach internationally the following year. Founded in 2003 in Bogotá, Colombia, the band is comprised of Diego Pulecio (rhythm guitar, vocals), Carlos Leongomez (lead guitar), Jaime Valderrama (bass, vocals), and Jaime Medina (drums). Shortly after forming, they began their rise to national fame on the rock radio station Radioactiva, which put in rotation a demo recording of their song "Pienso" in 2003. In subsequent years, the Bogotá-based radio station continued to support the band and put in rotation the follow-up singles "Yo Estaré Bien" and "Soledad." Meanwhile, the band worked on establishing itself as a powerful live act in concert, most importantly at the annual music festival Rock al Parque in Bogotá.
Check out their new single "El loco".

A Mirror Hollow bring out the animal in you

A Mirror Hollow are a dynamic 5 piece modern rock band from Hollywood, CA. Their self titled debut EP is available now at most major digital outlets. Listen to their brand new single "Animal".

Austria rockers Marrok delivers new single Ocean of lights

Reawakening was the initial signal for the rise of Austria's finest rock band – a claim proven by awards, features in newspapers and on television, numerous gigs and the support of an ever growing fan-base. There's a reason to all this: singing leads, heavy rhythm guitars, forceful and driving drums and – of course – lush, melodic vocals. Marrok started in 1999, gaining first successes with their EP 'Extreme' and the Austrian Newcomer Award. In the years to come, their sound evolved from what was then Funk-Metal- Crossover to their very own mixture of modern rock. Metallica's heavy riffing, the angst of Avenged Sevenfold, the tune of Alter Bridge – it's all in there, and much more.
Marrok´s new single "Ocean of lights" is available now.

New EP Gutter mouth from Rival State out now

London rockers Rival State´s new EP "Gutter mouth" is now available on iTunes, check out the title track here:

Shinedown release new single Cut the cord

Shinedown´s new single "Cut the cord" is released today on iTunes, the song is taken from the band´s upcoming 5th studio album. Listen here:

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fourplay : Guards of May , Wilson , Smashing Satellites , Neal Schon

Guards of May - Future eyes (2015) A new frigate has arrived in the progrock harbor
There´s no denying in Australia and New Zealand being the most productive countries when it comes to the alternative progrock scene, new bands from down under often means quality in big numbers.
The list runs like a marathon of great bands from this corner of the world, the Brisbane based Guards of May should be added to this list immediately presenting an impressive debut album in "Future eyes".
At times, they sound like a lighter version of Tool and in other moments, Porcupine Tree meets Dead Letter Circus. Listening to songs like "Beacons" or "The Observer" can be described as watching the view over Himalaya from Everest´s summit. Marvelous.

Wilson - Right to rise (2015) It´s only rock´n´roll but I like it
"Right to rise" is the 2nd full length album from motorcity rockers Wilson, their debut album "Full blast fuckery" was released in 2013.
The music is loud and unpolished, we´re talking non compromising hard edged rock´n´roll in the same vein as Soundgarden, Monster Magnet and Day of Fire. Crank up the amps and let the ears bleed.
It´s a bit like Wilson wants to put the danger back in rock, listening to this album on a low volume is like watching Avatar on your smartphone. Don´t!
My favorite songs are "The Flood" and "Give em hell".

Smashing Satellites - SonicAluzion (2015) Clap your hands and stomp your feet
The electro pop dudes of Smashing Satellites gave us the lovely A-side EP in 2014 and instead of releasing a Side B EP this year, they have included the 5 tracks from the first EP along with 7 new tracks and an acoustic version of "Like a feather" that sums up their debut full length "SonicAluzion".
So I guess we can call the rest the B-side songs we meant to be expected, the songs "Us" and "What´s it all about" were already available on Youtube. Both an easy-listening affair. But I´m wondering if they found "Us" in George Michael´s vaults. That one truly sounds like an unreleased Wham tune.
Former My Darkest Days guitarist Salvatore Costa and Co puts the Q in quality here, I still think the A-side song material is stronger than the new songs but "Living loud" is a highlight without doubt.
You can fool anyone with "Few far between" being a new OneRepublic song.

Neal Schon - Vortex (2015) The guitar god lets the magic speak
When Neal Schon asked Jan Hammer if he wanted to play keyboards on one track on Neal´s new solo album "Vortex", Hammer had so much fun he tracked a few more.
For many, they´re both at the top of their game that means great teamwork, who´d forgotten that Schon and Hammer released two mighty fine albums with "Untold passion" (1981) and "Here to stay" (1982).
But some things are different this time compared to those classic melodic rock albums, Hammer is only playing synthesizers on "Vortex" and lets former Journey drummer Steve Smith handle the sticks.
Keyboardist Igor Len plays on the rest of the album, just like he did on Schon´s "The Calling" from 2012.
And there are no vocals on this album either, this double CD is all instrumental but I´ve got no concerns. Schon is a master of melodies so all you have to do is to sit back and relax.
Highlights : "Airliner N8910", "Talk to me", "NS Vortex", "Triumph of love".
Soundwise, "Vortex" is a musical adventure with guitars everywhere, slightly different compared to his previous hardrocking album "SO U" but perhaps more like "Late nite" and "The Calling".

Aranda premiere new album Not the same

Modern rock band Aranda´s new album "Not the same" is available on June 29, check out an exclusive stream at GuitarWorld.

Against Their Will rocks America

North Carolina based rock/metal band Against Their Will unleashed their new single "RED" on June 26. Do yourself a favor and play it loud.

New Years Day announces new album Malevolence

Imagine if Dexter Morgan with side kick Eric Northman, hosted a late late late night talk show in a haunted mansion deep within the enchanted cemetery, then NEW YEARS DAY would most assuredly be their house band with warm blood-spattered bottles of True Blood offered in the "red room" for the visiting "undead".
New Years Day´s latest EP "Epidemic" is out now, with the upcoming full length "Malevolence" coming this fall.
Check out the new single "Kill or be killed" here:

Trapt post lyric video Passenger

American alternative rockers Trapt has released the lyric video of their new single "Passenger".
Their new album "DNA" will be out this fall.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fourplay : Pigeon Park , Impending Lies , Everlit , Camp Dark

Pigeon Park - Stripes (2015) Another great band from British Columbia
The modern rock scene in Vancouver, Canada is alive and kicking. Pigeon Park´s new EP "Stripes" is living proof of this where each track sounds like it´s handmade for active rock radio.
We´re talking competent songwriting with plenty of hooks and a crystal clear production from Garth Richardson, the single "Walk alone" is a smash but the other 5 songs aren´t any weaker.
This is the dessert you asked for if you´re into bands like Rev Theory, Thornley and After Midnight Project. But what´s the deal with the artwork?

Impending Lies - Believe (2015) Not much to believe in
Cleveland, Ohio is the hometown for Impending Lies. A band that show their love for both modern metal and AOR, these 5 songs can be described as Bullet For My Valentine and Tobruk having a baby. I can´t see any other reason why they chose to do a cover of Journey´s 1983 classic "Seperate ways".
I´m not the biggest fan of this compressed sound, some might say it´s compact but in that case they should have made it compact and big. However, they lost the "big" in the process.
If you should by any chance dig this, they have also released "The Storm" EP in 2014.
Listening to "Believe" is like wanting fresh orange juice but you´ll get fruit juice from concentrate instead.

Everlit - Renovate (2015) Against all odds
Philadelphia hard rockers Everlit released 3 albums and 1 EP as Willpowerless, but with a change in the line up they are now putting out their first EP as Everlit.
Their sound bring thoughts to Trust Company, Lo-Pro, Three Days Grace and similar acts so you know what to expect here.
There is nothing revolutionary about this EP except it´s well performed and the two tracks "Break away" and "A phoenix will rise" are really good.
They are flirting with pop punk in the infectious "Square one", who said The Good Charlotte?
Anyway, Everlit´s got a sharp machete to cut their way loose in the modern rock jungle.

Camp Dark - Nightmare in a day (2015) Slow motion rock for the masses
"Nightmare in a day" is the debut album from Minneapolis based duo Camp Dark, a new band featuring singer/songwriter Adam Svec and producer/drummer Graham O´Brie.
They are influenced by artists like  Björk, Portishead and Radiohead. It´s not entirely wrong to call their sound as underwater music, listening to this album must be like swimming with whales.
You´ll get perfect calm from songs like "Dixieland", "Are you hiding" and "Bluff".
For fans of Mercury Rev, Glacier Hiking and Secret Machines.

Indie pop darlings Hey Anna drop new single Don´t talk stop

Brooklyn-based indie-pop-rockers Hey Anna now share "Don't Talk Stop," the third single off of their forthcoming debut LP, Run Koko, out July 7th.

Don´t forget Freakhouse

Where are Freakhouse from?
Formed in Austin, Texas, the band now resides in Los Angeles, California.

What are Freakhouse's releases to date?
Invincible (2012)
No Way Down (dvd release - 2010)
Freakhouse (self-titled - 2009)
Beautiful Misery (2004)
Subculture Revolution (2002) 

........and the brand new single "Forget", available on iTunes June 30.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Say hello to Mariann Rose and her sci-fi pop single Banjo for my bitches

Quirky Norwegian vocalist and DJ, Mariann Rosa brings her own unique blend of colourful style and sound to the UK this summer with the release of her new Sci-Fi Pop single, ‘Banjo For My Bitches’, released 6th July via Popjoy records.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fourplay : On Top , Our Last Night , Outlands , Grimm

On Top - Topless (2015) 1985 called and wanted it´s sound back
Philly rockers On Top delivers a new EP "Topless" this summer, I really enjoyed their previous EP "Top to bottom" (2014) and I think they sound more and more like Ratt.
These 4 new tracks will please fans of Ratt´s 80´s albums "Invasion of your privacy" and "Out of the cellar", the best song is "Go crazy" and I have to look twice to read that it ain´t Stephen Pearcy singing the lead. No the man behind the mic is Jaron Gulino.
Back in the heyday of hairmetal, On Top could´ve been big but in these times they´re lucky to sell a thousand copies. They´re born in the wrong decade.

Our Last Night - Younger dreams (2015) No it´s not another Punk Goes....compilation
The past year, post hardcore band Our Last Night has shown their love of making covers of hitsongs from pop stars such as Maroon 5, Selena Gomez, Tove Lo, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.
It has made such an impact on their own sound on their 5th album "Younger dreams", that the new songs are less post hardcore and more pop punk-ish.
It´s easy to believe that some of these new tracks actually could be new covers of well known pop songs but they´re not. These boys has grown from screamo teens to mature adults on their new album.
Prepare your mixtape with songs like "Barricades", "Diamonds" or the title track "Younger dreams".

Outlands - Grave mind (2015) More than just kings of dust
San Diego based Outlands signed with Tragic Hero Records for the release of their debut LP "Grave mind", so now they are label mates with He Is Legend, The Dead Rabbitts, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns and Nevada Rose.
Outlands call their sound positive metalcore and are influenced by The Devil Wears Prada and We Came As Romans.
They set the bar right away with the powerful first single "King of dust", a construction of groove metal riffs, electronic elements and a strong chorus. What strikes me is that their sound is a mix of both new metalcore and oldschool numetal the way it sounded back in 2000 with bands like 6gig, 40 Below Summer and Professional Murder Music.
I wish them good luck, we need this, the world needs this.

Michael Grimm - Grimm (2015) Sounds from a lost time
Michael Grimm is the winner of America´s Got Talent season five (2010), after releasing five albums on his own, Michael´s self titled major label debut was released on Sony Music in 2011.
The new studio album "Grimm" was funded through Kickstarter where Michael delivers 12 new tracks of soulful classic rock in the same vein as Roachford, Eric Gales Band and Kyle Riabko.
The single "Generation next" stand out, just as the groovy songs "Tragic figures" and "1982".
It´s hard to find new music these days that sounds like this record so I welcome Grimm´s new album, time for some quality time baby.

Welcome to the return of Mike Shinoda´s Fort Minor

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) confirmed the return of his hip hop project Fort Minor and the new single "Welcome". Their previous album "The rising tied" was released in 2005.

Ice Nine Kills with Maroon 5 cover

Boston rockers Ice Nine Kills cover of Maroon 5´s "Animals" is featured on Punk Goes Pop Vol.6.
Check out the song here:

Simple Plan delivers new single Saturday

Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan has released the first taste of album no.5, the single "Saturday" is available on iTunes.

Hurts launch new video Some kind of heaven

English synthpop band Hurts has released a new video "Some kind of heaven", from their upcoming album "Surrender", out Sept 10.

Seattle rockers The Adarna releases new Superman video

The Adarna's music video for 'Superman' from the album How Perceptive - available now by Soundgate Records.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Disturbed to release new album Immortalized on Aug 21

The hiatus is over. Over the past year, Disturbed have been secretly writing and recording a brand new album. Today, Disturbed are excited to share a new song called “The Vengeful One” along with a new music video. It’s off their upcoming album called “Immortalized,” which will be released on August 21.

ARP post debut song Gone

ARP is the new project from Yoav Efron (Distorted Harmony), for fans of progressive metal. Listen to their debut song "Gone".

Monday, June 22, 2015

Unreleased song by Euphoria Audio

Euphoria Audio consists of members Matt Shirty (lead vocals), Ben Lloyd (guitar/ vocals), Ben Hughes (bass) and Josh Hughes (drums/ vocals). Since their formation, Euphoria Audio have worked closely with producers Stuart Epps (Oasis, Jimmy Page) and Steve Levine (Culture Club, The Beach Boys), as well as recorded inTrondheim, Norway with Universals D-sign Music (Kylie Minogue, Joe Cocker, Blue); receiving vocal coaching and production from Stevie Vann Lange (Def Leppard).
If you sign up for their mailing list, you will get an instand download of the unreleased track "House on fire".
Listen here:

The strange way of life with Carl Dixon

Coney Hatch frontman Carl Dixon ain´t exactly lazy with his rocknroll memoir "Strange way to live" out now, a new country rock record "Whole ´nother thing" out this summer and the new video "Part of set".

Can you possibly name a band ACIDIC? Sure you can

Los Angeles based alternative rock band ACIDIC has released a new video "Chicago", taken from their latest album "Creatures".