Monday, August 31, 2015

Palace of heavy metal

Mondays, the Palace of Rock focus on anything heavy, brutal or simply just non-pop. If it´s too loud, you´re too old.

Silence in the snow is the upcoming 7th studio album from American heavy metal band Trivium, which will be released on October 2. The album is produced by Michael Elvis Baskette and it´s the first to feature new drummer Mat Madiro.
Watch the official video of Until the world goes cold here

Atlanta outfit Sevendust delivers numetal in the big league with the new single Not today, taken from their upcoming album Kill the flaw. Out October 2nd.

Bring Me The Horizon´s 5th album That´s The Spirit drops on Sept 11, three new tracks are available on iTunes. The first two singles Happy Song and Throne as well as the new song True Friends.
Check out the lyric video.

Italian metalcore act Blinding Sunrise will release their new album This World Won´t Listen on Sept 9, including the single Sinking with my pain, featuring Danielle Nelli of Upon This Dawning.

Swedish hard rockers Skintrade´s new album Scarred For Life is out now, check out the new single Wide Awake right here.

These hard rock Swedish chicks will blow your head off! The quintet have toured throughout Europe, gaining compliments and admiration from big artists and bands such as Motörhead, In Flames, Zakk Wylde, Danko Jones, Opeth, Airbourne and many more.
""Road fever"" is the name of the second album and according to the band is the best they ever done! The quintet headed into the studio this May where they finished the rest of the album.  The album is out on Sept 4, stream the first single Deal With The Devil on Spotify.

Fans of Rage Against The Machine might wanna look here, the Texas based rap / metal band Backwordz posted their debut single Utopias don´t exist taken from their upcoming album Veracity.

Original Album Classics is a five classic albums CD box set with original artwork 'mini LP' CD wallets in deluxe packaging. It contains the albums Quiet Riot (1977), Metal Helath (1983), Condition Critical (1984), Quiet Riot III, The Very Best Of Quiet Riot Love.
Available on Sept 11.

The U.S.-based dark metal band URN® is one on a musical journey exploring the darker aspects of both the conscious mind and the unconscious soul. The band has been captivating audiences across multiple genres and have been establishing themselves as one the more energetic live acts to see. The band has drawn comparisons by national trade media to such artists such as Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil, Amorphis, Nightwish, My Dying Bride and other similar acts that tend to find a certain beauty in darkness. URN’s line-up is consisted of well-traveled veterans of various national and international acts.Watch their promotional video Cast In Amber from the band´s new album Epiphany.

With a familiar sound sporting a new attitude in heavy rock 'n roll music.  In an industry where metal is often burdened by recycled gimmicks and bad attitudes, Against Their Will is a breath of fresh air for music fans seeking a back-to-basics approach. 
Get your daily dose of numetal with their latest single Red.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Palace of alternative rock

Sunday bloody sunday, not really. This is the day the Palace support all bands in the alternative nation. Indie rock, active rock and that 21st century electro stuff. It´s nubreed time!

In late 2014 The Zealots were the first band from Iowa to collaborate with Joey Sturgis & his team at They went on to mix & master the single Chips the Fish. After hearing the final version of the song, The Zealots knew they had struck gold. With each song topping their last, who knows what is in store for the future of rock.

With over 6 million albums sold worldwide, Brent Smith knows a thing or two about the key to being a successful artist. Just take a look at Shinedown´s 5th studio album Threat to survival featuring the singles Cut the cord, Black Cadillac and the latest audio release State of my head.
September 18th is the date the new album drops.

In a world where any teenager with a webcam can become a rock star then a has-been all in the space of a few months, Imagine Dragons are a refreshing return to the tried-and-true traditions of great rock and roll. They’ve learned how to be a band the old fashioned way, by writing great songs and playing them live to an increasingly large audience. They have gone back to their roots.
And that is also the title of their brand new single.

Shapes on Tape is a Brooklyn based musical project whose dynamic blend of rock and electronic instrumentation moves from dreamy, psychedelic ballads, through pulsing dance anthems, and into abrasive power pop. 
With the assistance of Justin Craig, Grammy nominated producer and musical director of the current Broadway hit “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, they recorded their debut E.P., "Motivational Speakers," released in March 2005.  The team is set to release their second E.P. "No Bummers," in late summer 2015.
Get a first taste with the new song Still believe in love.

Trapt have officially released their 2nd video from the upcoming album DNA, watch Human (like the rest of us) here.

Japanese rock / metal band coldrain will release their new album VENA on October 23, check out the first single Words of the youth at.

The Afters new single Live on forever is now available on iTunes and Spotify, stream this infectious pop/rock song here.

After the first two new songs This and AYTA, modern rock band Collective Soul have now released the 3rd single from the upcoming album See what you started by continuing.
Stream Hurricane here.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fourplay : Beta State , Crossfaith , Brett Vogel , Soilwork

Beta State - Glass EP (2015) They took the wrong train
From the emo flavored rock of the first albums "Stars" (2010) and "#Friendship" (2013) to the alternative pop of the new "Glass" EP, San Fransisco based Beta State decided it´s a new music climate and it´s time to see where the winds are blowing.
I don´t think this new costume suits the band, it belongs to bands like OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons.
The new 4 track EP features the single "Left with the pain" and I´m not too happy about it but the other three songs are a bit better, however they are far from the sound I like on their previous releases.

Crossfaith - Xeno (2015) A knockout from the empire of the sun
Japanese rockers Crossfaith come forth with a spectacular stampede of metalcore, dubstep and hip hop. Although the major part of their sound is consistent of metal.
These boys have already gained lots of fans with their previous releases "Zion" (2012) and "Apocalyze" (2013). But the new album "Xeno" will probably be their breakthrough album overseas.
I hear traces of several bands in their music such as Celldweller, Asking Alexandria and Linkin Park.
We´re talking high class all over, this album is superstrong from track 1 "System X" to the 15th track "S.O.S", no it´s not the ABBA cover but it would be fun if it was.
Bring out your air guitar and bang your heads.
You know when you buy a box of chocolate and eat all the delicate pralines first, this album only contains the delicate ones.
Recommendable if you like Kontrust, Abandon All Ships, A War Within

Brett Vogel - Never giving up (2015) Still waiting for The Corrs to call
Brett Vogel is a singer / songwriter based out of L.A, but born and raised in Rockford, Illinois so he shares the same hometown as Cheap Trick.
Brett is influenced by artists like Dave Matthews Band, Neil Young and Van Morrison. His debut album "Lonely traveler" was released in 2004 and Brett can add "opening act for Collective Soul and Flickerstick" to his CV as well.
The listener will find traces of folk-rock, 70´s album rock and California pop on his 2nd full length album "Never giving up" which is a nice affair.
It sounds a bit like Fleetwood Mac on a picnic with The Waterboys, hanging out in the garden of 70´s new wave band Squeeze.
I never say no to sunny feel-good tunes but if you want to sell the product, make sure is wrapped up in a nice package first. The artwork on this album cover sucks.

Soilwork - The Ride Majestic (2015) Roll out the red carpet
I must confess that I didn´t became of a fan of this band until I heard their 2005 album "Stabbing the drama", from that moment I have followed every release from this Swedish melodic death metal band and I was never disappointed.
"The ride majestic" is the band´s 10th album and it´s produced by David Castillo and mixed by Jens Bogren who also recorded the previous effort "The living infinite" (2013).
Ok, I know it´s about time I check out their early albums too.
But let´s focus on their new album which is just what the title says, a majestic ride!
Soundwise, the band has moved on and are even more melodic now than on the previous albums. The new fans like moi are walking around with a stupid smile on our faces while the fans of their older and much harder material might not approve of this direction.
Let there be rock!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Thank god it´s friday and release day!

And so today´s releases.....

Eat The Gun - Howlinwood (SPV Records, GERMANY, rock)
Mike Tramp - Nomad (Target Records, DENMARK, hard rock)
Backyard Babies - Four by four (Gain Music, SWEDEN, rock)
Soilwork - The ride majestic (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, metal)
Motorhead - Bad magic (UDR, U.K, heavy metal)
Foals - What went down (Warner Brothers, U.K, indie rock)
Crazy Town - The Brimstone Sluggers (Independent, USA, rap rock)
Black Trip - Shadowline (Playground Music, SWEDEN, heavy metal)
Atlas Genius - Inanimate objects (Warner Bros, USA, electro pop)
Art Nation - Revolution (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, aor)
Newman - The elegance machine (AOR Heaven, U.K, aor)
Bridge To Grace - Origins (Independent, USA, rock / metal)
White Fox Society - Until we lose it all (Artery Records, CANADA, rock / metal)
V For Violence - The Book of V (Independent, FINLAND, goth metal)
Voicians - Part 1 EP (Fixt Music, GERMANY, industrial rock)
Stanfour - IIII (Universal Music, GERMANY, rock)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lightning strikes for A Silent Film

U.K based indie rock band A Silent Film will release their new self titled album on Oct 16, the first single "Lightning strikes" is available for sale on Friday or check out the exlusive streaming at:

Stanfour play power games

German rock band Stanfour´s 4th album "IIII" drops tomorrow Aug 28th, watch the official video "Power games" here:

Little Red Lung drop new single Dead weight

Little Red Lung's previous single, "Get On The Boat," was premiered on Buzzbands.LA, saying, "Their inviting hybrid of chamber-pop and folktronica is difficult to pigeonhole, but over a backdrop of strings, guitar, keys and electronic beats, singer Zoe-Ruth Erwin fashions a lyrical netherworld that feels at once like a diary and art project." Be sure to check out their newest single, “Dead Weight,” and stay tuned for more from their upcoming album, Beware, out October 1st!

Burn Halo premiere new song Until the end

American rock / metal band Burn Halo premiere new song "Until the end", taken from their new album "Wolves of War", out Sept 4th.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mike Tramp give all he´s got

As someone who has gambled his life and given his heart and soul to rock n roll, Tramp is philosophical when pondering what rock n roll has given him in return. “To me it is my lifestyle, a pair of glasses that I view life through, a pair of boots that take me to where I want to go and a religion that allows you freedom to follow your heart and do what you want.”
Mike Tramp´s new solo album "Nomad" drops on Aug 28, watch the official video "Give it all you got" here:

New album Routine Breathing from Slaves available now

Slaves new album "Routine breathing" is out now, check out the opening track "Drowning in my addiction" here:

Fearless Vampire Killers give us danger

U.K based rock band Fearless Vampire Killers posted their new single "Danger", they sound a bit like a gothic version of Elliot Minor.

Eliot Sumner delivers new song Species

25 year old Eliot Sumner continue to deliver interesting pop/rock music, check out her new single "Species" here:

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns release new single Impossible

The intelligent alternative rock sound of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns is as refreshing as it is satisfying. Formerly known as Self Made Soul, the band has now released a new single "Impossible".

Psychedelic rock band Hipnotics debut Preacher Man of upcoming LP

Psychedelic band, Hipnotics, just dropped their debut single, “Preacher Man,” which showcases both their eclectic disposition and a touch of punk inclinations. “Preacher Man” is the leading single off their upcoming LP, Drunk, Naked & Dreaming, due out this fall.

Hawthorne Heights release new single The Darkest Times

Hawthorne Heights have posted their new single "The Darkest Times" off of their new EP titled "Hurt" out 09.18.15. You can hear the new single here:

Pullman Standard share new single Starting static

Los Angeles based, Pullman Standard, infuses their unique sound with undeniable energy on their new single, "Starting Static." Comprised of Timmy D (Vocals/Guitar), Felipe "FLIP" Ozuna (Guitar/Vocals), and JD Minnick (Bass/Vocals), they've developed a loyal following with their energetic, cinematic stage performances and unique power-rock style. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Detach go deep and down on upcoming album I Am

Detach is a rock band from Ukraine, their new single "Deep and down" is available now.
Watch out for their upcoming album "I am" to be released in November.

The Road To Milestone delivers Motion sickness

Electronic hardcore act The Road To Milestone´s new album "Motion sickness" is out now, check out the new single "Paper heart" here:

Ill Nino post new video Blood is thicker than water

Ill Nino posted their official video "Blood is thicker than water" on Youtube, the song is taken from their latest album "Till Death, La Familia".

Earthside reveal official video Mob Mentality and debut album details

Cinematic experimental hard rock outfit Earthside has revealed the music video for "Mob Mentality" featuring guest vocals from Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon and a full orchestral arrangement composed by guitarist Jamie van Dyck and performed by the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO). Check out the new music video, directed by Patrick Kendall, below.

A Dream in Static' track listing: (Release date : Oct 23rd)
I. The Closest I've Come
II. Mob Mentality
              Featured Guest Vocalist: Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust)
              Featured Ensemble: The Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO)
III. A Dream In Static
              Featured Guest Vocalist: Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT, ex-Skyharbor)
IV. Entering The Light
             Featured Guest Performer: Max ZT -- Hammered Dulcimer
             Featured Ensemble: The Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO)
V. Skyline
VI. Crater
             Featured Guest Vocalist: Björn Strid (Soilwork)
VII. The Ungrounding
VIII. Contemplation Of The Beautiful
             Featured Guest Vocalist: Eric Zirlinger (Face the King, ex-Seer)

Federal Charm announces new album Across The Divide

UK rock n’ rollers FEDERAL CHARM will release their new album, “Across The Divide“, on October 2 via Wire-Sound/Cargo Records. The follow-up to 2013’s debut album is being produced by Jon Green & Federal Charm. The blistering lead-off track, ‘Hercules‘, will lead the charge and is to be released as a digital download on 14 September 2015.

Drawing from a deep well, spanning the classic rock curve from the Allman Brothers to Zeppelin, with the indie blues of The Black Keys and the contemporary bluster of Rival SonsFEDERAL CHARM are full of melodic twin-guitar twists and stop-start rhythms. Their fresh direction has turned many an industry head, describing the band as having the most cutting-edge sound in recent years.

Plastic Rhino share new single Big man baby

Los Angeles based rock band, Plastic Rhino, debut their 90’s inspired rock on new single “Big Man Baby.” Born out of a mutual love of all things rock, Atara Gottschalk (Lead Vocals) and Jack Glazer (Lead Vocals/Guitar), met in 2011 and were instant friends after discovering their mutual love of live music and a variety of different rock styles. They formed their own band, playing shows throughout the Los Angeles area, slowly garnering a fanbase before releasing their debut EP “Confessions of A Nobody” in 2013. But it was a chance meeting with rock producer Tom Chandler (Diamond Lane, Desecrate) that spurred the further development of their sound, culminating in the release of their critically acclaimed EP “Let’s Begin.” With musical influences that range from Garbage and No Doubt to Metallica; they’ve come into their own as a unique rock band that relies on riff-heavy instrumentation and raw vocals. 
New album "Recondition" coming soon.

Space rockers Sleeptalk release new video Black hole

Space rock quintet Sleeptalk has released a new music video for their song "Black Hole". The video was directed by Strange Productions and shot by Wolford Media. "'"Black Hole is about being so far from reality that you have to leave, but there is that someone you love and care about that you don't want to leave behind," says vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick.
Their debut EP "Pure" is out now.

Cats In Space debut official video Mr Heartache

CATS in SPACE’ have landed! A brand new six piece band who, armed with their exciting brand of ‘Power Pop Rock’, will transport you back to the heady days of the 70s when bands like ELOQueen10cc & Cheap Trick, in particular, ruled the airwaves.The first single "Mr Heartache" is taken from their debut album "Too many gods", out Oct 2nd.

German crossover quintet Earl Grey announce new EP Passing Time

Lifting their moniker from the tea that vocalist Malte ‘Pedro’ Unnasch would devour whilst tracking vocals on the band’s debut E.P (2015’s ‘Ready To Leave’), Earl Grey‘s latest work is E.P ‘Passing Time’. Ahead of the release of their latest dose of hardcore and pop-punk fusion on October 9th, the quintet have unveiled the video for the single of the same name.

Monday, August 24, 2015

ReVerbed announce new EP Another Year, Still Here

ReVerbed’s latest release, the appropriately titled Another Year, Still Here, sees the self proclaimed ‘road dogs’ going back to their roots, drawing on the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday for inspiration: “This release took a more poppy turn for us,” opines Zoë, “Our previous record was darker and angrier, and generally more negative than this release. After the band almost imploded we took a step back to our roots, and focused on our more Pop Punk, alt rock and even emo influences.”
The new EP drops Oct 23rd, stream the lead single "Bury me".

The Guessing Game will destroy it all

Formed in the summer of 2013, THE GUESSING GAME is the brain child of Jeff Rouse, long time bassist of Duff McKagan’s LOADED. “In the summer of 2013, I found myself with some much needed time on my hands. I knew it was time to find the right people to finally bring these songs I had been writing to life. Having spent the last 14 or so years writing, recording and touring in Loaded, it was time for me to get the ‘other’ songs I had been working on out of my head, onto tape, and see what happens.” Seeking out long time Seattle rock luminaries Kathy Moore (Brad, Satchel) Gary Westlake (Peter Frampton, Kristen Ward, Flight To Mars) Keith Ash (Star Anna, Marshall Altman) and Shawn Zellar (Redneck Girlfriend, Fires), Rouse knew this was something special – “They all breathed life and beauty into the songs and it was magnificent.” Their debut album, Holy Crow drips of heartache, regret and finally redemption. Like that first drink Friday evening to that last sermon Sunday morning. Here’s to a little heartache, a little regret, and shitload of hope.”
With the aggressive sound of their new album, DESTROY IT ALL,  THE GUESSING GAME is ready to take their place in the vanguard of the international rock scene.
Listen to the first single "Death valley" here:

Precious Child release official video If I fall

Baltimore Dark Rockers Precious Child have released the official video for the single "I Fall" featuring America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 actress Nina Burns.
The song is taken from their debut EP "Bloody knees".

5 songs you gotta hear

Marissa Burns Trey - Archie, unreleased song.
Sunset Sons - She wants, taken from the EP "The fall line".
The New Schematics - The Breakdown, taken from the upcoming debut EP, out Oct 2nd.
Jay Smith - Neverland, new single available now.
I Am Giant - Kiss from a ghost, amazing new single posted on Palace of Rock before but I can promote it over and over again.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adakain unleash new single We crawl from upcoming album Never coming home

Adakain is an intense, modern hard rock act from Dallas, TX. Everyone has a purpose, and we believe that as entertainers, our purpose is to provide escape, joy, pain, comfort, or anything people may want or need from music. Adakain is familiar, yet different, conventional yet unconventional, and heavy yet melodic.
Check out the lyric video "We crawl" from the upcoming album "Never coming home".

Empire of Fools are about to take you higher

Check out the new single "Higher" by UK rock band Empire of Fools is taken from the bands mini-album "Devil Inside" released September 2015.