Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fourplay : Beta State , Crossfaith , Brett Vogel , Soilwork

Beta State - Glass EP (2015) They took the wrong train
From the emo flavored rock of the first albums "Stars" (2010) and "#Friendship" (2013) to the alternative pop of the new "Glass" EP, San Fransisco based Beta State decided it´s a new music climate and it´s time to see where the winds are blowing.
I don´t think this new costume suits the band, it belongs to bands like OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons.
The new 4 track EP features the single "Left with the pain" and I´m not too happy about it but the other three songs are a bit better, however they are far from the sound I like on their previous releases.

Crossfaith - Xeno (2015) A knockout from the empire of the sun
Japanese rockers Crossfaith come forth with a spectacular stampede of metalcore, dubstep and hip hop. Although the major part of their sound is consistent of metal.
These boys have already gained lots of fans with their previous releases "Zion" (2012) and "Apocalyze" (2013). But the new album "Xeno" will probably be their breakthrough album overseas.
I hear traces of several bands in their music such as Celldweller, Asking Alexandria and Linkin Park.
We´re talking high class all over, this album is superstrong from track 1 "System X" to the 15th track "S.O.S", no it´s not the ABBA cover but it would be fun if it was.
Bring out your air guitar and bang your heads.
You know when you buy a box of chocolate and eat all the delicate pralines first, this album only contains the delicate ones.
Recommendable if you like Kontrust, Abandon All Ships, A War Within

Brett Vogel - Never giving up (2015) Still waiting for The Corrs to call
Brett Vogel is a singer / songwriter based out of L.A, but born and raised in Rockford, Illinois so he shares the same hometown as Cheap Trick.
Brett is influenced by artists like Dave Matthews Band, Neil Young and Van Morrison. His debut album "Lonely traveler" was released in 2004 and Brett can add "opening act for Collective Soul and Flickerstick" to his CV as well.
The listener will find traces of folk-rock, 70´s album rock and California pop on his 2nd full length album "Never giving up" which is a nice affair.
It sounds a bit like Fleetwood Mac on a picnic with The Waterboys, hanging out in the garden of 70´s new wave band Squeeze.
I never say no to sunny feel-good tunes but if you want to sell the product, make sure is wrapped up in a nice package first. The artwork on this album cover sucks.

Soilwork - The Ride Majestic (2015) Roll out the red carpet
I must confess that I didn´t became of a fan of this band until I heard their 2005 album "Stabbing the drama", from that moment I have followed every release from this Swedish melodic death metal band and I was never disappointed.
"The ride majestic" is the band´s 10th album and it´s produced by David Castillo and mixed by Jens Bogren who also recorded the previous effort "The living infinite" (2013).
Ok, I know it´s about time I check out their early albums too.
But let´s focus on their new album which is just what the title says, a majestic ride!
Soundwise, the band has moved on and are even more melodic now than on the previous albums. The new fans like moi are walking around with a stupid smile on our faces while the fans of their older and much harder material might not approve of this direction.
Let there be rock!

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