Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fourplay : Echowulf , Jeff Brown , Hollywood Vampires , Moonbound

Echowulf - Just run (2015) Trendy sounds of the western world
Let me present Nick Box and Jake Lester of Sleeperstar with their new side project Echowulf, that is way more electro pop flavored music compared to their band Sleeperstar.
Their debut EP "Just run" contains 6 songs that sound both atmospheric and handmade for the pop charts, this will please fans of Imagine Dragons as well as artists like Lights and Owl City.
I hope it will end up as a musical one night stand because I won´t be too happy if these guys quit Sleeperstar to focus on Echowulf, the music is hardly unique and not in any way as great as their mainband. But it´s cool as a project.

Jeff Brown - 23 Years (2015) A flashback of melodic rock during the 90´s dark ages
"23 years" is the solo debut from bassplayer/singer Jeff Brown who played with NWOBHM band Wildfire in the mid 80´s and later also Statetrooper with Gary Barden (MSG).
Jeff was with The Sweet for 16 years and recently also pop group The Tremeloes, he went to Germany to record his first solo album with some German musicians including Peter Szigeti (Warlock) on lead guitar.
Soundwise this melodic hard rock album bring thoughts to Michael Schenker Group and Stratus, the songs "Contagious" and "Casino Royale" are quite good but the rest didn´t move me at all.
This album sounds like it could´ve been released on record labels such as Now and Then Records or Long Island Records in the 90´s, the music feels rather mediocre and Jeff is not a lead singer in my world. He should concentrate on his 4 strings instead.

Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires (2015) Cooper pays tribute to his dead drunk friends
A fun project, a hard rock supergroup or simply a covers band? Well, Hollywood Vampires was a club in the 70´s where rock stars like Alice Cooper and others met and partied hard.
So that brings us 40 years later when Cooper team up with Aerosmith´s guitarist Joe Perry and film actor Johnny Depp on guitar and together they make Hollywood Vampires.
This album contains 2 new tracks "Raise the dead" and "My dead drunk friends" along with a bunch of 70´s covers by Badfinger, The Doors, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Spirit, Harry Nilsson, The Small Faces, John Lennon, T-Rex and Pink Floyd.
There are at least a dozen famous session musicians involved in the making of this album but I won´t go further into the album credits, if you just close your eyes it´s easy to believe these are unreleased lost recordings from the mid 70´s by Alice Cooper.
I had fun listening to Hollywood Vampires and I think most Cooper fans will enjoy it.

Moonbound - Uncomfortable news from the moon (2015) Prog matinee deluxe
Moonbound is the creative work of Fabio Trentini, this Italian composer/producer/musician/singer has gathered an impressive line up of names on the 3rd album.
How about Pat Mastelotto - Drums (Mr.Mister), Tony Levin - Bass (King Crimson), Markus Reuter - Guitar (Crimson ProjeCKt), Steve Farris - Guitar (Mr.Mister), Tim Pierce - Guitar (Rick Springfield) and Steve George - Piano (Mr.Mister).
Moonbound released their first album "Confession and release" in 2008 and it was followed by "Peak of eternal light" in 2011, which leads us up to the brilliant 3rd record "Uncomfortable news from the moon".
Fabio is definitely influenced by Peter Gabriel and similar songbased progrock artists, I am rather weak for this kind of music that bring thoughts to Toy Matinee, Mr Mister and This Oceanic Feeling.
Listen to the single "Cheetah conquers the moon" on Youtube and if you dig that one, you´re gonna love the rest of the album.
It´s very professional.

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