Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fourplay : Villainy , Magnus Karlsson´s Free Fall , Billy Sherwood , A Silent Film

Villainy - Dead sight (2015) Unleash the beast and kill the mainstream
Let me present one of the biggest rock bands down under right now, Kiwi rockers Villainy released their debut "Mode. Set. Clear." in 2013 and now follow up with the sophomore album "Dead sight".
They´ve got energy, attitude, power and hooks all over. Who can resist smart riffs like a stampede of rock? I can´t. The new single "Syria" knocked me out totally, but this explosive rocker is hardly alone on this brilliant record.
At times, they´re headed in the post hardcore lane and in other moments, Villainy is a straight ahead rock band with catchy choruses. Just to surprise with Failure-like alternative rock when you least expect it.
"Love and war" is a killer and "No future" is modern punk euphoria, the best there is.
You can´t tame this lion of a band.

Magnus Karlsson´s Free Fall - Kingdom of rock (2015) Like a Hollywood ending
Primal Fear´s six stringer Magnus Karlsson has invited a bunch of well known singers on his 2nd Free Fall album "Kingdom of rock", how about Jorn Lande, Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), Joe Lynn Turner (ex.Rainbow), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Tony Martin (ex.Black Sabbath), David Readman (Pink Cream 69) and Tony Harnell (ex.TNT).
The first Free Fall album from 2013  was quite good but the new one feels rather predictable, this kind of Euro metal is like a film where you know the hero gets the girl in the end.
And like a friend of mine said, every singer on this record sounds like Jorn Lande, why?
Well, you can point out two names that do stand out. Harry Hess in the Harem Scarem-like rocker "A heart so cold" and Rebecca De La Motte in the Robin Beck-esque AOR of "The right moment".
The rest is like sand in Sahara, there´s just too much of the same thing.

Billy Sherwood - Citizen (2015) Building castles in the air
I fear 50 year old multi musician Billy Sherwood promise too much when he gathers the elite of the progrock scene on his 8th solo album "Citizen".
With names like Steve Hackett (ex.Genesis), Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Jon Davidson (Yes), John Wesley, Alan Parsons, Geoff Downes (Asia, Yes), Patrick Moraz (ex.Yes), Tony Kaye (ex.Yes) and Rick Wakeman (ex.Yes), we should expect a masterpiece.
But "Citizen" feels like an album between albums, the music bring thoughts to World Trade, Circa and Yes but the songs aren´t good enough.
Perhaps a new solo album isn´t what´s in priority here since Billy´s back in Yes again and I bet he is sleeping well at night so a bad review won´t exactly tear down the smiley on his Twitter wall.

A Silent Film - A Silent Film (2015) Close encounters of the anti-climax kind
Do you know the feeling when you´re looking at the album cover of one band but think you´re listening to a completely different band. I get that feeling when I listen to A Silent Film´s 3rd album, I knew about their love for The Killers before but this is ridiculous. Their new self titled album could in fact be a The Killers record.
Brandon Flowers got them in his claws so to speak.
I had high hopes after the great "New year" EP, released earlier this year. 2 songs from the EP are included on the new album but not the awesome song "Tomorrow" which is disappointing.
The Oxford gents Robert Stevenson and Spencer Walker sure can write songs with hitpotential but we only need one The Killers.
"Chinese lanterns" is a beautiful song, I really like that one and "Lake swimming" sticks like superglue in my head, very nice.
Clones or not, songs like "Something to believe in", "Lightning strike" and "Strong enough" do belong in rotation on radio.

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