Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fourplay : Elliot Schneider , Sleeptalk , Bring Me The Horizon , Journey

Elliot Schneider - Better a fool than Aloof (2015) Rock and roll is alive and well
In the late 70´s, Elliot Schneider was one of the first artists to debut at CBGB´s on a saturday night.
Elliot released his first album in 1982 but retired in 1987 to become a high school history and philosophy teacher
In 2005, he returned to rock and has released 3 albums with "Surreal survivor" in 2008, "If looks could kill, I´d wear mirror sunglasses" in 2012 and "Better a fool than aloof" this year.
I can´t say I´m an expert when it comes to Elliot Schneider and his music so his latest album is the first one I get to hear, and I like it too.
He goes from new wave to 60´s pop and even throw in some classic rock from time to time, it´s quite obvious to hear that his main influences are Elvis Costello, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
You could say this is a real rocknroll album where the guitar licks has a big sign that says "Chuck Berry".

Sleeptalk - Young (2015) Stuck in the digital age
Los Angeles based Sleeptalk features former members of the pop punk band Like Giants, there are still traces of pop punk in their music but now we´re dealing with a more electro pop orientated sound with a space rock flavor.
Imagine Owl City meets Angels and Airwaves and even hints of The 1975 and you´ll get their new 5 track EP "Young", the best track is "Phenomenon" which is a bit short with it´s 1,48 minutes. But I totally dig the Tom DeLonge vibes in this song.
"Young" is the second installment of their planned trilogy, so it won´t be long until a 3rd EP is released. Let´s hope they go for the atmospheric sound rather than taking the route of synthpop next time.

Bring Me The Horizon - That´s the spirit (2015) BMTH sell out
Sheffield based Bring Me The Horizon are aiming for the big arenas with their 5th album "That´s the spirit", the metalcore sound is gone with the wind and instead the band has headed more into the active rock direction with the new album.
Album no.5 seems to be a magic number for many bands this year where some have released their strongest effort so far like Breaking Benjamin, Escape The Fate, Three Days Grace, Panic Division and Bring Me The Horizon.
I´m not sure the die hard fans will appreciate these 11 tracks as much as I do because there are some poppy moments indeed, take for example the cheerleader chorus of "Happy song" that bring thoughts to The Offspring or the anthemic "Throne" that sounds like an unreleased 30 Seconds To Mars song.
Take away the guitars and do a remix of "Follow you" and you´ll get yourself a pure pop song a la Katy Perry.
If you ask me, I´m not a huge fan of their first albums so I embrace this record with open arms.

Journey - Wheel in the sky Live 1979 The kings of AOR in their right element
I feel like a child on christmas eve waiting for Santa when a new radio broadcast concert comes out on CD with my favorite band Journey.
This one was recorded in Chicago in August, 1979 on their Evolution tour. So the setlist is almost identical with the "At the summit", radio broadcast from 1980, with the exception of a few songs.
"At the summit" featured a few songs from the Departure album while "Wheel in the sky Live 1979" contains some rare live tracks such as "Next", "She makes me feel alright" and "Lady luck".
We also get fantastic live versions of classic songs like "Feeling that way", "Just the same way", "Lights", "Just the same way", "Wheel in the sky" and many more.
The sound is good, not superb but still good enough to enjoy it as a wonderful live experience with Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory and Steve Smith.

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