Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fourplay : Fightstar , Coldrain , Radio Exile , Def Leppard

Fightstar - Behind the devil´s back (2015) The beauty and the beast
Charlie Simpson has come a long way since his days in the pop punk band Busted, he has released 2 solo albums in the adult singer/songwriter style but the biggest step from his boyband youth is the evolution of Fightstar from album 1 to the 4th album "Behind the devil´s back".
The songs are stronger, the production is bigger, the riffs are heavier and the vocals are better than ever. In fact, Fightstar 2015 sounds a bit like Karnivool meets Kadawatha.
They go from beautiful melodies that sound so innocent to monstrous rock that will eat you alive, who would´ve expected this outcome when the band reunited for the 10th anniversary shows in October 2014?
I take off my hat and bow to the new majesties of rock : Charlie Simpson - Vocals/Guitar, Alex Westaway - Vocals/Guitar, Dan Haigh - Bass and Omar Abidi - Drums.
Fightstar´s first album since "Be human" (2009) is well worth the wait, this is one helluva record that goes straight into my Top album list of 2015.

coldrain - Vena (2015) All killer no filler
Are you keeping up with the new wave of Japanese rock where coldrain is one of the leading bands right now? Well, you should because their 4th album "Vena" is a really good one.
It´s the follow up to "The revelation" from 2013 which also had an international release, the band worked with producer Brandon Paddock (Set it off, Throw the fight) on the new album and the result is a lovely blend of post hardcore, alternative rock and with elements of electronica.
The rocker "Runaway" features guest singer Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach and the song itself certainly bring thoughts to Jacoby´s band.
Tracks like "Gone" and "Whole" reminds a bit of Linkin Park while the major part of the album will appeal to fans of We Are Harlot, One Ok Rock and Marissa Burns Trey.
coldrain rocks!
Highlights : Words of the youth, Gone, Heart of the young

Radio Exile - Radio Exile (2015) Once in a while there comes a surprise
What a perfect combo of bluesy hard rock and AOR, the new band Radio Exile nails it on their debut album that would´ve been a bigseller back in the 80´s.
The band features Charlie Calv (Liberty N´ Justice) on keyboards and Chandler Mogel (Outloud) on lead vocals, they´ve got some great session musicians on the album such as Kenny Aaronson (H.S.A.S) on bass and Jimmy Leahey (Dennis DeYoung) on guitar.
I didn´t think of Chandler Mogel as this superb singer with Outloud but here he really shines, the album sounds like John Sloman singing with members of Little Angels and Gamma.
Highly recommendable if you´re into melodic rock.

Def Leppard - Def Leppard (2015) Let´s go and get energized
I guess Def Leppard knew what kind of album they needed to do to make the fans happy, they´ve been experimenting with pop on "X" and flirting with Queen on "Songs from the sparkle lounge" when the fans really wanted something that reminds of "Pyromania" and "Hysteria".
The new self titled album is the first album of new music in 7 years from Joe Elliott and Co and I must say that it´s brilliant, it´s just as great as "Adrenalize" and almost just as good as their two blockbuster albums from the 80´s.
It sounds like Mutt Lange record and guess what, he´s not involved but instead the new one is produced by Ronan McHugh and Def Leppard themselves.
If I should criticize something, it´s that I miss a track like "White lightning" or "Die hard the hunter", you know, something Leppard epic.
But I´m satisfied, I haven´t been this happy about a Def Lep record in decades.

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