Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fourplay : Pyramids on Mars , Charlee Remitz , Tod Hughes Project , Moon and Pollution

Pyramids on Mars - Echo Cosmic (2015) Calling space
Canadian multi instrumentalist Kevin Estrella is influenced by various kind of music, everything from classical music with composers like Bach and Vivaldi to progressive rock bands Rush and Pink Floyd.
But he also show some love for heavy metal like Iron Maiden on his 2nd album "Echo Cosmic" and perhaps most of all, guitar hero Joe Satriani.
Estrella is a great guitarplayer but he´s far too sloppy with the rest of the instrumentation. He should also think about adding more nuances into his songs because there´s no need of filling out every little void.
The track "Tribute" is dedicated to Randy Rhoads and it truly sounds like it could´ve been an unreleased Ozzy song from the early 80´s, it´s one of the highlights along with "Battle for Rome" and "Sailing the oceans of Neptune".
For fans of Greg Howe, Dave Sharman

Charlee Remitz - Bright white trims (2015) The answer to the hit equation
What a talented artist she is, the young girl from Montana, USA by the name of Charlee Remitz who should be selling lots of records if you ask me.
She writes melodies like it was the most natural thing in the world, because there are no uncertainties in her new album "Bright white trims".
It´s even better than her first EP "These veins" that was good too, Charlee sound so self-confident and clever in these new songs. Her crossover of ambient pop, dance and electronica is irresistable. Songs like "Bmw" and "Juicebox season" totally shout out hit potential all the way from Iceland to Japan.
Listening to Charlee´s music must be like how it feels to be swimming with dolphins, lots of love.

Tod Hughes Project - Changing gears (2015) This motor needs repair
Although I can hear traces of legendary artists like Neil Young and Bob Dylan in the debut EP from Tod Hughes Project, I really can´t say this independent singer/songwriter from Calgary, Canada is worth to be mentioned in the same division as Young and Dylan.
"Changing gears" contains 6 songs of country flavored folk rock that wouldn´t be so bad if it wasn´t for Tod´s weak vocal performance, he´s a decent songwriter but hardly a lead singer.
He´s ok in the laid back "Just sing" but the music sink like a stone in other songs like "The quiet" and "The only person who won´t drink with me is you" where I´m not comfortable with Tod´s voice at all.

Moon and Pollution - The Box Borealis (2015) Sit back and relax
Listening to Minneapolis pop duo Moon and Pollution´s album "The Box Borealis" is like being on a journey, but without having a destination.
You´re just enjoying the trip and sieze the day, it´s not about where you´re going but what you experience during the time to get there.
I can hear the Norwegian fjords calling when I listen to Molly Dean´s enchanted vocals and Graham O´Brien´s dreamlike production. Just close your eyes and drift away.
The music goes in the same vein as The Joy Formidable, Massive Attack and Minipop. Good stuff.
However, I prefer to listen to this album in my headphones rather than in the speakers.

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