Friday, November 27, 2015

Fourplay : Tigress , Leah Capelle , Laney Jones , Courtney Chambers

Tigress - Human (2015) Londoners with a present sound
The female fronted rock band Tigress are label pals with Fort Hope, I The Mighty and Cartel on Lab Records. They should be really proud of their debut EP "Human" because it´s a lovely modern rock / pop punk affair, the singles "Alive" and "Human" are only two fine examples of the high potential of this band. The infectious songs "Miracle" and "Lucky ones" are even better.
Definitely for fans of Lambretta, Flyleaf and even Avril Lavigne, the future sure is looking bright for this band.
There is no stopping this Tigress, and soon on a playlist near you.

Leah Capelle - EP (2015) It´s the singer, not the song
Not only is Leah Capelle a very beautiful woman, she is a talented songwriter and an amazing singer. Just watch the video of "Would you know" on Youtube and you will fall in love, but I warned you because the song might get stuck like superglue to your head.
Leah´s crystal clear voice is reminiscent of Carly Simon while the music goes in the same vein as Kim Hill, Suzanne Vega and Tracy Chapman.
Except for the upbeat rocker "My confession" where that sounds like a collaboration between Vanessa Carlton and Alanis Morissette.
This 6 track EP is produced by Jeff Bova who is known for his work with Celine Dion, Missing Persons and David Lee Roth. I think Leah Capelle and Jeff Bova work well together, I hope this is not the last time we get to see these two pro´s make magic.

Laney Jones - Golden road (2013) Songs with strong roots
How about some afternoon tea and some suitable music from a gal that grew up on an exotic animal farm in Florida. Here is "Golden road" from indie-folk singer Laney Jones.
She released her debut "Beyond the blue" in 2012 and recently also dropped the new single "Work it out". Òn stage, Laney is backed up by her band The Spirits.
Laney plays the banjo, ukulele, guitar and harmonica so she really knows how to pull those strings.
The music is peaceful and bring thoughts to artists like Tanita Tikaram and Sarah Donner, except for the bluesy "Black coffee". Laney certainly caught some attention in the music biz because she received praise from Alison Krauss who said Laney´s songs are really beautiful.
Well, she´s an honest artist that doesn´t need American Idol or The Voice to break through.

Courtney Chambers - Tales of the aftermath (2015) Greetings from a lady with a big heart
There is always a moment for some soft rock in life, it´s a nice break from all the heavy stuff I usually listen to or every single electro pop song that has invaded the music scene.
"Tales of the aftermath" is the first album of new music in 8 years from Courtney Chambers, it´s also her 4th album so she´s hardly a newcomer.
Courtney´s songs are featured in the TV series "The L Word" and the film "Callous", she is also a member of the Heart tribute band Dog N Butterfly where she payes homage to Nancy Wilson.
I think of Courtney´s original music as smooth but guitar driven adult rock, imagine Sheryl Crow meets Stevie Nicks and we´re close to the sound of "Tales of the aftermath".
Overall a nice album.
Highlights : "Wasting time", "Extraordinary lives".

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