Thursday, November 26, 2015

Palace of Prog and AOR XIII

Melodic lovers, hello and welcome home.

Welcome to ”Rockholm” and two days of melodic rock in the capital of Scandinavia on feb 19-20!
On Friday the 19th TOTO plays in Stockholm and we invite you all to the greatest after party ever with three great bands on stage.
On Saturday the 20th the party continues with seven amazing bands!
This will be THE melodic rock party not to be missed!!!

Sweden is widely regarded as a ”mecca” of melodic rock with many of the best new bands around hailing from our beautiful country. And if you look back to the 80s and 90s a lot of the great bands were Swedish.
So finally - It´s time to start a new chapter in the history of Swedish melodic rock. we proudly present, Rockweekend AOR!

Friday 19 february
22.00 - 03.00
3 bands
(The first band will start to play 30 min after TOTO ends.

Saturday 20 february
16.00 - 03.00
7 bands

En Arena Globen.
Palmfeltsvägen 1, Stockholm (T-bana Globen)
Capacity 600 (550 general admission and 50 VIP tickets).
The venue is being rebuilt in january to provide a bigger stage with higher clearance, video screens and a VIP balcony next to the stage.

Steve Smith is back in Journey, for the first time in almost 2 decades! The former Journey drummer who played on all albums from Evolution (1979) to Trial by fire (1996).
Here´s a message from Smith.

I have been invited to tour with Journey for the 2016-2017 touring season and I have agreed to play drums for the group during this period!
I’ve enjoyed working with Journey guitarist Neal Schon for many years and playing on his solo albums, including The Calling and his latest release Vortex. In fact, Neal and I still share the creative chemistry we had when I was a member of Journey. When we work in the studio on his music, it's essentially just the two of us, jamming, writing, arranging and recording.
Over the years, he has mentioned that he'd like to have me tour with Journey again. The invitation has always been appreciated but with my busy schedule always being booked at least a year in advance, the timing was never right. Some changes within the band have once again brought me the invitation to tour and this time we were able to plan in advance and work a Journey tour into my schedule.
Like an actor capable of playing a wide variety of roles, I'm a musician who enjoys, and is comfortable performing, diverse genres of music. My group Vital Information, as well as the other great jazz and world music artists that I tour and record with, remain a musical priority. I will also be performing with them during the next two years and by 2018 will resume my career full-time as a touring and recording jazz musician.
My decision to tour with Journey in 2016-2017 is based on many factors:
My relationship with Neal is strong and we enjoy playing together. I've been in touch with Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory and we have a good rapport both personally and musically. All four of us share a common history and have created some enduring music together. I've met and spent time with Arnel Pineda and have great respect for him both as a person and vocalist.
I am excited to revisit a role that was a formative part of my career, performing music that has touched many people for more than 30 years. My kids Ian, Elizabeth, Kasia and Zac have not seen me play with the group (Ian has but he was too young to remember), it will be fun to have them see me perform with the band. Finally, I can say "yes" to the many fans who have asked if I would tour with Journey again.
My hope is that Journey fans will appreciate a new line-up similar to the Escape and Frontiers era -- and will want to revisit this timeless music with me. By bringing my musical experience to the table along with the years that the members of Journey have spent touring, I'm sure this new incarnation of Journey will develop its own special magic. It's going to be amazing. I look forward to seeing all the fans on the road!
After a hiatus of 11 years, Dakota reunited in 2014 to record a brand new album, titled 'Long Road Home'. Original band members Jerry Hludzik and Bill Kelly joined up with John Lorance, Eli Hludzik and various guest artists to record the new album at SI Studios, Pennsylvania. Two years in the making, 'Long Road Home' is a culmination of countless hours of work and passion poured into a project that is close to the band's heart. We hope all our loyal fans world-wide will once again enjoy the music of Dakota. 
Long Road Home is out now.

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