Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Palace of Punk X

10th week of punk rock news, not the biggest update but still some news.

The Damned celebrated the 35th Anniversary of their hugely successful career with a tour around the UK. This recording from their performance at the London Roundhouse on the 12.11.11 perfectly captures the stage presence and the energy of the band. The Damned are one of the most successful punk band ever and this recording is filled with career defining tracks such as "New rose" "Eloise", "Wait for the black out" and "Neat neat neat". 
Disc: 1
1. Neat Neat Neat
2. Fan Club
3. I Fall
4. Born To Kill
5. Feel The Pain
6. New Rose
7. Fish
8. See Her Tonite
9. Of The 2
10. So Messed Up
11. I Feel Alright

Disc: 2
1. Wait For The Blackout
2. Lively Arts
3. Silly Kid Games
4. Drinking About My Baby
5. Twisted Nerve
6. Hit Or Miss
7. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
8. Sick Of This And That
9. History Of The World
10. 13th Floor Vendetta
11. Therapy
12. Curtain Call
13. Disco Man
14. Love Song
15. Eloise
16. Anti Pope

The Damned : 35 Years of Anarchy, Chaos and Destruction drops on Nov 13.

Swedish music is unstoppable nowadays… Producing world-class acts after acts, from Lykke Li, Icona Pop and Robyn, it’s no surprise their latest addition, in the shape of Dolores Haze, brings top quality yet againAfter hitting festivals such as End of the Road and Latitude Festivals this summer Dolores Haze is finally back with an irresistible emotional track to enter the dancefloor of rock clubs.

Their new single Touch Me is cool, dark, and hard-driving! Oh, and let’s not forget danceable! The boundaries within production are blatantly being pushed, in the style of new-wave sunburst on a really cloudy day (especially here in London). That clearly demonstrates the fact Dolores Haze have far more than one trick up their sleeve.

Combining the musical buffet of influences, from Le Tigre’s sonically insolent Eau D’Bedroom Dancing, through Kraftwerk’s retro- electro Computer Loveand the melancholy of Crystal Castles, Touch Mesets a foundation for the band’s upcoming long career, and it will be available for sale and download 13th November 2015.

Do you wanna get high is the new single from Weezer, it´s available on all digital platforms.

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