Thursday, December 31, 2015

Philippe´s Top 20 albums

Muse do not only top my album list of 2015, their new masterpiece Drones also made it to #1 on my friend Philippe Valleix´s top 20 list. Philippe has done an amazing job of contributing with news for Palace of Rock, so let´s share his favorite albums this year.

1 - Muse - Drones
2 - Red Sun Rising - Polyester Zeal
3 - Halestorm - Into the Wild Life
4 - Cats In Space - Too Many Gods
5 - Def Leppard - Def Leppard
6 - Collective Soul - See What You Started By Continuing
7- One Ok Rock - 35xxxv (Deluxe Edition)
8 - Ghost - Meliora
9 - Kat Perkins - Drive
10 - Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit
11 - Lotus Crush - Rabbit Hole
12 - DiMino - Old Habits Die Hard
13 - Our Last Night - Our Last Night
14 - Sada Vidoo - A Story With No End
15 - Dead Letter Circus - Aesthesis
16 - We Are Harlot - We Are Harlot
17 - Kevin Martin - Future Friends
18 - Of Monsters & Men - Beneath The Skin
19 - Poynte - Discreet Enemy
20 - Longreef - Battle Plans

And now over to the last video of 2015.

Review : Spoken - Breathe again

Spoken - Breathe again (2015) Artery Recordings
Produced by Spoken
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.Walking in my dreams 3.Beyond the stars 4.Surrender 5.Breathe again 6.All I wanted 7.Hollow and untrue 8.Memories are alive again 9.Nothing without you 10.Poison in the air 11.Falling apart 12.Hold on 13.Take my breath away 14.Outro
3,5 out of 5

Coming from the post hardcore neighborhood of the early days, there are no traces left at all in Spoken´s new sound. They already showed this new direction on their previous album "Illusion" but I never thought the songs were this good on that one, Spoken took it up a notch on "Breathe again" because everything´s a bit stronger from the songs to the production as well.
The elements of electronica only makes a perfect addition to this active rock affair, I´m happy to say that their 8th studio album is their best one so far.
I really didn´t expect that because I´m not such a big fan of this band.
Highlights : Hold on, Breathe again, Nothing without you
Recommended if you like Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch, Decyfer Down

Happy new year

My year ended with a bad tooth on christmas that had to be taken out which resulted in 4 different medicines and a cancelled trip to Gran Canaria but I´m glad there is good music to save the day.
Alternative rockers Trapt will release their new album DNA in spring 2016 and a new single Not So Different Now, out early next year.

Philly rockers The Starting Line has released a new EP Anyways, check out the title track here.

American metallers Flaw with Chris Volz are working on a new album, one of the new tracks is Bleed Red but it doesn´t say on their FB page if it´s the new single.

St.Louis based rock band Fivefold´s new album Open Letter is now available on Spotify.

Aussie based progressive rock band Mass Sky Raid are working on new music to be released in 2016, the Palace has featured their latest single Enemy before but it´s great enough to post again.

The Swedish alternative metal band We Are The Catalyst premiere new holiday song New Year New Hope.

South Carolina hard rockers Osara has released a teaser video of the new single The Devil´s Daughter, taken from their self titled EP out now.

Time for some atmospheric rock with Made In Waves, formerly known as Ghost In The Machine.
MIW´s new video Halo is now available on Youtube.

London based alternative rock band Staring Out The Sun launched a new video YMEE, taken from their debut EP Break The Silence.

2015 was a big music year but 2016 will be even bigger with new albums from Biffy Clyro, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Steve Perry, Filter, Cheap Trick, Blue October, Bon Jovi, Alter Bridge, Deftones, Chevelle, Tool, The Killers, Thrice plus all the exciting albums on the upcoming albums list here at Palace of Rock.

10 Bands / Artists to watch 2016 #1

Band / Artist : Violet Days
Country :SWEDEN
Genre : Alternative Pop
Discography : The singles So Dope, Razorheart, Screaming Colors
Label : Independent
Info : Lina Hansson is the upcoming star behind Violet Days, nominated as the rookie/producer of the year at the Denniz Pop awards 2015. Palace of Rock knows there are big things to come for this talented artist, expect some future greatness in 2016.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Your guide to upcoming heavy metal albums

Cloudscape - Voice of reason - JAN 8
Metal factor : Medium. The Swedes promise a classic progressive metal album on their 5th release, this is the first Cloudscape album to have a title track. First single A new design is out now.

My Dear Addiction - Kill the silence - JAN 8
Metal factor : High. It´s been 6 years since MDA´s strong debut New blood, this Swedish band has already announced themselves as Winners on the new single and fans of modern metal will sleep well at night again.

Witchcraft - Nucleus - JAN 15
Metal factor : High. Time to carry out some doom-ish stoner metal from another Swedish band that is getting bigger for each album, now as a trio on their 5th album, you can get a first taste of the new song Theory of consequence.

El Caco - 7 - JAN 15
Metal factor : Medium. In case this Norwegian band slipped through your radar, they are no newcomers and has released 6 albums so far with the 7th one coming out in January. A dose of alternative hard rock and heavy metal is on the menu here. First single is Curious.

Forever Still - Tied Down - JAN 15
Metal factor : Medium. After 3 EP´s, it´s time to unleash the first full length album from this female fronted Danish band. We´re talking alternative metal in the same vein as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil.

Megadeth - Dystopia - JAN 22
Metal factor : Very high. Dave Mustaine is as metal as ever and when Metallica can´t seem to release any new music, Megadeth deliver their 15th album as steady as a Grizzly beer hunting for food.

Drowning Pool - Hellelujah! - JAN 22
Metal factor : High. Who said that numetal is dead? This American band refuses to die and have adapted with time to a more fitting sound rather than becoming dinosaurs, get ready for their 6th album and do yourself a favor and check out the new single By the blood below.

Emil Bulls – XX - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. These Germans 10th studio album is called XX mainly because they have been around playing rock for 2 decades and I don´t mind ´em hanging around for twenty more years. The new single Here comes the fire is as solid as ever.

Primal Fear - Rulebreaker - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. Who could be more suitable to carry the flag of German heavy metal than Mat Sinner and Ralf Scheeper´s metal legion Primal Fear. They are keeping the tradition alive with the 11th studio album featuring the singles In metal we trust and The end is near.

Bury Tomorrow - Earthbound - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. U.K based metalcore act signed to Nuclear Blast Records, now delivering the goods on their 4th album featuring a guest appearance from Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. Get an injection of modern metal with the new singles Memories and Earthbound.

Eternal of Sweden - Heaven´s gate - JAN 29
Metal factor : Medium. The 2nd full length album from this Swedish melodic metal band. Now they have every chance to prove that they´re to be reckoned with and far more hotter than their lousy bandname.

Avantasia - Ghostlights - JAN 29
Metal factor : Medium. Tobias Sammet never seem to get tired of hitting the studio to record yet another metal opera together with plenty of famous guest vocalists, let´s assume we´re about to be given a new bombastic and symphonic power metal effort on their 7th album.

Polaris - The guilt and the grief EP - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. Those Aussie´s are not only experts in progressive alternative rock/metal but also a strong force when it comes to metalcore. Parkway Drive, Northlane, Buried in Verona, In Heart´s Wake and Polaris are just a few fine examples of their fine quality in music export. Polaris sophomore EP should be a real treat for anyone into growls and furious riffs.

Rhapsody of Fire - Into the legend - FEB 5
Metal factor : Medium. These Italians are just like IKEA, a safe buy when we´re talking classic power metal and you can count on them being around for as long as you live. But just don´t expect any surprises on their 11th studio album but their fans don´t want it either.

Last in Line - Heavy crown - FEB 19
Metal factor : High. Dio´s backing band reunite with the new singer Andrew Freeman to keep the legacy alive with the sound of the first three Dio albums Holy diver, Last in line and Sacred heart.
I bet Ronnie James Dio would be proud.

Adept - Sleepless - FEB 19
Metal factor : Medium. Swedes that blend metalcore with post hardcore, 3 albums on their former label Panic and Action but now signed to Napalm Records for the release of their 4th album. Solid nonetheless.

Anthrax - For all kings - FEB 26
Metal factor : Very high. The thrash metal legends bring you their 11th studio album and the first of new music in 5 years, Scott Ian and Joey Belladonna don´t have anything to prove as they are one of the big four.

From Ashes To New - Day One - FEB 26
Metal factor : High. The full length debut from an American band that has their home soundwise in both numetal and rapmetal. Forget about the 2 EP´s available, this is the one that will put their name on everybody´s lips next year.

Anvil - Anvil is Anvil - FEB 26
Metal factor : Very high. It´s about time, Lips and Robb Reiner gets the recognition they deserve after a long career of up´s and down´s but mostly down´s. The album title of Anvil´s 16th studio album pretty much sums it up, this is metal on metal all over again.

The Unguided - Lust and loathing - FEB 26
Metal factor : High. A Swedish melodic death metal band not many pay attention to but you should, the band features former members of Sonic Syndicate. Is it third time lucky for these boys? Will their 3rd record take ´em up in the same league as Soilwork and In Flames?

Almanac - Tsar - MAR 18
Metal factor : Medium. Victor Smolski of Rage presents his new orchestral metal band featuring David Readman on vocals (Pink Cream 69), the Palace believes the debut album most certainly will be something traditional in the footsteps of marching German metal.

American Head Charge - Tango umbrella - MAR 25
Metal factor : High. When we thought the American numetallers were dead and gone, they come crawling back with the first album in over 11 years, talk about a cool comeback.

10 Bands / Artists to watch 2016 #2

Band / Artist : Sego
Country : USA
Genre : Electro Pop / Alternative Rock
Discography : 2 EP´s available on Noisetrade and the new single Micky Macali
Label : Dine Alone Records
Info : A psychedelic duo from Utah presenting the forthcoming debut Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around released in March. Let´s get ready for a crazy ride.

Your guide to upcoming active rock albums

The Fallen State - Crown your shadows - JAN 15
4th EP from the British band that has toured with Trapt, Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry, should be an appetizer for fans of modern hard rock. New single Send up the world is out now.

Lacey Sturm - Life screams - JAN 29
The former Flyleaf singer decided to stand on her own feet and releases her first solo recording, the first single Impossible shows a more poppy direction but the Palace thinks she hasn´t forgotten her rocking roots.

The Veer Union - Decade - JAN 29
No matter what the album title says, it´s not a compilation from the Canadian rockers. This is a brand new studio album and the follow up Divide the blackened sky from 2012. New single Defying gravity out now.

Cavo - Bridges - JAN 29
The St.Louis rockers releases their 4th album independently, 4 new songs are available on iTunes.
It´s safe to say that Cavo will deliver the post grunge taste of the day.

Delain - Lunar prelude EP - FEB 19
The female fronted Dutch band Delain usually bring the unexpected on their releases with anything from gothmetal to symphonic metal and even modern rock. Could be something cool.

Nine Lashes - Ascend - FEB 19
The release of this Christian alternative rock band has been pushed back and postponed several times already so we´re not so sure their 4th album will drop in Feb, but we hope so. This means quality!

The New Black - A monster´s life - FEB 26
Time again for the German rock/metallers to deliver another big album after touring with bands like Alter Bridge, Volbeat and Black Label Society. The palace believes it´s going to be heavy.

Tonight Alive - Limitless - MAR 4
These Aussie´s are already big down under but their 3rd album could very well be their breakthrough album in the world, Tonight alive have already been featured on the Spiderman 2 Soundtrack and their new single To be free and Drive puts catchiness in a new costume.

3 Doors Down - Us and the night - MAR 11
The U.S modern rock veterans return with their 6th studio album and the first in 5 years, they´ve been on Billboard´s Top 10 before so why not aim for new mainstream success!

10 Bands / Artists to watch 2016 #3

Band / Artist : The Rubens
Country : Australia
Genre : Rock
Discography : The Rubens (2012) plus the new singles Hoops , Hallelujah
Label : Warner Bros Music
Info : A blues / soul / rock band from down under, now signed to Warner Bros for the U.S release of their sophomore record Hoops. First they take Sydney, then they take Manhattan.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review : Swiss Lips - Overflowing Futures

Swiss Lips - Overflowing futures (2015) Foreverever / BMG
Produced by Swiss Lips
Tracks : 1.Lost 2.U got the power 3.Grow 4.Got it bad 5.Danz 6.Scissorlips 7.U got the power (Bastille remix) 8.Fireheart 9.Fight 4 what you need 10.Cheetah 11.Wilderness
3 out of 5

Feel like dancing?
Swiss Lips were 5 guys from Manchester, England that only wanted to make good music but was caught in a major label´s web and couldn´t get out.
Formed in 2011, signed to Sony / Epic Records for a 4 album deal but started getting troubles with their label and it wasn´t until in late 2014 when the band finally were able to cut the ties with Sony Music.
The band had recorded material enough for 2 albums and both were released in 2015, the self titled album Swiss Lips and Overflowing futures.
If you´re into 80´s disco with a modern twist, then you should absolutely check out this album.
Unfortunately in August this year, the band announced their breakup so one could say they had a short and bittersweet career with the taste of the rise and fall of stardom.
Highlights : Wilderness, Grow
Recommended if you like Erasure, Dune, Magic Man

10 Bands / Artists to watch 2016 #4

Band / Artist : Banners
Country : U.K
Genre : Alternative Pop
Discography : The singles Shine A Light , Start A Riot
Label : Island Records
Info : Born in Liverpool, the artist Banners is influenced everything from The Beatles to Arcade Fire.
With a sound that belongs on a mixtape, get ready for Banners to conquer the airwaves.

5 songs you gotta hear

Written By Wolves - Pretty Lies, new single.

Ignite - Nothing can stop me, taken from the forthcoming album A War Against You, out Jan 8th.

Muse - Agitated, live at Barrowland, Glasgow 2015.

The Coral - Chasing the tail of a dream, from the forthcoming album Distance Inbetween, out March 4th.

Cardinal - Still standing, taken from the new album Anxious, available now.

Palace of News

Russian Industrial metal band "SPIRALLER" released new single "RAGE" that was held on the threshold of release of full-length album.

New York based metalcore band Surfacing has released their new album Chaos through clarity on Dec 18, check out the new single Turned to ink here.

Long Beach metallers Vagrant releases Within lyric video from their upcoming album Death be thy name, out early 2016.

Fulcrum Lake is an alternative hard rock band from south central Texas. The band premiere official video of The Poor and The Saint here.

LoadStoneD is a melodic rock band from Colorado, USA. Their new single I can´t lie to you is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

avenuedrive is an American rock band formed in Charlotte North Carolina, in 2012 with members from Colombia, Germany and the U.S. With the new singer joining the band late 2014, avenuedrive finished their first full length album "proximity effect" in 2015. A unique sound full of power and texture mixed with electronica makes them one of the most promising acts to hit the south east in recent years.
Stream More To This from Proximity Effect here

Active rockers Decyfer Down are currently in the process of writing and recording their first independent record, get a first taste with the new single Nothing More here.

Shatterproof is a violin based alternative rock band with pop and punk influences from Fort Collins, Colorado. In early 2012 they released their first EP "Running in Circles" recorded at Backbone Studios in Loveland CO, with producer Jason Larson.
Shortly after that, they released their first music video for the single "Scissors Just Don't Cut It."

Shatterproof recently recorded a new single at the Blasting Room, followed by an exciting music video for their song "Cookie Cutter Life" that will be released November 7th 2014, through Denver Westword.  
On January 22, the band will release their new EP Paper House. Watch the video of Karma from the upcoming EP.