Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fourplay : Foo Fighters , Rush , Queen , Falling Up

Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia EP (2015) A gift to the fans
Dave Grohl and his bandpals in Foo Fighters wanted to give something back to the fans and a celebration to life and music, so they recorded 5 new tracks at a hotel in Austin this fall.
They arrived to Austin, Texas in late September for the Austin City Limits Festival that would be the final American shows on the Sonic Highways tour.
The band changed the Saint Cecilia hotel in Austin to a recording studio for two weekends and tracked the rhythm section the first weekend, the second weekend they tracked vocals and guitars to finish the EP.
Grohl says some of these songs were unfinished ideas that never was used on the records they had made throughout their career, so the band completed the music in just a week and the result is like a part 2 of Sonic Highways. Awesome.
It´s amazing how the band manages to put the same energy into a studio as they have on stage, this is the real thing folks.
Dave Grohl is king.

Rush - R40 Live (2015) The holy grail of prog
More than 40 million records sold worldwide, countless sold-out tours, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Officers of the Order of Canada.
The greatest trio in the world has accomplished more than most bands will ever do but for Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, it´s all about the music and the fans.
In their 41 year career, the band has released 20 studio albums, 11 live albums including the new triple album R40 Live. Recorded in their hometown of Toronto in June, 2015.
Neil Peart aka The Professor is thinking about retiring so that might probably make R40 the band´s final tour, which is very sad but let´s keep our fingers crossed that there will be more.
This is a fantastic live album, what else to expect from a band that performs classic songs from the majority of their albums including some that hasn´t been played live in a long time like "Hemispheres", "Jacob´s ladder" and "Lakeside park".
The song "Losing it" has never been performed live before but here it is included on their new live CD featuring Ben Mink on electric violin.
Rush´s music is all you need in the school of rock.

Queen - A night at the Odeon (2015) Long may she reign, her majesty
Even though the original line up of Queen aren´t around anylonger, they continue to release high quality stuff for the fans. Last year they put out the compilation Queen Forever with 3 unreleased songs featuring Freddie Mercury and John Deacon.
This fall, they deliver yet another magnificent live album "A night at the Odeon", recorded on christmas eve at the Hammersmith Odeon in London. Actually the first live release from the A night at the Opera tour in 1975 and what a fine set of songs it is.
"In lap of the gods" must be one of Queen´s most underrated songs, absolutely stellar. "Ogre battle" is pomp heaven and rockers like "Keep yourself alive" and "Liar" shows why Queen with Mercury ruled the live scene.
The band has released 10 live albums including 2 with Paul Rodgers, my favorite of them all will still be "Live killers" from 1979 but there´s no doubt "A night at the Odeon" comes 2nd best.

Falling Up - Falling Up (2015) Thank you and goodnight
Since their debut "Crashings" from 2004, we have been graced by several brilliant albums from Falling Up but all things come to an end and so do this lovely band.
Their final album is self titled and more ambient like their latest releases from "Mnemos" (2012) and forward, but there is something missing in the new album.
It´s definitely the sound we´re used to hear from Falling Up but the songs just don´t move me the way I hoped they would, still it´s a good album and fans will probably find one or more new favorite tracks. This band has truly been creative with 10 albums in a decade, making it really impressive since there are artists out there that puts out 1 record every 10th year.
I will remember Falling Up as one of the best christian bands on this side of the century.

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