Monday, December 7, 2015

Interview with Forét De Vin

"It's supposed to sound like the songs the record company forgot to release 30 years ago"
That´s what it says when you visit the Swedish band Forét De Vin´s Facebook page.
And let me tell you, when I heard their two first single Carol and Lifeline, I couldn´t believe how much it sounded like 80´s Soundtrack songs.
If you´re a fan of 80´s producers like Giorgio Moroder, Harold Faltermeyer or David Foster. You´re gonna love Forét De Vin.
Wanna learn more? Then read the exclusive interview with the guys behind this awesome band and listen to the songs below.

With your two first singles Lifeline and Carol, the band Forét De Vin might come as a shock to fans of 80´s Soundtrack music because I haven´t heard anything sound this much as the music produced in 1984 in over thirty years. Are you aware of that it´s 2015?

Haha! Thanks, we are well aware of the year.. Maybe we're just stuck in the 80’s.. :) We really want it to sound like forgotten songs.

I`m a huge fan myself of 80´s Soundtrack music and really think your two songs would easily have fitted in on albums like Flashdance, Scarface and Footloose. So where did the idea come from to recreate the sound of this beloved era?

We have always had a thing for 80's music, but I guess it all started when we saw the Kung Fury trailer. We realized we wanted to bring something ”new” to the scene. That will say music that would be as authentic as possible, as if it was something the record company forgot to release 30 years ago.

The vocals are truly out of this world and in some moments the singer reminds me about Paul Engemann (Device). So tell me who the mystery kids are behind this adorable band?

Thanks for the kind words! We are two guys in our late 20's from Stockholm, Sweden. Both working professionally with music. At the moment we wish to stay anonymous, perhaps it will change in the future.

What are the plans for the future, just singles, perhaps an EP or a full length album?

Our plans are making great music, and releasing it. We haven't really decided how, when or if a potential EP/Album will release. But we will be releasing a new song in the near future. Hopefully before christmas.

Are you happy with living in 2015 or if you got the chance, would you trade this year for living in the 80´s for the rest of your life. In that case, what year would you choose?

I guess we're both happy living in 2015, but we wouldn’t say no to going back to LA 1985.. 

Since we are talking about 80´s soundtrack music, I will continue to annoy you with another question. What are your 3 favorite soundtrack albums from the 80´s?

Only 3? Footloose...Top Gun...Dirty dancing...Purple Rain..Miami Vice…Flashdance…Ghostbusters…Rocky…

It´s not easy to capture the fluffy sound of the 80´s, many have tried and failed but you nailed it.
What is the secret?

Thanks! Well, we try to make it as authentic as possible. Using only hardware in production, and overall trying to avoid using "modern" technology. It's supposed to sound like the 80's.. Not an 80's song produced in 2015. No cool, fresh, new thinking FX or sidechain compression!

If you would could only pick one producer to work with, who would it be between:
Giorgio Moroder or Harold Faltermeyer

Giorgio Moroder because of his mustache. Music wise, Harold Faltermeyer.

I wonder about the bandname, how did you come up with it?

It’s a word play. We’ll leave it there.. :)

And finally, what synthesizers do you use

Roland Juno 6, Korg PolySix, DS Prophet 8, Korg MS20, Moogs and of course a Modular System!

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