Monday, December 28, 2015

Review : Courage, Dear Heart - The future was now

Courage, Dear Heart - The Future Was Now (2015) Autumn + Colour Records
Produced by Terminus City Management
Tracks : 1.Never dreamland 2.Chicago 3.The veil 4.Shallowed by thy name 5.Trust fund 6.Unbreakable 7.Futurism 8.Tesseract 9.Relatively easy 10.The spark
4 out of 5

Here is a contender for the top 10 punk rock albums of 2015, the Georgia based Courage, Dear Heart does everything right on their debut "The future was now".
The music is a mix of old school punk and very fast skatepunk, the songs are hooky and super melodic where the choruses makes you want to singalong like the penguins in the animated 2006 film Happy Feet.
The album is rich of nuances and surprise moments, when you think you´ve heard the actual chorus of the song, another stronger chorus comes along and knocks you down.
There is no stopping Courage, Dear Heart.
Highlights : Chicago, Shallowed by thy name, Trust fund
Recommended if you like Bad Religion, Millencolin, The Skids

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