Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review : Ganesa - Сильнее / Стреляй в мое сердце

Ganesa - Сильнее / Стреляй в мое сердце (2015) Independent
Produced by Ganesa
Tracks: 1.Сильнее / 2.Стреляй в мое сердце
3 out of 5

Ganesa is a post grunge band from Petrozavodsk, the capital city of Karelia in Russia. Not far from the Finnish border. It´s actually the first time I hear about this city.
The band features Alexander Rybkin - Bass/Vocals, Sergey Semenchenko - Guitar, Pip - Drums and Evgeniy - Guitar. They released their first LP in 2014 and recently two new singles that I´m listening to at the moment.
They sing in their native language so I don´t understand a thing they say and the production could´ve been a bit better but I like their attitude and their energy.
The first track is the stronger one here, it´s darker and has that lovely 90´s feel over it. The 2nd track is more of an aggressive rap-rock thing that feels ok but it´s not as good as Сильнее.
Highlight : Сильнее
Recommended if you like Injected, Rage Against The Machine, Socialburn

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