Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review : Hannah Ayrault - Me right now

Hannah Ayrault - Me right now (2015) Independent
Produced by Jon Lewis
Tracks : 1.Me right now 2.Stay 3.Mine 4.New York, I love you 5.So close so far
3,5 out of 5

In these dark times it cannot be easy to make bright and hopeful music but the 19 year old Hannah Ayrault writes music like she´s living in the garden of Eden.
The songs on her first official release "Me right now" are filled with innocence and love, this Detroit based artist makes beautiful piano driven pop that is real easy to like.
I bet you will find albums with Alicia Keys and Jason Mraz in Hannah´s record collection, even though there are traces of both artists in these songs, I think Hannah has created a sound that is her own.
This EP takes some time to kick in but when it finally does, these 5 songs becomes friends that you want to keep close for a long time.
Highlights : Me right now, New York, I love you
Recommended if you like Vanessa Carlton, Kerrie Roberts, Rachel Platten

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