Saturday, December 26, 2015

Review : Josh Phillips - New beginnings

Josh Phillips - New beginnings (2015) Independent
Produced by David Browning
Tracks : 1.Completely out of you 2.Steal me away 3.A new tomorrow 4.Leave in love 5.Inspired 6.No sleep tonight
3 out of 5

Having a romantic dinner with your loved one and want some suitable music along for the evening? Then let me present Josh Phillips from Chicago, Illinois.
His debut EP "New beginnings" contains warm feel-good tunes with a blend of adult pop, Americana and midwest rock. It´s real easy to like Josh´s songs because you can tell he loves every minute of it.
The music feels honest and inspiring, just listen to his passionate vocal performance in songs like "A new tomorrow" and "Inspired". Close your eyes and let his voice touch your soul.
There are a thousand artists trying to make it as a singer/songwriter in the states but Josh truly has what it takes, the only thing missing are a few more upbeat songs.
Highlights : Completely out of you, A new tomorrow, Inspired
Recommended if you like Shawn Mullins, The Jayhawks, John Mayer

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