Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review : Swiss Lips - Overflowing Futures

Swiss Lips - Overflowing futures (2015) Foreverever / BMG
Produced by Swiss Lips
Tracks : 1.Lost 2.U got the power 3.Grow 4.Got it bad 5.Danz 6.Scissorlips 7.U got the power (Bastille remix) 8.Fireheart 9.Fight 4 what you need 10.Cheetah 11.Wilderness
3 out of 5

Feel like dancing?
Swiss Lips were 5 guys from Manchester, England that only wanted to make good music but was caught in a major label´s web and couldn´t get out.
Formed in 2011, signed to Sony / Epic Records for a 4 album deal but started getting troubles with their label and it wasn´t until in late 2014 when the band finally were able to cut the ties with Sony Music.
The band had recorded material enough for 2 albums and both were released in 2015, the self titled album Swiss Lips and Overflowing futures.
If you´re into 80´s disco with a modern twist, then you should absolutely check out this album.
Unfortunately in August this year, the band announced their breakup so one could say they had a short and bittersweet career with the taste of the rise and fall of stardom.
Highlights : Wilderness, Grow
Recommended if you like Erasure, Dune, Magic Man

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