Sunday, January 31, 2016

Deluxe edition of Buckcherry´s Rock´n´roll out now

The deluxe edition of Buckcherry´s latest album Rock´n´roll contains 3 new tracks, including the new single Gettin´ started.
Rock´n´roll deluxe is out now.

POP ETC streams new album Souvenir

American pop / rock band POP ETC are streaming their new album Souvenir on Soundcloud.
Get yourself an injection of super catchy music right now.

Beyond The Black unleash new track Halo of the dark

German symphonic metallers Beyond The Black drops their new album Lost in forever on Feb 12, listen to the new track Halo of the dark here.

Candlebox to release 6th studio album in April

Seattle rockers Candlebox will release their new album Disappearing in airports on April 22, featuring the first single Vexatious.
Listen here.

Of Monsters And Men post new video Wolves without teeth

Here´s some love from Iceland, Of Monsters And Men are conquering the world with their beautiful indie pop. The band premiere new video Wolves Without Teeth, from their new album Beneath The Skin.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review : The Mute Gods - Do nothing till you hear from me

The Mute Gods - Do nothing till you hear from me (2016) Inside Out Music
Produced by Roger King
Tracks : 1.Do nothing till you hear from me 2.Praying to a mute god 3.Night school for idiots 4.Feed the troll 5.Your dark ideas 6.Last man on Earth 7.In the cross-hairs 8.Strange relationship 9.Swimming horses 10.Mavro Capelo 11.Father daughter
4 out of 5

There are albums you know they´ll be awesome even before you´ve heard them, The Mute Gods debut album "Do nothing till you hear from me" is such an album.
This is total brilliance of masterful modern prog from a trio that has played with some of the best in the progrock genre, we have Nick Beggs - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Keyboards (Steven Wilson, Kajagoogoo), Marco Minnemann - Drums (U.K, Steven Wilson) and Roger King - Keyboards/Guitar (Steve Hackett).
The songs are written by Nick Beggs during the last two years when he was out touring with Steven Wilson, he´s come a long way since the 80´s and Kajagoogoo´s pop hit "Too shy".
The Mute Gods is a new dimension of prog that will appeal to both fans of classic progrock such as ELP and Genesis but also contemporary stuff.
Hats off!
Highlights : Father daughter, Do nothing till you hear from me, Feed the troll
Recommended if you like Lonely Robot, Steven Wilson, Frost

Conway returns with a self titled EP

Alternative pop artist Conway releases her new self titled EP independently, Conway´s 2 previous EP´s "Big talk" (2013) and "Shut up" (2014) were both released on Columbia Records.
The new EP features the new track Sudden Dawn, a new version of Big Talk as well as her favorite songs Attack and Hustler. Part 2 of the EP is a a bit of a re-release of songs that Conway feels they didn´t get the exposure they deserved.

SOTO set to release 2nd album Divak in April

SOTO'S second album release "DIVAK" out on earMUSIC/Edel on April 1, 2016.
The band is comprised of Jeff's most current solo band, who he insisted on making this musical merge with him. Jorge Salan (lead guitar), BJ (keys, guitars), David Z (bass) and Edu Cominato (drums).  
Check out the lyric video of the new single Freak show here.

Normandie unleash new video Collide

Normandie are a modern rock band from Orebro, Sweden. Their debut album "Inguz" drops Feb 19th, the band premieres new video Collide here.

The Union of Sinners and Saints featuring members of Petra and White Heart

Excited to announce some exciting news taking place for this summer - a new album of material by John W. Schlitt (Petra) and Billy Smiley (White Heart) with some incredible friends and special guest musicians. The band is called 'The Union of Sinners and Saints'.
The album is released in June and contains 8 new tracks along with updated versions of Petra and White Heart songs.

Lacey Sturm ready to stand on her own two feet with Life Screams

Former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm will release her solo debut "Life Screams" on Feb 12, two new tracks from the album are now available on iTunes. "Feels like forever" and "I´m not laughing".

Daughtry release new single Torches

Daughtry´s new compilation "It´s not over....the hits so far" drops Feb 12th, featuring two new songs Torches and Go Down.

She Must Burn to pave way for the next generation of aggressive metal

Artery Recordings as announced the signing of symphonic brutes She Must Burn. The London quintet released their self-titled debut EP today as well as a music video for the first single "Possessed".

Friday, January 29, 2016

Grumble Bee announces debut EP Disconnect

Jack Bennett is Grumble Bee, an alternative rock artist from England, his debut EP Disconnect drops Feb 26th.
Watch the official video of Sky Writer here.

MODOC and a kit of passionate rocknroll

On MODOC´s new album, Automatic + Voluntary, they continue to explore new sonic and emotional territory with arrangements that deliver a diverse sample of the styles that make rock’n’roll a vibrant art form. “Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs, Eric Burden, The Howlin’ Brothers) encouraged us to experiment and get weird,” Carlson says. “The studio had an almost endless collection of instruments to experiment with. He helped us break the songs apart to get the best out of them. The greatest moments on this record didn’t exist for more than a few minutes before they were performed and recorded.”
A deep, staccato groove introduces “Make the World Wait,” a soaring power ballad that alternates between Culberson’s quiet voice and a soaring chorus, driven by a wash of orchestral guitars and lush vocal harmonies that suggest the forlorn romanticism of Tom Petty and ELO.
Automatic + Voluntary drops Feb 5th.

Forét De Vin release new song Hold the night

Palace of Rock faves Forét De Vin has released their 4th song "Hold the night" featuring Robert Beachgrove, any fan of 80´s soundtrack music will love this.
Retro in a new way!

Cold : Live out now

American rock band Cold has released a double Live CD/DVD.
Available here.

Tracking Listing:
02. GIVE
04. NO ONE

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Top 25 albums from the 60´s

The albums from the 60´s you should own a copy of or have listened to during your lifetime, well or at least you should know about these following classics. 
These are the records that makes the foundation of rocknroll music, with Palace of Rock´s favorite songs in parantheses. So get in the swing pal.
1.The Who – Tommy 1969 (Pinball wizard)
2.The Beatles – Sgt Pepper´s lonely hearts club band 1967 (A day in the life)
3.The Beach Boys – Pet sounds 1966 (God only knows)
4.The Beatles – Abbey road 1969 (I want you)
5.Led Zeppelin – II 1969 (Whole lotta love)

6.King Crimson – In the court of crimson king 1969 (21st century schizoid man)
7.The Beatles – White album 1968 (Helter skelter)
8.The Who – My generation 1965 (The kids are alright)
9.Yes – Yes 1969 (Survival)
10.Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 1969 (Immigrant song)

11.Simon and Garfunkel – Bookends 1968 (America)
12.The Rolling Stones – Their satanic majesties request 1967 (2000 man)
13.Cream – Disraeli gears 1967 (Sunshine of your love)
14.The Beach Boys – Summer days and summer nights 1965 (California girls)
15.Elvis Presley – Elvis is back 1960 (Such a night)


16.The Beach Boys – Smiley smile 1967 (Good vibrations)
17.Jimi Hendrix – Are you experienced? 1967 (Manic depression)
18.David Bowie – David Bowie aka Space Oddity 1969 (Space oddity)
19.The Rolling Stones – Out of our heads 1965 (Satisfaction)
20.The Beatles – Revolver 1966 (Good day sunshine)

21.Blue Cheer – Vincebus Ereptum 1968 (Summertime blues)
22.The Moody Blues – Days of future passed 1967 (Nights in white satin)
23.Steppenwolf – Steppenwolf 1968 (Born to be wild)
24.Kinks – Kinks 1964 (You really got me)
25.Mott The Hoople – Mott The Hoople 1969 (Rock and roll queen)