Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Daughtry releases the compilation It´s not over....the hits so far on Feb 12, featuring all their hitsingles and one or more brand new tracks.

Eleventh Hour was born in 2014 out of guitarist Aldo Turini's need to express some musical ideas that have been kept in a drawer for years. Aldo arranged all the songs and wrote the orchestral parts with Giuseppe Carella, whose background was so distant from Symphonic Metal that the final result was very peculiar and musically challenging. In November 2014 the band's line-up had finally been confirmed and included Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints, Edge Of Forever) on vocals, who also co-wrote most of the songs with Aldo and Giuseppe, Luca Mazzucconi (N.F.D, Lahannya) on drums, GianMaria "Black Jin" Godani  on bass and Alberto Sonzogni (The Black Phoenix, Timesword) on keyboards. Drums, bass and acoustic guitars were recorded in Parma at Real Sound Studios, electric guitars at Michele Quaini's O.U.T. Side Studio and vocals (including soprano Susanna Carboni for 'Sleeping In My Dreams' and 'Here Alone') at Alessandro Del Vecchio's Ivorytears Music Works Studios. Alessandro Del Vecchio, a renowed producer for some iconic international musicians, mixed and mastered the album, perfectly balancing it between the powerful approach of the band as a whole and the melodic and cinematographic orchestral flavor of the compositions.
The new album Memory of a lifetime journey drops Jan 20th.

The Revival Recordings releases the compilation It´s all acoustic on Jan 29, including the following tracks.
1. I'll Be Home Soon - Famous Last Words
2. Broken Maiden - Cabaret Runaway
3. Hiatus - Alesana
4. Casanova (C'est La Vie) - The Funeral Portrait
5. Winona - Megosh
6. Natural Born Thriller - Uh Huh Baby Yeah!
7. Stand Up - Tempting Paris
8. Nightingale - The Things They Carried
9. Long Nights, Stupid Fights - The Legitimate Excuse
10. Dancing Alone - Alesana

Enter Shikari´s new single Redshift is out now, listen to the track here.

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