Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review : Chloe Wildman - Unbroken

Chloe Wildman - Unbroken (2016) Independent
Produced by Carson Slovak / Grant McFarland
Tracks : 1.Hopeless 2.Say goodbye 3.Sweet affliction 4.Six feet down
4 out of 5

Now here´s a super talented new artist from Maryland, USA. Chloe Wildman is only 15 years old and sounds like she has been recording and performing music for a much longer time.
In 2014, her family gave Chloe the most fantastic birthday present that was a day in the recording studio and the result was 5 cover songs, which led to Chloe writing her first original single "Paralyzed" in 2015.
And now she´s delivering a package of brilliant pop / rock tunes on the debut EP "Unbroken" that all should be in rotation on every radio station from Los Angeles to Tokyo.
Chloe is a bright shining star on the sky of pop / rock music, it´s just a matter of time before the major labels are standing in line to sign this hitmaker.
Highlights : Say goodbye, Hopeless
Recommended if you like Pink, Katy Perry, Plumb

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