Sunday, January 24, 2016

Review : Eliot Sumner - Information

Eliot Sumner - Information (2016) Island Records
Produced by Duncan Mills
Tracks : 1.Dead arms and dead legs 2.Information 3.Let my love lie on your life 4.After dark 5.Halfway to hell 6.I followed you home 7.What good could ever come of this 8.Come friday 9.Firewood 10.Say anything you want 11.Species 12.In real life
4 out of 5

It´s quite normal to feel pressure if you´re the child of a celebrity but Eliot Sumner is taking it rather cool and is enjoying life to max, it doesn´t feel like she is chasing hits to survive as an artist.
She released the first album "The constant" under I Blame Coco, a childhood nickname. The music leaned more towards electro pop which was right in this era if you´re looking at it through a producer´s or a record label´s perspective.
But Eliot has a true artist´s integrity and needed to find her musical identity, she is releasing the new album "Information" under her real name. Eliot says -I´m proud of the music I´m making and it´s time to take ownership by putting my real name on it.
Eliot´s voice is reminiscent of Krister Linder aka Chris Lancelot (Dive, Enter The Hunt) and I just adore it, the entire album is fantastic where the music has a big sign saying "late 70´s Berlin".
The opening track "Dead arms and dead legs" bring thoughts to Blue October while the title track sounds like early Ultravox meets David Bowie (the Station to Station album).
If Muse listened a lot to The Police´s "Ghost in the machine", the result would without doubt be "Halfway to hell". Amazing.
Are you a fan of The Cure? Then you´re gonna love "What good could ever come of this", it´s easy to believe that Robert Smith actually co-wrote the song with Eliot.
Highlights : I followed you home, Information, Let my love lie on your life
Recommended if you like Circa Zero, Dive, MuteMath

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