Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Review : Lady Low - And they say romance is dead

Lady Low - And they say romance is dead (2016) The Musebox Records
Produced by Manny Nieto / Nick Tashijan
Tracks : 1.Goodnight my love 2.When I do wrong 3.Baby blue 4.You´ve got yours 5.(Bye bye) Baby don´t go 6.You and I 7.All time low 8.You say don´t love me 9.Death and love and beauty and sound 10.The pills
2,5 out of 5

If I say romance rock, most people might think of H.I.M from Finland but there´s another band in this small genre that doesn´t sound at all like H.I.M and they refer themselves as a romance rock band.
I´m talking about Los Angeles based Lady Low featuring Jimmy Sweet - Baritone vocals/Guitar, Eden Lee - Vocals/Drums, Shanel Chavers - Vocals/Synth, Kaitlin Wolfberg - Violin, Corinne Olsen - Violin and Mia Siler - Viola.
Their debut LP "And they romance is dead" is quite dark and a bit uneven, but there are definitely some great moments on the album that makes it worth checking out.
Why not enjoy the baroque waltz of "Bye, bye, baby don´t go" or get a taste of spaghetti western film music in "All time low", the opening track "Goodnight my love" sounds like a gospel choir singing a farewell lullaby on a funeral in the bible belt.
Not my cup of tea but you can´t blame ´em for being average.
Highlights : You and I, All time low
Recommended if you like Dave Stewart, Chris Isaak, Crash Test Dummies

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