Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review : The Mute Gods - Do nothing till you hear from me

The Mute Gods - Do nothing till you hear from me (2016) Inside Out Music
Produced by Roger King
Tracks : 1.Do nothing till you hear from me 2.Praying to a mute god 3.Night school for idiots 4.Feed the troll 5.Your dark ideas 6.Last man on Earth 7.In the cross-hairs 8.Strange relationship 9.Swimming horses 10.Mavro Capelo 11.Father daughter
4 out of 5

There are albums you know they´ll be awesome even before you´ve heard them, The Mute Gods debut album "Do nothing till you hear from me" is such an album.
This is total brilliance of masterful modern prog from a trio that has played with some of the best in the progrock genre, we have Nick Beggs - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Keyboards (Steven Wilson, Kajagoogoo), Marco Minnemann - Drums (U.K, Steven Wilson) and Roger King - Keyboards/Guitar (Steve Hackett).
The songs are written by Nick Beggs during the last two years when he was out touring with Steven Wilson, he´s come a long way since the 80´s and Kajagoogoo´s pop hit "Too shy".
The Mute Gods is a new dimension of prog that will appeal to both fans of classic progrock such as ELP and Genesis but also contemporary stuff.
Hats off!
Highlights : Father daughter, Do nothing till you hear from me, Feed the troll
Recommended if you like Lonely Robot, Steven Wilson, Frost

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