Saturday, January 23, 2016

Review : Nathan Mathes - Anajune Rival

Nathan Mathes - Anajune Rival (2016) Independent
Produced by Nathan Mathes
Tracks : 1.An offer I can take 2.In the long run 3.Double windsor 4.In the morning and the cast remembers 5.Leave your house 6.Time wide awake 7.That´s my girl in there 8.Baby wants to meet 9.Bantam boys 10.There´s a marble arm 11.Come on after all
3 out of 5

Tired of the just-in-time phenomenon in today´s society? Wanna get away from commercials, the everyday stress and people staring down at their smartphones like zombies. Perhaps you´re a fan at heart of slow living in a city environment, aka the slow movement.
Then here´s your first step, get in the right mood with some suitable music where my choice directly goes to Nathan Mathes and his 6th album "Anajune rival".
Nathan calls Wisconsin, USA his home and soundwise, his new album is a blend of indie, folk, shoegaze and 60´s pop. The first half of "Anajune rival" is not as strong as the 2nd half which is much better.
He is flirting with John Lennon in "Leave your house" and the Pink Floydian closing song "Come on after all" ends this colorful album in a dreamlike way.
Highlights : That´s my girl in there, There´s a marble arm, Come on after all
Recommended if you like Popsicle, Kent, Mercury Rev

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