Friday, January 8, 2016

Review : Spacebear - Straight for the sun

Spacebear - Straight for the sun (2015) Independent
Produced by Derek Hames
Tracks : 1.Without you 2.Blue 3.Echoes of sunday 4.Electric sheep 5.Waiting on you 6.Hopes gone 7.Constellation
3 out of 5

If you´re from Houston, Texas and gonna start a trio, then you are in some serious good company with bands like ZZ Top and King´s X. The power trio Spacebear formed in 2014 and might not sound like the legendary bands just mentioned but they do rock.
They have the same energy as Foo Fighters in the upbeat "Waiting on you", you could say this is how modern rock sounded a decade ago if you look at the entire EP.
This is a solid debut where the band deliver a blend of powerpop and modern rock but I admit it took a few spins to get into all 7 tracks. Spacebear are more of an album band than a one hit wonder, I can´t point out any certain track that can conquer the airwaves but if you´re looking for a record with no fillers - Straight for the sun is definitely good enough for you.
Highlights : Waiting on you, Hopes gone, Constellation
Recommended if you like Mercury, Blessid Union Of Souls, 40 Ft Ringo

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