Friday, January 1, 2016

Review : Tom Carter - Look around

Tom Carter - Look around (2014) Independent
Produced by Rob Dyson / Tom Carter
Tracks : 1.You go 2.Lost in this world 3.Look around 4.Remember the days 5.Down but not out 6.Julian says 7.Overdrive 8.Prisoner in a cell 9.Where are the good times 10.We had it made 11.Still on we go
2 out of 5

It´s quite funny how music can bring back memories even if it´s new. I mean, most always old songs can make you nostalgic because of a certain event that happened a long time ago and during that time, you listened to one specific album or song.
Tom Carter from Atlanta, Georgia didn´t make records back in the 70´s/80´s when I was young but he truly makes music like it could´ve been released more than 30 years ago.
I knew two brothers who listened to a lot of new wave and 60´s rock back then but I kind of lost touch with them both over the years which is sad but a natural thing for many folks.
I can´t say I´m too thrilled over Tom Carter´s songs because they don´t really move me that much, more than bring back those fine memories which is fine.
Tom blend 60´s pop, 70´s classic rock, new wave and 90´s alternative rock and the result is ok. I guess those old two friends might appreciate this album more than me.
Highlights : Overdrive, We had it made
Recommended if you like R.E.M, Graham Parker, Eddie and The Hot Rods

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