Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review : Vandaveer - The Wild Mercury

Vandaveer - The Wild Mercury (2016) WhiteSpace Records
Produced by Mark Charles Heidinger
Tracks : 1.But enough on that for now 2.A little time off ahead 3.The wild mercury 4.A little worse for the wear 5.Holding patterns 6.Love is melancholy, but it´s all we´ve got 7.To be young, to belong 8.The final word 9.Absolutely over the moon 10.A pretty thin line
3 out of 5

This band are no newcomers, the Washington based trio Vandaveer releases their 5th full length album "The wild mercury" in February and it´s a good one too.
The music is pretty basic and built on beautiful harmonies, not to mention performed on real acoustic and electric instruments. Something that is rather rare in the world of popmusic where most producers are more comfortable around a computer than engineering analog sounds.
Vandaveer´s songs should be a catastrophe if they were completely digitalized, but fortunately they´re not. This is the real deal and I´m enjoying every second of it, I hear both traces of Stevie Nicks and America in this record but mostly contemporary indie rock.
Good stuff.
Highlights : But enough on that for now, The final word
Recommended if you like Mumford and Sons, Walk The Moon, Cock Robin

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