Friday, January 22, 2016

Review : Wall of Throphies - Heliograph

Wall of Trophies - Heliograph (2016) Independent
Produced by Wall of Trophies
Tracks : 1.Everything 2.Heliograph 3.Bad dream 4.Trees 5.Crown 6.Break all the rules 7.Dirt 8.Never always 9.Dept 10.Light dark 11.Love me not
3 out of 5

It´s a misty morning, you´re out early in a small boat on a lake to catch the sunrise. You can feel the nature´s own music playing for you with a sense of mystique.
For a moment, it´s like being in a fairytale. The line between dreams and reality are a blur, if it´s a dream you don´t wanna wake up. Well, here is your soundtrack.
Welcome to the world of Wall of Trophies, a duo from Washington DC featuring Brittany Jean - Vocals and Will Copp - Instruments/production. Their new album "Heliograph" certainly grows for each time I listen to it because if you can´t let your emotions flow with the music, this record won´t mean anything to you.
I`m beginning to understand it now and I do like it.
Highlights : Heliograph, Never always
Recommended if you like School of Seven Bells, Björk, Tori Amos

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