Monday, February 29, 2016

Quick Bits : Game Over, Good English , Gavin Chappell-Bates

Quick Bits is a new feature here at Palace of Rock, well it´s kinda the same thing as the "shortcuts" and "fourplay" columns where I collected reviews in brief.
Just a new name but don´t worry, I will continue to write traditional reviews as well.
The first Quick Bits landed with 3 artists on the letter G.

Game Over - Crimes Against Reality (2016) Characterized aggression on the menue
3rd album from the Italian thrashers that will please fans of early Metallica and Megadeth, this album is in fact a bit better than their previous album "Burst into the quiet" that received 2,5 here at the Palace.
The music is well performed and die hard fans of old school thrash metal will probably go to bed with a smile on their faces but Game Over haven´t added anything new to a genre that had it´s peak 30 years ago. Without the same muscles as Slayer for example, it´s hard to get any goosebumps from "Crimes against reality". A solid piece of work anyhow.
(+) A dose of razorsharp riffs is never wrong
(-) The music is just as unique as sand in Sahara

Good English - Good English (2016) The opposite of Bad English in more than one way
Good English are a grunge pop sister-trio from Ohio, they built their sound on garage-pop, grunge and punk-influenced rock and roll.
Fuzz guitar is an important ingredient in Good English´s raw but melodic sound, these rocking girls are a kick in the butt in the pop infected record industry so where can I send a thank you note?
The new album is self titled but hardly their first release, they debuted with the "Take control" EP in 2011 and followed up with the "Radio wires" LP in 2013.
If Courtney Love teamed up with 4 Non Blondes and recorded alternate versions of early 70´s band Fanny, the result could very well be these 11 tracks where the highlights are "Girl", "The fire walk" and "Wicked eyes".
(+) Musical candy with all the flavors of sweet, salt and sour at the same time.
(-) When they go indie over to Florence and The Machine land, I get all cold inside.

Gavin Chappell-Bates - We Are The Ones (2016) For the love of music
If you´re in the mood for some Brit rock, then look this way because Gavin Chappell-Bates has done a real nice LP in the same vein as Manic Street Preachers meets Suede.
2 songs from the We Are The Ones EP are included on the new album, the title track and the summer pop of "95" and of course 10 brand new songs where the Clash-like "Church of rock and roll" is my personal favorite.
His fragile vocal performance has improved a bit from the EP where I felt his singing was a bit weak, just listen to tracks like "All ways" and "Dead end disco streets". It´s all good.
Gavin lived with depression, anxiety and self-harm for the majority of his teenage years and twenties, music helped him to overcome this so he now loves sharing it with the world.
He calls his music effervescent emotive yin / yang indie-pop-rock, I don´t know what that means exactly but I like it.
We Are The Ones is released by R*E*P*E*A*T Records in April.
(+) These are honest and heartfelt songs
(-) The low-budget production feels like dark clouds on a clear blue sky

Eclipse streams new song Runaways

Runaways, the new song by Swedish hard rock band Eclipse, is now available on Spotify.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stage Dolls with new song Into The Fire

Stage Dolls contribution in the Eurovision Song Contest failed to represent Norway but thumbs up to Torstein Flakne for a great song in Into The Fire.

American Hi-Fi goes acoustic on new album

American Hi-Fi will release their new self-titled acoustic album on April 29, featuring the new version of Flavor of the weak.

Thousand Foot Krutch are running with the giants

Thousand Foot Krutch´s new single Running With Giants is now out on iTunes, check it out here.

Tainted Nation post lyric video for new single Fight

Fight is the first single off the new Tainted Nation album "On The Outside", available now.

Awaken The Shadow set to release Life Beyond The Curse in March

Awaken The Shadow is set to release their new album "Life Beyond 
The Curse" on March 11th, iTunes presale has begun with an instant 
download of the first single The Hunter.
For Fans Of: Papa Roach, Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, 
Bring Me The Horizon, Avenged Sevenfold, A Day To Remember, 
Escape The Fate 

Mike Benecke shares new album Call The Waves

Call the Waves lives and breathes. An undertow, pulling ever deeper, engaging the thoughtful listener.

From adolescence, mike wrote music, produced records, and toured with beloved "punk" and "indie" bands. Modern, melodic, heavy music. But must sounds rely on layers of distortion to make an impact? Can stompboxes and studio gimmicks disappear, allowing artist and audience to truly connect?

Reborn with only acoustic guitar and voice, mike benecke dropped the artiface. His debut ep - simple, intimate, unproduced - was hailed "a stunner… one of the most intimately thoughtful and honestly heartfelt records to come out of LA in years" (la-underground), broadcast by the estimable taste-makers at KCRW Los Angeles, and was west coast finalist on NPR's 2012 Mountain Stage songwriting contest.

Now, Call the Waves, mike's deput lp, flows outward from that spring. Leading a band of brothers, their drums, bass, keys, guitars, and voices create ghostly melodies, unique structures, and simple, unexpected songs. Recorded raw, often from a single take, Call the Waves haunting, transformative songwriting, takes on a life of its own. (think Sun Kil Moon, Sufjan Stevens, Cass McCombs.)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review : State To State - Motives

State To State - Motives (2016) Independent
Produced by Ian Macgregor
Tracks : 1.My little phony 2.Arms 3.Let go 4.Kings 5.Pins and needles
3,5 out of 5

The new EP from Los Angeles based State To State grows on me for each time I listen to it, this ain´t music that follows any hitformula. This band cares more about writing songs that has a big sign saying "longevity".
Their debut "No bounds" was released in 2014 and now they follow up with the mighty strong "Motives" EP that is a pure atmospheric rock affair.
State To State blend classic rock, new wave and modern rock in a colorful mess and let me tell you. They are great painters.
Although it says that former Journey frontman Steve Perry is singing background vocals on some of their new tracks, I can´t say I can hear his unique voice but perhaps it´s not these tracks and instead something that will be released further on.
Highlights : Kings, My little phony
Recommended if you like U2, Acroma, Stir

The Happy Problem gives birth to new album

Exuberantly angsty frontwoman Sam Shaber describes The Happy Problem's new album "Birth" as "a celebration of life, death & all the crap in between."
The Happy Problem will release a music video of the new single Quit The War soon, in the meanwhile, listen to the album track Relapse here.

Ghost Town launches Mean Kids video

Electro rock band Ghost Town releases another video from their new album Evolution, available now.
Watch the official video Mean Kids here.

Evarose announces debut album Invisible Monsters

U.K based pop / rock band Evarose´s debut album Invisible Monsters will be out in June, listen to the first single Provoke Me here.

The Word Alive release Sellout music video

Post hardcore act The Word Alive releases their new album Dark Matter on March 18, watch the official video Sellout from the forthcoming album here.

Review : Sygnal To Noise - Under construction

Sygnal To Noise - Under construction (2015) Independent
Produced by Sygnal To Noise
Tracks : 1.Dirty girl 2.Soulless mirror 3.Punch the clown 4.Tightrope 5.Three words 6.Stir crazy
3 out of 5

You can spend the rest of your life searching for new and unknown modern rock bands, there are so many bands out there we have no idea that they even exist.
A friend of mine gave me a tip to check out Sygnal To Noise, -who? was my immediate response.
So I did and they´re good, these guys did their homework and sounds highly professional but I´m no fan of the singer. His voice reminds too much of the guy in Takida who I´m not particularly fond of.
New England based Sygnal To Noise was formed in 2013 and deliver a blend of post grunge and melodic hard rock, but the riffs have so much muscles that it´s easy to love the music.
Highlights : Punch the clown,Tightrope
Recommended if you like Theory of a deadman, Saving Abel, My Darkest Days

Bootlegs playing old school thrash from Iceland

Bootlegs was one of the bigger names in Iceland Metal history at the end of last century, between 1986 - 1991, playing pure old - school unadulterated Thrash Metal. The band released 4 full length albums, and the band new album "Ekki fyrir viðkvæma" recieved many positive reviews from all over the world.
Bootlegs has inked a worldwide management deal with  GlobMetal Promotions. Check out their single Fullur A Facebook from the latest album Ekki fyrir viðkvæma.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Review : Bobgoblin - Love lost for blood lust

Bobgoblin - Love lost for blood lust (2015) Motor Forces Records
Produced by Bobgoblin / Barry Poynter
Tracks : 1.Feel no pain 2.Danger 3.Waiting for the sun 4.Some things I want to say 5.White lines 6.Hide from tomorrow 7.Fighting machines 8.Eulogy for poor Daniel 9.Turn gears turn 10.From the hill 11.Eternal snow 12.I know a place
4 out of 5

I am so thrilled to hear that Hop Litzwire and his bandpals have opened the melodic factory again where we have mass production of smashing power pop bombs, I see them as saviours in a decadent music business.
I adored their 2003 album "Muscle" that was released under Adventures of Jet, but now the Dallas based band returns to their original name Bobgoblin. "Love lost for blood lust" is their first release under the moniker in 14 years so we´re talking sparkling wine and fireworks here at Palace of Rock.
This is first class power pop with lovely harmony changes, indeed a smorgasbord of delicate melodies.
Welcome back!
Highlights : Waiting for the sun, Hide from tomorrow, Danger
Recommended if you like The Click Five, The Cars, Nik Kershaw

New Mayans releases Crimes EP today

Swiggy has lived in a multitude of wastelands. Born beneath the streets of Saint Louis, he honed his skills shouting in the sewers. He learned to play on derelict guitars and unwanted analog synthesizers that people had flushed. Writing about his eventual escape where he joined a league of Interstellar bounty hunters that call themselves, NEW MAYANS.

In 2014, they formed an alliance with members who have worked with the famous Ziggy Stardust himself, (Mario J McNulty, Earl Slick, and Sterling Campbell) recording at one of Earth’s greatest audio recording stations, The Magic Shop.

His style blends the sounds of late 70’s David Bowie and Radiohead with a hint of Vangelis creating a Sonic Brave New World. Each and every song, he logs his thoughts, adventures, and eventual devolution into madness.
His Name is Swiggy and this Orwellian Future is NEW MAYANS.
Their new EP "Crimes" is out today.

Songs in rotation at Palace of Rock

Black Stone Cherry - The Rambler, from the forthcoming album Kentucky.

Them Guns - Somebody called the cops, new single.

Nine Lashes - Heartbeats, from the forthcoming album Ascend.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review : The Von - Ei8ht

The Von - Ei8ht (2015) The Machine Records
Produced by Luis Bonilla
Tracks : 1.Nothing to fear 2.The machine 3.Cry of war 4.Love supreme 5.Atomic Sun 6.Let it out 7.Don´t forget about us 8.Ei8ht
2 out of 5

There are some good things about The Von´s debut album but there are also some less good things, I like their blend of 80´s new wave and 90´s alternative rock with a punk-ish flavor but their bandleader and singer Luis Bonilla has a voice that is more suitable in a thrashmetal band.
The instrumentation in the title track "Ei8ht" is really cool, I totally dig the suggestive atmosphere that bring thoughts to New Order meets Radiohead.
And I also like the bassgroove in "Atomic Sun" that sounds like Love / Hate´s 4 stringer Skid, too bad the harmony vocals doesn´t feel 100% right on the rest of the record.
This trio from Florida needs a push to get in the right direction, they´re off for an ok start but they can definitely improve and go up a level.
Highlights : Atomic Sun, Ei9ht
Recommended if you like The Offspring, Daytrader, Treaty of Paris

Slugger punch hard on upcoming debut album

Slugger are an energetic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut album will be out soon, a few tracks from the forthcoming album is available on Soundcloud.

Face The Future announces debut EP

Face The Future is the culmination of two hungry and driven artists with heavy experience in the music industry.

Daniel Chapman, an operatically trained vocalist with very diverse vocal abilities, provides the lyrical elemental of Face The Future in hopes of fueling the hopeless. Seeking to restore the void in peoples lives, whatever it may be, Chapman aims to bring a message of reawakening to the lost.

The foundational and imperative synth-based sound of Face The Future is provided by Justin Janetzko. Experienced in electronic patterns and catchy syncopation, Janetzko molds huge thematic sounds and elements sure to please the listener.

Face The Future is soon to announce the support of its management and label with whom they are working on the current mixing / mastering of their self-titled debut EP. 

Listen to the first single Face First from the debut EP here.

Hellyeah set to release 5th album in May

The official lyric video for HELLYEAH's "Human," from the forthcoming 5th album due May 2016. Download the song NOW on the We're All In This Together Tour sampler.

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns with a reinvented sound

The intelligent alternative rock sound of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns is as refreshing as it is satisfying. Formerly known as Self Made Soul, the band has had a prolific recording career including 2011’s Survival Machines released through Tragic Hero Records. The Milford, CT trio includes husband and wife team Angelika and Randy Roswell, and drummer Andre Tangredi.
Check out their new single Reinvent.

Rival Tides and their new rituals

For LA-based rock band RIVAL TIDES, time has been of the essence since day one. The band formed in November of 2012, and not even a year into its existence, they’re off and running with their first release – a seven song self-titled EP produced by Erik Ron (Panic! at the Disco, I the Mighty, VersaEmerge).
In, 2016 we find the band rocking again with their new EP New Rituals out April 15th.
Check out the first single Bleed Me Out here.

Alorion releases Linkin Park cover

Southern California based Alternative Rock band Alorion have released a music video for their cover of Linkin Park's #1 hit "Faint" which was directed by the band Movements (Fearless Records).
Alorion burst on to the scene last Summer with their debut EP "Between Calm & Chaos" which was recorded by Tom Denney (A Day To Remember) and is available now on iTunes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review : Version 5 - Version 5

Version 5 - Version 5 (2015) Independent
Produced by Jeff Blue
Tracks : 1.Why don´t you drop 2.Bury you 3.Take you there
3,5 out of 5

Minneapolis based duo Version 5 features brothers Andy and Spencer Olson, it´s their 5th band if you wonder about the name.
This is a great EP and I only have one complaint, it´s too short. There should be more songs because these songs rock!
Arena rock is on the menu here, supermelodic and crunchy. Version 5 bring out the jukebox blender and mix industrial rock with mega-fat synthesizer sounds in a very cool way that reminds a bit of Ken Andrews bands Failure and Year of The Rabbit at times.
Imagine if Orgy got the offer to write soundtrack music to a Top Gun sequel, it could very well be the first track "Why don´t you drop". Awesome!
Highlights : Why don´t you drop, Take you there
Recommended if you like The Urge, Family Force 5, Black Lab

Review : Broke Royals - The Luxury of Time Pt.III

Broke Royals - The Luxury of Time Pt.III (2016) Unkempt Records
Produced by Broke Royals
Tracks : 1.On my way 2.New suns 3.Young tigers 4.Love, youth and glory 5.Heartless come around 6.Outro
3 out of 5

Broke Royals are Philip Basnight - Vocals/Guitar/Synth and Colin Cross - Drums/Guitar/Bass, they deliver catchy synth-stimulated rock tunes on their 3rd release "The luxury of time Pt.III".
It´s the final EP in the Luxury series and they will start working on their LP with producer John Naclerio this year, perhaps he can add some weight to their alternative indie rock sound.
This duo do have potential to be big, some of these songs contains singalong choruses handmade for the stadiums but production-wise, they need a facelift.
Good music anyhow.
Highlights : On my way, Love, youth and glory
Recommended if you like Bastille, MGMT, Passion Pit

Review : Adelitas Way - Getaway

Adelitas Way - Getaway (2016) Fuel Music
Produced by Johnny K
Tracks : 1.Bad reputation 2.Getaway 3.Good die young 4.Low 5.Put you in place 6.I get around 7.Filthy heart 8.Harbor the fugitive 9.Sometimes you´re meant to get used 10.Shame 11.Deserve this
3 out of 5

When most modern rock bands jump on the commercial bandwagon and tries to score some hits, Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way goes the other way and only care about rocking.
The new sound on "Getaway" ain´t so polished and definitely not mainstream, the band sound rougher and more like a live record made in the studio than an overproduced radio-ready effort.
All 5 tracks from the 2015 EP "Deserve this" are included on their new album along with the new single "Bad reputation" and 5 new songs, "Good die young", "Low", "Put you in place", "Getaway" and "Shame".
There´s a southern rock-feel to songs like "Shame" and "Put you in place" which is welcome and the guitars are high in the mix too so I can only applaud the guys.
Like I said in my review about the previous EP, the other songs can be described as a blend between 70´s Aerosmith and Nickelback.
Highlights : I get around, Low
Recommended if you like Buckcherry, Audioslave, Shinedown

Migrant Kids with echoes of A Flock Of Seagulls

Family bands are known for having incredibly harmonic vocals, unmatched appearances, and the ability to beat the crap out of each other and still remain in tact. Migrant Kids, formed by two cousins Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor, are no exception. The cousins have been playing music together for fifteen years and moved to Austin, TX by way of Detroit, MI to join forces with the talented Bryan O'Flynn, another midwestern native from Cincinnati, OH. The trio has been non-stop touring, writing and following their collective dream ever since their debut album was released in 2013.

The band is currently honing in on that sweet spot, working on new music and incorporating the likes of Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson--trying to create and maintain what they have coined as psychedelic jungle rock!
Listen to their new song Thread here.

Circles from down under share new track Sand And Wind

Australia does progressive and heavy well. REALLY WELL. Like, punching well above our weight well. Circles are one of Australia’s finest progressive heavy music assets/exports and now they return to the fray to present their latest offering, a new track entitled "SAND & WIND" which is the first morsel of their new record, due in 2016.

Shapes On Tape with a song about a real person

Shapes on Tape was an arranged marriage. In 2012, Jason Matuskiewicz left behind a reasonably decent job as a young litigator in a relatively secure law firm to move to New York City and "make it" with his band. A solid career move to be sure. His famous last words were, "If I had known it was going to be this easy, I would have moved to New York a long time ago." Hilarious. Spoken like a true fool. As the labels and other industry types began to gather, and various kinds of deals were offered, the band did what many bands do under pressure of any kind. It completely imploded.

Having nearly attained his wild dreams only to have them snatched away did not affect Jason in the least of little bits. Or so he told everybody. His girlfriend, however, did not believe him, and to this day claims evidence to the contrary. She demanded that her friend, genre-hopping producer/multi-instrumentalist and 90’s groovebox enthusiast, Adam Kruckenberga play music with her mopey boyfriend, in order to snap him out of his interminable funk. And guess what? It worked. The duo hit on a collaborative process that highlighted both of their strengths. They soon took Jason’s effortless punk-tinged folk songs in a far more electronic direction. 

Stream or download their new single My One And Only Love.

The Score streams On And On

New York based alternative pop band The Score has just released their new single On And On via Republic Records, stream it on Spotify.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Farewell Sadness for Johnny Stanec

Johnny Stanec is a singer/songwriter from Youngstown, OH. From 2006-2014 he was a memeber of First In Space. Since 2011 he has released solo records under his own name. His fourth record Farewell Sadness, and eighth overall, releases this February.

3 Doors Down premiere music video In The Dark

3 Doors Down launches official video In The Dark, from the forthcoming album Us And The Night, out in March.

Drive She Said returns with Pedal To The Metal

Melodic rockers Drive She Said releases their new album Pedal To The Metal on April 15, listen to the brand new track Touch here.

Throw The Fight release lyric video Drown With Me

Throw the Fight are back. The band will release its new album ‘Transmissions' via Bullet Tooth on April 8. The band worked with producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, whose credits include August Burns Red, Texas In July, Everclear, Affiance, Live, and more.

The band has shared the first taste of music from ‘Transmissions', premiering the lyric video for "Drown With Me"

ilios set to release debut EP Open your eyes

ilios is an up and coming rock band creating awesome metal music for the masses!
Originating out of Utah, ilios is ready to bring forth their first EP titled "Open Your Eyes".

Monday, February 22, 2016

Once Upon A Dead Man featuring members from Fightstar, Brigade and Busted

Once Upon a Dead Man is the sound of three brothers and an old friend making a foray into new territory together.

It’s an excursion that’s been some time in the planning; brothers Edd, Charlie and Will Simpson had long talked about collaborating, but their respective careers (in Brigade, Busted, Fightstar, More Dangerous Animal, Union Sound Set and Charlie’s solo work) meant it was a few years before the project came to fruition. 
Listen to The Canopy, from the forthcoming EP Concepts and Phenomena, out April 1st.

Cage9 announces new album Illuminator

New Cage9 video and single "Everything You Love Will Someday Die" going live in March - followed by the full album "Illuminator" in Summer 2016 on EMP / eOne Music!

Set For The Fall works in god´s great plan

Set For The Fall is a Christian Rock band that is inspired by and sounds similar to: Skillet, RED, Thousand Foot Krutch, Nine Lashes, Sent By Ravens, and Decyfer Down.
Watch their new video 3 Nails, taken from the new album 3 Nails.

The Verve frontman returns with new album These People

Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) is back with his new single This Is How It Feels, taken from the forthcoming album These People, out May 20th.

Crossfaith releases music video Wildfire

Japanese electronic metal band Crossfaith has released a video of Wildfire, from their latest album Xeno.

New song alert! Treat with new single Inferno

Treat´s new album Ghost of Graceland drops on April 15, check out the brand new track Inferno here.

Society 1 rise from the dead

Grunge / metal act Society 1 premieres music video I Can´t Feel, from their new album Rise From The Dead.

Josef Salvat is going for a night swim

Josef Salvat is an alternative pop artist from Australia, his debut album Night Swim is out now featuring the single Paradise.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review : Colibrium - In Balance

Colibrium - In Balance (2016) Independent
Produced by Reid Jones
Tracks : 1.Alien 2.Locked and loaded 3.Underdog 4.Playing games 5.What do we have left? 6.Baron road 7.Silver tape 8.Spinning on the wheel
3,5 out of 5

Imagine if Sahaj Ticotin of RA moved down under to get those right Aussie rock vibes and also listened to the entire Tool catalogue while writing an album, the result could very well be the debut album "In balance" from Adelaide based Colibrium.
With Chris Cornell-like vocals over alternative hard rock riffs, Colibrium are here to deliver a really cool and unique sound that feels both fresh and clever.
There´s no doubt this record will please both fans of old school hard rock like Led Zeppelin as well as modern metal in the same vein as Alter Bridge.
The single Spinning on the wheel is a fave but there are other songs that keeps growing into Godzilla size each time I listen to "In balance". "Silver tape" is such a song.
This band is firing on all cylinders.
Highlights : Spinning on the wheel, Locked and loaded, What do we have left?
Recommended if you like Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, RA

Black Mount Rise, the abyss, the monument, the journey

Black Mount Rise are a modern hard rock band from Germany, their debut album Curtains Falling is out now. Check out the new single I Stand Alone.

3 Doors Down release new song Inside of me

Modern rock titans 3 Doors Down´s new album Us and the night drops on March 11, the band has released a new song called Inside of me on Youtube.

Red Sun Rising launch official video of Emotionless

Ohio based active rock band Red Sun Rising has released a music video of Emotionless, from their debut album Polyester Zeal, available now.

Yashin premiere music video Vultures

Scottish post hardcore act Yashin releases their new album The Renegades on Feb 26, the band premieres new video Vultures here.

Sleeping With Sirens announces Live and Unplugged album

Alternative rock band Sleeping With Sirens releases their new Live and Unplugged album on April 8, check out the live video Gold here.

Normandie release lyric video for Awakening

Swedish modern rock band Normandie has signed with InVogue Records for the release of their debut album Inguz in the U.S on March 11th.
Watch their lyric video of Awakening here.