Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Defecto for fans of Destrophy

The unique musical expression of DEFECTO is all about creating powerful progressive music without sacrificing songwriting or melodies, having band members that each play with superior musical and technical abilities. Think a mix between the classic Metallica and modern sound and melodies of Trivium. Thrown in with some delightfully instrumental intricacies like Dream Theater, and symphonic elements from Nightwish. Add the vocal prowess of Russel Allan, James Hetfield and Mikael Åkerfeldt into one singer, and what you've got is an epic combo of melodic and catchy, grandiose and technical, yet crushingly heavy metal that is DEFECTO. They are now ready to unleash their first music video for the song "Sovereign":
Defecto´s debut album Excluded drops March 19th.

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