Friday, February 12, 2016

Good English release first single The Fire Walk

Rock and roll sisters, Elizabeth, Celia, and Leslie Rasmussen, otherwise known as the fierce Good English unveil their first single “The Fire Walk” off their highly anticipated full length album to be released mid March. The track was the result of an ordinary band practice going very, very right. Although not the kind of ladies to sit down and “jam” on this particular day, the trio started off their rehearsal by setting up, making noise and just having some fun with a few “off the cuff” licks and fills. “The bass line and drum beat fit comfortably with one another very quickly so we knew we were on to something,” stated Elizabeth. “The Fire Walk” is a continuous dynamic build from start to finish climaxing with a wall of sound created by droning guitar solos and interweaving vocal melodies.

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